Hey everyone!

I know it's been awhile since you've heard from me, but I just posted a new story called The Affiliate! Here is a brief description:

On the day of Cyrene's 17th birthday, she is Presented to the court of Byern for Selection into the Class System of their society. Coming from a high First Class family, she desperately hopes to be placed into the highly educated world she grew up in. Her sister and brother both already serve their kingdom as established ambassadors of the royal court in one of the highest positions. She hopes to obtain a similar stature next to her sister as a Queen's Affiliate. What she finds when she ultimately enters this world is something she never dreamed of, full of a series of unanswered questions and riddles, scandal, and intrigue...

You can find the story here (without the added spaces of course): fictionpress . com /s/3021929/1/The_Affiliate

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K.A. Linde