"An Aria like Ozone"

Eon inap(t)ed of anis-noon
of ocher murk in sky
–'the Odious Nix'
[(of amnion-'byss
and opal moon) ally]
–a roseate nymph
Or marred coquette.
"Attest—omit– o'wry."

"Nix or naiad?"
Pose--the ornate biers
–of ictus of hyoids
-myopic with stigma,
renege--and a niche for an ebon obis.

Anomy of the 'Faux-Naïf Hoi Polloi'
[{οἱ πολλοί} Two stand behind—you
At a round table,
Two others holding sticks—aflame,
And [THE(Y)] force you to it.]
merit the auto-like-augur.

And the piton-like-pennon opt and limn
–the aril-like-idiom
Like a mired bireme then attune with Aria
née lira
With amour of roil and ailing time
Nervier than annoyed boson-like-neuralgia,...
Like a tabor 'afoul the set' of banyan-like-mind.

Thank God I've an auto-like-Biro
and isobaric-like-lingo
"pour faire mes adieux à vous tous."