Written for my writing class.

Prompt: Write about a place you hate from the POV of someone who loves it.


There is nothing better than waiting outside behind a group of people when the breeze is gentle and the air is warm. The sidewalk is hot beneath my sandals and I push back my blonde hair, eager to have my photo taken once I reach the front of the line. The doors open and people begin to move inside, grumbling. I can't imagine why anyone could hate this place.

I follow the woman in front of me who is carrying a stack of folders beneath her arm. I squeeze my fingers around the envelope holding my social security card, proof of address, and my old non-driver's identification. Enough points for me to get my new Learner's Permit, the exam to which I'll pass with no trouble. I've studied the book for weeks now and asked so many questions, I'm amazed my family hasn't yelled at me. They probably just want to have me get my permit so they can teach me how to drive already and stop having to rely on them for rides.

The line shifts and two people are taken care of. I move up, knowing it is nearly my turn to hand my papers over to one of the two women behind the two desks. I breathe in deeply, the air-conditioned scent of the place, mixed with the flowery perfume of the woman ahead of me, filling my lungs.

After fidgeting for many minutes, I finally reach one of the desks and hand over my paperwork. I'm halfway there! I sit to take my test and go back to the woman once I finish it. She mentions something about me going too fast and to check my answers again, but I insist she accept my exam.

And of course, a perfect score! Thanks, mom and dad, for letting me ask that question about No Outlet signs. Phew!

I go to take a seat on the chairs, which could be more comfortable but are definitely more relaxing than standing, and I fiddle with the numbered stub between my fingers. B24. I glance at one of the nearest screens and see the last number they called was B13. I guess that means I'll be waiting for a while, but I can finish homework from class or get some reading done on that book I've been putting aside for weeks now. All the possibilities! What should I do?

I settle for my book. An hour goes by and I am nearly done when they call my number. I approach the desk the a smile on my face, hoping to lighten up the miserable expression on the woman who is taking care of me. She takes my papers and makes copies, asking me to sit down again. I finish my book by the time she is done, and when I get back to the desk, I pay the fee for my Learner's Permit and head home. Good thing I live a few blocks away!

But yes, two splendid hours and a completed book later, and I am home, Learner's Permit obtained. Now, to work on getting my license!!