Chapter 1

One night in Los Angeles Lauren and her 17 year old teenaged son Kevin are packing thier suitcases for Washington DC in her room.

''So can you believe that I'm going to be a daddy to two babies?'' he asks her

''Two I though it was only one?'' she asks him

''nope it's two Taylor found out that we are having twin's today the 2nd one most of been hiding at her first doctor's appointment.'' he tells her

''oh well congradulation's that's great baby I still can't believe I'm going to be a grandma at such a young age.'' she tells him

''I know.'' he says

''good and Taylor's doing good?'' she asks him

''oh yea she's going amazing and excellent.'' he tells her

''oh good.'' she says

''yea it is good so when is dad coming home?'' he asks her

''oh I don't know sometime tonight when I talked to him earlier today he told me he had a 6:30 flight home.'' she tells him

''oh ok.'' he says

A door open's downstair's at about 9:30.

''well that must be your dad.'' she says

''Hey I'm home!'' Matt yells up

''up here hunnie'' Lauren tells him

Matt comes upstair's into thier bedroom.

''Hi sweetie!'' he says excitedly and kisses her

''hay baby.'' she says and kisses him back passionatly

''HI dad!'' Kevin says

''how was your trip and flight?'' she asks him

''oh it was good very busy I'm exhausted.'' he tells her

''aww I bet.'' she says and pushes his sport coat off of him.

''ok well I'm going to let you two be all lovey dovey and in love and romatic I'm going to go and call Taylor.'' he tells them

''ok thank's baby.'' Lauren tells him

Kevin leave's thier bedroom and goes to his room and shut's his door and pick's up the phone to call Taylor.

Back in Lauren and Matt's room

''close the door.'' she tells Matt

Matt does it and goes back to the bed and sits down infront of her and kisses her passionatly with his hand's on her cheeks and and lays her down on the pillow.

Lauren looks up with her ''I want you eyes.''

Matt just watches her eyes and smiles.

Lauren smiles back up at him.

''I missed you my head is spinning I'm so glad your home.' she tells him

''Too much oxygen in the room I missed you too and I'm so glad I'm home too.'' he tells her

They kiss for a bit.

''ok let me get changed and unpacked then we can do this.'' he tells her

''ok hurry.'' she tells him and smiles and watches him.

Matt get's up off the bed to get unpacked and changed and brushes his teeth and climb's into bed next to Lauren.