Chapter 8

When Lauren and Chris get back to Larry and Karens little Chris runs into the house.

''hey uncle Chris!!!'' little Chris says

''hey buddy!'' Chris says

''hey Chris shh your sister is asleep.'' Karen tells him

''you want some oreo's and milk bud?'' big Chris asks him

''yes please!'' little Chris says

''okay sit I'll get it for you.'' Big Chris says and gets up and goes to the fridge to get and pour little Chris some milk and brings it back to the table and gives it to him

''thank you.'' little Chris says and takes a cookie

''welcome bud.'' big Chris says and sits back down and has cookies n milk with little Chris

Lauren walks in and peaks into the livingroom and checks on Kaci.

''hey Chris.'' she says and kisses his head

''hey Laur.'' he says

''hey how ya doing hunnie?'' Karen asks her

''oh I'm fine mom thanks.'' Lauren says and gets herself a glass of water and sits at the table with them

Maggie comes down in shorts and a teeshirt and wraps her arms around Lauren's neck from behind ''hey big sis!'' Maggie says and kisses her cheek

''aww hey baby.'' Lauren says

''how ya doing Laur?'' Maggie asks her

''aww I'm okay hun thanks.'' Lauren says

''yea and how's Kac doing with chemo?'' Maggie asks her

''oh fine sweetie.'' Lauren tells her

''that's good.'' Maggie says

''yea.'' Lauren says and smiles and sips her water

''Hi Auntie!'' little Chris says

Maggie smiles ''hey buddy.'' she says to little Chris and goes over and kisses his head

''mommy...'' Kaci whiines as she wakes up

''oh hey baby shh.'' Lauren gets up and walks over to her and strokes her head

''shh don't get up go back to sleep.'' Lauren tells her