I Never

I never thought you'd be like this

I thought you were so sweet

What has gotten into you?

Was I living in a dream?

I never thought I'd have someone

As nice and sweet as you

I never thought I'd find someone

Who cares for me like you do

I never thought I'd find someone

Who'd be a friend like you

You're understanding, we're alike

Is this how life works?

I never thought the saying "Everything happens for a reason"

Was really true

That's until you came along

You've given me some hope

I'd like to thank all my friends for this

I never thought I could make it

You made me realize I can

You help me day by day

Ta all who have hurt me

Or tried to cause any pain

I'm better off without you

I never needed you anyway

To everyone who's helped me

I thank you so much

You gave my life direction

I never thought it would have