Sean Collinwood walked down the school corridors with his girlfriend, Abigail or "Abby" to Sean. They had been dating since their sophomore year and were in love with each other.

Sean was seventeen years old and was perhaps the smartest kid in high school. He was usually a laid back kind of guy who hardly ever let anything bother him, even though he was a target for bullies. He never let it bother him though. He looked at Abby as they were walking to class and asked, "You have the notes, Abby?"

Abigail was seventeen years old and had a fairly high G.P.A. in her class. She was Sean's girlfriend and was more assertive and cheerful. She never had any problems with bullies. She looked over at him with a smile and showed him the notes, "Yes, I have them. You don't have to worry al the time, you know."

Sean smiled back and said, "I know. I'm just trying to play my part as the loving boyfriend you know and love." Abby gave him a playful push and a small laugh and said, "Fuck you."

They walked into class, unaware that they were being watched.


Conner Granger and his gang were watching Sean and Abby walking to class together. He turned to his friends and said, "I can't stand that fucking little prick. He's always acting like he owns the place just because he gets better grades than the rest of us. I'm gonna teach that fucker a lesson he'll never forget."


The rest of the day went on like clockwork and it was time to go home. Sean was with Abby at her locker as he asked, "Are you about ready to go?"

Abby rolled her eyes with a smile and said, "Yeah, sweetheart. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything."

She grabbed the rest of her books and they made their way to the parking lot.

Conner and his gang were huddled near his truck watching Sean and Abby get in his car and drive off.

Conner looked at the guys and said, "Let's get that fucker."


While driving her home, Sean and Abby were talking about the college and a future together. Sean said, "Come on, Abby! It'll be great being married to me! Plus, think about all the nasty kinky sex we'll have all the time."

Abby smirked and leaned in close to him flirtatiously and said seductively, "You know we do that now. What makes you think it'll be any different?"

Sean smiled and was so distracted that he didn't see the truck coming and smash the driver side with such force that the impact caused the entire car to spin out and metal to twist and buckle. Smoke began fuming out of the car engine.

There was movement within the car and Sean opened the door and fell to the concrete road and crawled out. Conner and his gang got out of the truck and two guys plus Connor picked Sean up and dragged him behind the truck as the other three guys opened the passenger side door and dragged Abby behind the truck.

Abby was the first to coming to and began to struggle against the guys' grip they had on her. That was when Sean groggily looked up and saw Connor punch Abby in the face, causing blood to fly out of her mouth and splatter onto the road.

Sean let out a soft 'no' as Connor punched her again in the gut this time, causing her to fall to her knees and struggle to not to puke.

That was when Connor snapped his fingers and the other guys began to take turns beating Abby. One picked her up and repeatedly punched her in the face and another repeatedly kicked her in the stomach when she was on the ground.

Sean tried to step in and stop them but Connor had two guys grab him and Connor began to punch him in the face and stomach, causing blood to splatter all over the road.

Finally, with Sean on his knees, barely able to stand and with Abby lying motionless on the road, Connor looked at her with an evil smirk and looked back to Sean and said, "You know, I always wanted to try that pussy. Let's see what she's like." He laughed as he unbuckled his belt and ordered his boys to strip Abby down.

Just as they were about to, two white and two black middle-aged men dressed in shorts and tank tops and one holding a basketball yelled at the guys and Connor and his guys scrambled into the truck and sped off, leaving Sean and Abby a battered and bloody mess.

The two white men checked out Sean and Abby while one of the two black men called an ambulance.


The ambulance arrived within fifteen minutes and Sean and Abby were transported to the County Hospital.

When Sean came too, he waited for his eyes to adjust to the bright light before noticing he was in a hospital room. He looked around slowly and noticed Abby was laying in the other bed next to him.

His eyes started to tear up when he noticed all the injuries and the tubes she was hooked to. He slowly got out of bed and crawled over to her while starting to sob.

He softly touched her cheek when he was close enough to touch her. He slowly slid his hand down from her cheek to her hand and gripped it nice and firm as if he was holding on to whatever life she had left.

The doctor entered a few moments later and told Sean to get back to his bed. Sean complied and slowly made his way back to his bed.

That's when the doctor explained, "Mr. Collinwood, both you and your friend's injuries are very severe. Unfortunately, hers are worse. She had massive internal bleeding, which we were very lucky to stop. She also has massive head trauma and has lapsed into a coma."

Sean closed his eyes and more tears fell as the doctor finished, "We don't really know if she'll ever wake up. I'm sorry."

Sean wiped his tears and asked, "What about me?" The doctor looked at him with sincere eyes and said, "You've also had massive internal bleeding, which we've managed to stop. You also had a serious concussion but other than that, nothing life threatening. But I strongly suggest you take a few weeks to rest and heal. I've taken the liberty of calling your parents as well as hers. It's standard procedure with minors involved."

Sean looked over at Abby and asked, "Can I have a moment alone, please?" The doctor nodded and left. Sean slowly got out of bed and approached Abby's bedside. He sat down on the edge of the bed and grabbed her hand and spoke to her softly, "Abby, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you. If you can hear me, I love you. I love you so much." He squeezed her hand tighter as he continued, "I need you, baby. Please, come back to me. You can't leave me. There are still so many more things we have to do together."

He closed his eyes and lowered his head as the tears fell again. He was no longer looking at her as he continued barely above a whisper, "We were going to get married and have a family, remember? We were going to have a big wedding and everything. So you can't leave me."

He looked up at her and there was no response. He closed his eyes and thought of the guys who did this to them. He thought of Connor and the way he smiled when he talked about raping Abby.

Sean's blood began to boil with hatred and anger. He sighed and looked down at their connected hands and whispered aloud, "I guess, for now, I have to let you go. I love you Abby. I promise you, Abby, they're all fucking dead. They just don't know it yet."

That day, Sean Collinwood sat out to make preparations. High school was never gonna be the same again. Sean's revenge will change everything.