The police and ambulance and coroner all left the school. They had been called after the body of Corey was found in the shop room. Students had been questioned and nobody, not even Sean, had been suspected of anything. It was just an assignment gone wrong.

Connor and the rest of his gang got together for a meeting. Connor spoke first angrily, "That son of a bitch killed Corey!" Brian Montgomery, who was one of the guys who stripped Abby, replied, "You guys know what this means? He's going to be coming after all of us because of what we did! We never should've attacked them like we did!"

Connor smacked him in the back of the head and said quietly, "Will you shut the fuck up?!" Then Natalie, Connor's girl, said, "How about the way he looks? Just a month ago, he was shaggy and out of style. Now he looks like he could have a shot at becoming a model. Did you see that tight fitting shirt he was wearing? And that tight little as-"

She was interrupted by Connor banging his fist on a desk and Natalie blushed in embarrassment. Connor said, "Okay, we have to watch our backs from now on. We don't know who he's coming after next, so everybody watch yourselves."

Everyone agreed and left for the next class.


It was the middle of the day and English class was boring. Everyone was doing a test when there was a knock on the door. The teacher had been informed that Connor Granger had a call and she sent him directly to the office.

Connor picked up the phone and answered, "Hello?" Sean smiled and laughed on the other end, "Hehe, I thought the razors were a nice touch, don't you think? It would've been so much sweeter if it was you in that fine little piece of perfection."

Connor had a scowl on his face and shook his head as he said with venom, "You killed Corey, you motherfucker!" Sean chuckled and shook his head with a smile and said passively, "Oh, Connor, you shouldn't use such foul language in school. What are they teaching you in there?"

Sean suddenly became serious as he continued, "You hurt the love of my life. You tried to rape her and you put her in a coma! You all deserve what's coming to ya."

Sean then lifted up the trapdoor and pulled out a small remote control, obviously handmade. He flipped a red switch and said, "You might want to look outside in the parking lot. Something just happened to your truck."

Connor was confused but looked out anyway and noticed his truck was fine and he said, "What the fuck are you talking about, asshole? My truck is fine."

Sean smiled evilly and said, "That's what you think." He pressed the button in the middle and as Connor watched, his truck had exploded and ignited into a big ball of fire and smoke. Everyone at the school heard the explosion and gathered by the window.

Connor watched in horror as his truck was consumed in fire and Sean spoke over the other line, "Wasn't that beautiful? Now watch this." He pressed the first button at the end of the remote and out in the parking lot, another vehicle exploded. By this time, everyone that's been watching had become frightened and some were excited.

Connor clenched his teeth and squeezed the phone in his hand and yelled, "WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!!!" Sean smiled and said, "Let's just say, I'm a lot closer than you think." Sean hung up the phone and pressed the rest of the buttons at once and in the parking lot, all of the other cars exploded at once, leaving nothing but fire and debris instead.

Connor watched on in horror as the other cars exploded and he slowly put the phone back in its cradle. In the basement, Sean quickly put the remote back in the secret room in the floor and covered it up with the rug and went back upstairs to join the other students.

Connor found Sean walking down the hall and attacked him. Sean knew Connor would look for him and was ready for him. Connor tackled him but Sean caught him and drove a knee to his stomach, causing Connor to lose his lunch. One of the teachers heard the commotion and saw Sean and looked at Connor on his hands and knees puking.

She looked back to Sean and asked, "What is going on out here?" Sean acted surprised and innocent and said, "Connor here attacked me when I was on my way out of the bathroom. I don't know what got into him."

The teacher looked back at Connor and said, "Mr. Granger, you know better than that. you know you can't fight in school."

Connor pointed to Sean and said in an accusing tone, "He's the one who did it! He's the one who blew up all those cars in the parking lot!"

The teacher asked, "From the bathroom? He blew up the cars while he was in the bathroom? Quit lying about something so serious, Mr. Granger."

Sean looked to the teacher with a greatly executed fake confused look and asked, "Is that what I heard? Cars exploding in the parking lot?"

The teacher nodded and Sean said, "I can't believe I missed it!" The teacher looked at Sean with a scowl and said, "Mr. Collinwood that is not the way to react to something so horrific. You always do that. Be serious for once." She walked away leaving the two boys alone and Sean said, "She's right. I haven't really taken this seriously." He looked at Connor who was glaring at him and finished, "I will not stop until I have my vengeance,"

Connor stood up and took a swing at Sean but he ducked and punched Connor in the stomach again. Connor fell to the floor gasping for air as Sean walked off.


After the incident in the parking lot, school was cancelled for the rest of the day, but it was announced that the baseball game would still be scheduled for tonight since it was the championship game.

It was still a few hours before the big game and Brian Montgomery and his girlfriend Carla had decided to go for a dip in the swimming pool before going to the game.

They had stripped down to their skivvies and dived in. They were laughing and dunking each other, unaware they were being watched within the shadows.

Brian and Carla slowly came close and locked their lips in a hot passionate kiss. Carla then slipped her panties off and Brian slipped off his boxers.

After an intense fifteen minutes of great sex, Carla and Brian decided to get out but were interrupted by a voice within the shadows, "Don't mind me. It must be really nice to make love to the one person you love the most." Brian and Carla looked around in surprise as Sean slowly walked out of the shadows and finished his thought, "At least your love isn't lying in coma in a hospital bed downtown."

Brian's eyes went wide and Carla scowled and said, "Sean, what the hell do you think you're doing? You fucking pervert!" Sean smiled at Carla and said, "You're calling me a pervert when you don't even know your boyfriend loves to beat the shit out of women and strip them down to be raped by his best friend. I can't think of anything more kinky than that."

He walked by the ladder at the deep end and squatted down to talk to them while they were still in the pool. Carla got a confused look on her face and looked over at Brian and asked, "What the hell is he talking about, Brian? Do you know what happened to Abby? Did you something to her?"

Brian was about to respond when Sean said, "Why don't you ask him about the accident he was involved in about a month ago? I would love to hear him explain what really happened!"

Carla gasped in shock. She'd heard about what happened to Sean and Abby in that accident. She just didn't think that her Brian was involved in it. She asked again, "Brian, what happened in that accident?"

Brian started to panic. He didn't want to tell Carla the truth in fear that she'd break up with him. He then looked at Sean with anger and rage and said, "You bastard! It was all your fault! If you hadn't acted so high and mighty all the time, nothing would've happened!"

Carla gasped in shock at his outburst and Sean simply shook his head and said, "Wow, you really need to work on that anger of yours. You're not gonna hurt Carla the way you did Abby are you? That's just a recipe for a break-up."

Brian finally lost his temper and swam for Sean, who was still at the ladder on the deep end of the pool. Carla swam after Brian and Brian grabbed onto the ladder on the deep end. As he grabbed the ladder, two metal fold out curved blades flew out from the back of the middle step impaling Brian through the back pinning him to the ladder and Brian screamed.

Carla looked on in horror as her boyfriend was impaled in the back by blades and she too screamed. Sean just watched as Carla swam to Brian and tried to help when a third blade came out from the side of the pool and impaled Carla in the stomach, pinning her right next to Brian.

They both screamed in pain and Sean smiled and said, "That looks like it must hurt. You shouldn't bother screaming for help. This room is completely soundproof. I know because I did it myself. This place needed renovation anyway."

He looked at Carla and said, "Sorry Carla, but you picked a terrible time to go swimming with your man." Sean looked to Brian one more time and said, "I guess I have to let you go now. Maybe next time you'll think before you act."

He pressed the button in the floor to close the pool and walked away as the pool started to close in on Brian and Carla. They desperately looked at both ends of the pool as its sides were closing in on them. They continued screaming until the walls began to crush them. Their bones began cracking as they were being crushed.

The pressure of the walls caused their ribs to crack and the metal blades to pierce deeper into them. Next, the pressure of the closing wall was so forceful, Brian, who was still pinned to the ladder, was severed into three pieces as blood and organs scattered inside the pool.

His torso sunk to the bottom of the pool while his head and lower torso stayed afloat. Carla was still screaming until the closing force of the steel walls finally closed in completely. Carla's body and organs were crushed and the pool was red with blood.

To be continued…