A/N: 3/2/09

Crumpling Paper is Cliche

steady, steady that grip
hold flat your hands
when your vocabulary flips
you can spew alot of vulgar
language when it's over
like a drizzle in november
let words flow cold
before you hold the notion told
of 'what has not been done before'

relax, relax those taut muscles
before your finger joints tussles
the paper that you'll crumple,
shrivel, to a ball of mass
for what time is lost
dry ink will keep intact

so take a, take a pinch of salt
the worry is your own
the sheet is not at fault
for the thoughts that you'll never be
crashing right in front of me
your writing inexorably
suffers while your letters plead
"passion doesn't grow on trees"

so fill the, fill the space with character
like a promise that you'll cherish her
and hold high your head
before you even know it
the lines have all been said.