~How do I feel?~

Do I love you

Sometimes I'm not sure

Whenever I need you

Will you be there anymore

Sometimes your so sweet

But I feel alone

Because I'm sure that your love

Is something I've never known

Maybe if you'd show

Just how much you care

Maybe if when I need you

You are still there

That's why I don't know

Just how I feel

And I'm so unsure

If this is even real

If you even care

Or if you jut want me around

And do I still like you

This keeps bringing me down

Sometimes I wonder

If we'll ever be

That cute little couple

Everyone seems to see

They all think were so perfect

But what do they know

Cause were anything but

So why doesn't it show

And I remember the times

Back when we were just friends

And I'll treasure those times

And I will to the end

But I don't think that I love you

Or that I ever will

But no matter what happens

I'll stay your friend still.