A/N: 2/3/10

The Sun Told Me To Shine Today

The Sun told me to shine today,
but I danced my dance with Breeze all night,
and it said that I should stay a while.

When morning dawned,
I told Breeze that The Sun was up,
and it was time for me to radiate.

It tempted me with cooling shades,
and pleas of wind the air grew great.

When his blowing lust could not waver,
Breeze became a Hurricane,
and howled it's airy rage.

In chilling gloom,
and thrashing doom,
The Sun shined down on me

"Worry not, my friend.
For you alone are the voice of warmth,
and the light is within you."

So I weathered through the biting storm,
and transformed into a brighter form.