Demonic Aura

Chapter one

I can't stand having to live with those Foster parents. I could not believe that I was forced to live in such a terrible house. It was pouring down outside but I couldn't go back I just had to suck it up and keep going. I had forgotten to get my knife out from under my bed but I guess I will just get it tomorrow.

I was walking down the street and I looked over and saw two men coming out from behind the shadow of the light. I saw that one of them was holding a gun and he was talking to himself whilst the other was holding a needle that had a dark black aura in it. I just looked ahead of me and kept walking hoping that they were just walking in the same direction as me.

I was weak from leaving and being grossly underfed but I couldn't let it get to me I just had to keep going. I was starting to shake from the cold touch of the rain on my skin and my soaked cloths. I needed something to warm me so I headed into a motel parking lot and without going to the desk and paying for a room I walked over to an empty room and picked the lock on the door.

I walked inside to check that no one was staying here and saw nothing personal that anyone was keeping here so I decided that I would stay the night. I started to walk to the door to close it but as I was closing it I felt the door forced open by a kick or powerful blow and I fell back onto my back. The two men from earlier had followed me and one pointed his gun at my face as the other one started tugging at my clothing.

I felt a small sharp stabbing pain like as if my skin was being penetrated by a needle but I could not see as there was a black bag over my head. I then felt a cold sensation burrowing down my arm as though there was an icy liquid coursing through my veins. I could not stand it as I started to squirm. I felt them pull the needle out of my arm. I started to squirm more and more until I broke free and grabbed the lamp on the dresser and swung it at the people that were assaulting me.

I hit one of them in the temple with the base of the lamp which cracked his skull open and then his friend was too occupied with his friend dying so I pulled my pants up and ran out the door. I ran all the way down the street not knowing where I was going or where I was going to stay or what I was going to eat.

As I was walking down a different street I noticed that it was a very nice street and some very nice mansions and then I realised that I was in the rich part of town and I had stumbled in. I noticed a patrol car driving along the other side of the street but I had to just keep walking. My arm started to hurt and my legs started to feel weak until I could not stand and I passed out as I fell to the pavement.

I awoke to a very bright light and I could not see what was happening until a couple of second later my eyes focused and adjusted and I could see that I was in a hospital and there was an officer outside talking to my foster parents. I wonder if he is the same patrol officer as in the car. I pretended to still be asleep in the hope that I could find an opportunity to escape. I had my eyes open enough to peer through my eyelashes but enough to look like they are closed.

A couple of minutes later I noticed that the officer was finally leaving and my foster mother was walking him to the door and my foster father was going to get a drink of water. As they left I also noticed my clothing was sitting on the desk in front of the nurse. I had to get it without her noticing and getting out of here without being seen or breaking anything.

I turned off my life support machine that I did not need so that they would not notice me get up and then I unplugged all of the things attached to my and pulled the drip needle out of my arm. I got up and popped my head out of the door and feeling like I am not so weak anymore I walked over to the table casually and grabbed my clothing when the nurse walked over to the filing cabinet. I started to walk over to the elevator when I noticed that the elevator door was opening and my foster mother was getting out so I snuck into a different room as she walked past and then I jumped into the elevator and head down.

I could hear my foster mother scream when she obviously noticed me missing so they called security to come and find me so not I had to be extra cautious so I stopped one floor above the ground floor and started heading to the stairwell when I noticed a security guard doing a sweep of this floor so I head into a room and opened up the window only to see a ledge to climb onto or a pool below so I went onto the ledge and started heading over to the gutter to climb down. When I got there I noticed people below watching me climb across and slide down.

When I got to the bottom I started to head off down the street as I saw the police officer driving off. I saw him slam on the brakes and stop and then put it in reverse and drive back to pull up beside me so I turned around and started to run. He was catching up to me and I knew that he would get me so I had to run into a side street so that he would have to get out of his car and chase me on foot.

We were heading down an alley and I saw the same person that had attacked me a couple of days before hand so I head down a separate ally but they must have seen me because as I was running away from the officer they started to follow me. I did not know what to do.

I started sprinting harder than ever down an alley attached to the original alley. I was looking behind me when I ran into a fairly large man of whom I then bounced off and fell onto the floor. I quickly regathered myself and started running home noticing that I lost everybody following me.

I had gotten to my street and had noticed that no one was home so I walked up to my house and climbed onto the room and in my window. I reached under my bed and noticed that the knife was still there so I strapped it to my calf and head out.

As I was walking down the street I still needed to figure out where I was going. I had no clue what I was going to do or where I was going to go. My arm started to burn and I looked down and noticed that both of my arms veins were now coursing black. I was starting to wonder what was happening but I could not go to a hospital or a doctor to get it checked out.

I was walking down the street and a man walked up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder and said "long time no see babe". It was my ex boyfriend from high school that I had not seen for a little over one and a half years.

We were still very good friends so I told Jace that I ran away from home and got attacked and injected with this black liquid which was still coursing through my veins. I told him I then had to run away again but this time from the hospital and the two men that attacked me so he told me that I could stay at his place for a while and he will sleep on his couch.

We got back to his place and we walked in the door and then his mother asked how my mother was and I told her that she died from cutting her wrists from the depression of my father dying. I told her that I was living with the world's worst foster parents. I then proceeded to head upstairs with Jace as he told his mother that they would talk later.

We were sitting up in his room and we were just talking about life but I could not stand the face that I was an orphan. His mum reminding me how bad my life really is. It was pouring outside, again, and I could not be around people at the moment. Jace was talking to me and I could not even hear him as I looked at my arm it still wasn't gone so I went into the bathroom and took my clothes off.

I looked at my chest and my legs and I noticed that black had coursed all throughout my body and I just froze. I didn't lock the door when I walked in but after I froze still I couldn't talk or anything. I was just standing there naked, black moving and coursing making its way through my veins.

I heard the handle turn but I couldn't move. Jace walked in accidentally apologizing but looking at me with a shocked look on his face. I finally managed to move so I ran over to him and threw my arms around him and just broke into tears and shut the door. I told him about being drugged and I told him that I did not know what was happening to me but it had been happening ever since I was attacked. He told me that I had to see a doctor but I had already been at a hospital earlier that day and obviously they did not notice it and I had noticed that not a lot of people could actually see it.

I asked him what it is that he could actually see on me and he said that he could see this weird black liquid coursing through my veins. He told me that we should show it to his mum. I grabbed my new dress that Jace gave me and headed downstairs to show his mother and to see what she has to say about it.

When we got downstairs his mother was cooking dinner and I did not want to make it obvious because if she does not see it then she will think that we are crazy so I sat down at the table and lifted up the sleeve of my shirt to reveal my now almost fully black veined arm.

She sat down to have dinner with us not saying anything about my arm but she was looking at it the whole time as if she could see it but it was not the first time. She never even spoke a word of why my arm was black or why my sleeves were rolled up. I did not get it. She must have seen it once before. Then Jace just sat forward and said to his mother "I cannot believe that you cannot see the black veins all down her arm. Can't you see it mum?"

She replied with "I can see it but I have seen it before so it is of no interest to me. I have the same thing on my legs and on my back but I don't go showing it off."

I stood up and pushed my plate forward symbolising that I was done eating and walked upstairs to see if I could figure out what was wrong. Jace just sat there arguing with his mother about the black veins and why she never showed him.

I got into his room and looked down at my right arm which was not coursing with electricity then changing to black and repeating over and over again and I did not know what to do. I started to feel weak as a large electrical shock came out of my hand and I passed out.