Demonic Aura

Chapter 8

Three Years Later.

"You are now finished with your training and now I am giving you your first assignment" Said the messenger.

I opened up the package and it read.

Assignment for:

Neria Draconis


Ember Karaski



Reason for Assassination:

Ember Karaski was wanted for assassination for murdering three of the president's children.

I had always believed that there was no reason for a mere child to die and that made me really angry. A child would never be able to do something so bad that there was a reason to kill them and even if they were children of famous people does not mean that they have any power or will have any power so there is no reason to kill them. I decided that when I killed her I would do it slowly.

I walked out of the room and ran into Oscura. He was on his way to his 3rd assassination and he had a curved dagger like mine strapped to his leg. I caught up to him and said "Hey Oscura. How are you going? I have not seen you in about a week."

He then said "I have been busy getting prepared for this assassination. I had to prepare because the person that I have to kill has multiple bodyguards. The man I have to assassinate is also so paranoid that he even takes his bodyguards into the bathroom with him when he uses the toilet and they stand on the inside of the door when he is having sex."

"Well then what are you going to do because by the sound of it, he is untouchable."

"I am going to run my car through his wall when he is watching T.V. I am driving an armoured truck so hopefully when I go through the wall I can squash him."

I walked out of the complex and walked down to the car park that was at the building. I hopped into my car and head out to find out where it was that Ember lived and how it was that I was going to torture her as there was so many ways that I could do it. I decided that when I found her that I would try to just capture her and take her to a place that I could torture her so that we would not be disturbed.

I was driving along when I saw a man that was talking to Oscura and I remembered that that man had helped Oscura before in finding out what information that he needed to know for the right price so I decided that I would make some money and go ask him if he knew where Ember lived.

I pulled over and made $10,000 in cash and put it into an envelope. I got out and walked across the street to go and greet him but as I was walking toward him he started to walk away when he saw me. The man started to speed up and I caught up to him before he told me that he was just an innocent bystander and that there was no reason for the police to arrest him and as I told him that I was not the police he asked me what I wanted.

I told him "I need some information on someone called Ember Karaski and I need it as soon as possible that you can get it."

"Look lady, I do not just hand out information, there is a transaction involved and besides I do not know you so I will not help you."

As he started to walk away, I grabbed him and threw him up against the wall and then pulled in close to him before saying "I am a friend of Oscura and I need to find out who this is and if you do not tell me then I will kill you as painfully as I could possibly make it" and as I finished my sentence he said that he would need a day and $15,000.

I told him "At the moment I only have $10,000 but I will give you the other five if you can get me the information tomorrow" and with that he gave me a card and walked off.

I looked at the card and it had a name and number on it, it was a mobile number so I guessed that it was his mobile number and that I would have to call him to ask him where we were going to meet and how the exchange would happen.

I was going to wait until about 7pm before I would call him and at the moment it was about midday so I needed to kill some time so I thought that I would go home and do a little exercise.

When I arrived home, I saw that Iloden was sitting on my lounge and by the look of it; he had been there for at least a day. I walked over to him and woke him up to ask him what he was doing.

Iloden said "Hey, where have you been. I have been looking for you for about a half a year now. I was starting to wonder if you were okay because you just disappeared."

"I have been busy with other things. Why have you been waiting?"

"Every night at 8pm, I come over to your house and wait for you to come home so that hopefully I would be able to see you again but all in all I have been coming over for at least a half a year."

I then ran over to him and threw my arms around him before I decided to kiss him. I realised that as I kissed him that he was kissing back as well. Iloden pulled me down so that I was straddling him and the two of us were still kissing.

Whilst kissing, Iloden started to play with me a bit by trailing his hand all around my clothing but only tugging at the edges instead of actually trailing his hand inside. The then stopped kissing me to lean up to my ear and ask me "How do you want me to take you?" I told him that I want him to take roughly and now.

Iloden then picked me up and started to undo the skirt that I was doing as he carried me into my bedroom and placing me on my bed. I reached forward and started to undo his pants before he pushed me so that I was lying on my back on the bed and that he was standing there undoing his pants.

Iloden pulled his pants off and threw them aside. I decided that I would play with him a bit so I sat forward and pulled down his briefs. His cock was not yet fully hard so I opened up my mouth and I inserted it inside. I sucked on his dick and then removed my mouth and licked down to the balls and sucked on them.

After sucking on his balls, I went back a little and then trailed my tongue back to the tip of his cock and then I took his cock all the way down to the shaft and then back to the tip again, repeating this several times before he threw me back down and ripped my panties off with one hand.

He then thrusted, hard and fast inside me and kept on going, hard and fast until he released inside of me. He cried out my name as he released and then laid down next to me and the two of us moved back up to the top of my bed. Iloden then moved his hand down to rub my clit around in circles before inserting his fingers into me.

As he was fingering me, he moved his mouth down to my clit and started to lick it around in circled like he was doing when he was rubbing. I then started too vaginally cum into his mouth and he just swallowed what came out.

He moved back up to lye next to me and the two of us just went to sleep holding each other. During the night I had dreams about fighting in my house and trying to kill Iloden's brother. As I watched what I did in the dream, I looked over at Iloden and he had watched the whole thing with disgust. I then awoke.

It was still very early in the morning so Iloden was still asleep. I then got up without waking him. I head into the kitchen/ living room area and sat down to think about what I was going to do.

I looked down at my body and then studied over all of the scars on my body compared to the space of black that was on my body. My whole entire body was black, signifying that I was above the strongest of my kind and yet, I was working for mere assassins. Good work Neria, you are good at making decisions. It just kept on running through my head that I had decided to kill people for money when I can just make money.

I then decided that I was going to leave the business after I killed this man. There was no point of me staying in this business because I could be rich just by waking up and making money, other than that, I was fine. I decided that I am quitting and this was the last one.

I stood up and walked over to the bench and picked up the card that had the number of the information man. I still had no clue what his name was but at least I had his number. I walked over to the phone and picked it up.

The phone rang for about 15 seconds before he picked up and said "hello?" his voice telling me that he did not know who I was. I told him that I needed the information on where Ember was and if he had it yet and he told me that he did and that he would meet me at my old place even though he did not know that that was my old place.

I hung up at the phone and looked over at Iloden who was still asleep so I stood up and teleported to my old house. I was still naked so I decided that I would create a pair of black shorts and a cami top. I walked outside and waited for the man with the information.

I saw a man on a bike riding toward me and he started to slow down. He pulled up right in front of me and told me that I still owed him $5, 000 so I put my hand behind my back and made it look like I was reaching for it when I created it then and there.

I handed him the cash and he handed me a big yellow envelope. I looked down at it and it had my name on it. I then looked up at him and he was already riding away. I opened the package and it had details on where Ember lived and how thin the walls are all over as well as blueprints.

I jumped in my car and head off to go home and think about the house before I decided that I would just go to the house and wait there as I read the information that I have received.

I was driving to the house when I noticed that someone was following me and upon closer inspection, I saw that the person behind me was the client that I was supposed to kill. I was driving and started to speed up, only to notice that he sped up as well. I pulled over and let him past so that I could just shoot him in the back.

While I was following behind him, I noticed that his bodyguards pulled up in a car behind me to follow him. The bodyguards tried to move in front of me so that they would be directly behind him but I cut them off. U looked around for a way to kill him before noticing Iloden standing on the footpath. Iloden was saying something before something hit my car and sent me flying through the air in a barrel roll.

As I landed, I looked around frantically and saw Iloden's brother saying something to Iloden before he shot a fireball at my car. The car exploded and the world went dark.