Sudden Sorrow

A near breakdown,
an unexpected downcast.
As if a curtain falling,
closing off the audience.

A mellow feeling,
an empty adit.
As if a black hole,
devouring all emotions.

A silence softening,
an eternity of a second.
As if a caged being,
bounded by inhibitions.

A/N: A brief explanation of my depression spell is all about. Well I get them really often... And the only way out of them is writing poems. Somehow it acts like it's what balances my life. Without it I will get gloomy, dark, emotional, and (rarely) violent. I know it sounds crazy, but even Shakespeare tells us that 'The lunatic, the lover, and the poet/ Are of imagination all compact.', a poet is equal to that of a madman (: We are lost in our frantic search for sanity and comfort (not going to deny that, my sole purpose of writing was for this).