At the beginning of Diabhol Dubh's reign, there were some who defied him. Of these, there were three sisters, Aslin, Saoirse and Ena. The sisters openly defied Diabhol's new laws against magic.

They went into the town center with determined looks on their faces. No one knew exactly what the girls were about to do although some people had a small idea. The sisters were terrified but knew what they had to do. Someone had to stand up to Diabhol Dubh.

In the middle of the square with everyone watching, the sisters performed magic. It was just small magic, creating a ball of light, but it was magic just the same.

The sisters were heavily punished. The penalty for doing magic was death by hanging.

While they were being hung, each sister quoted the prophecy and said, "People of Innis Seun have no fear. Darkness cannot last forever without light."