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Greetings! I'm back with a little light reading. I was in the mood for a little bit of sexiness combined with a dash of angst and sprinkled with a good helping of romance – and this is what popped out! I started this story because I wanted to do something a little different with a one night stand piece, and I wanted to try writing something that wasn't in first person, since all my other stories are. It's not a particularly heavy or deep, but it has its moments, so I thought I'd share it.

This story is rated M for some strong language and semi-explicit sex. Enjoy!

By the way, if you are looking for a gut wrenching read, you have to check out 'Avoiding Commitment' by craziebabe45. Amazingly sexy and emotionally draining, in the absolute best possible way, it's a story that will definitely stick with you – I'm still not over it! =D

It's All Relative

CH 1 - One Night

There was a chill in the air. Of course, in October, in Colorado, it wasn't unusual to find a chill in the air. A dampness clung to that chill, making the shivering, huddled bodies rushing along the busy sidewalk pop into bars and restaurants, all in some hope to delay reentering that approaching arctic environment. It didn't rain a whole lot here, but the weather had been making up for that fact for the past three days. Thick, dark clouds swallowed up what little of the stars would have been seen from the glare of the city. Whenever the moon peeked through that swath of rain-filled blackness across the sky, it was a pale, thin sliver, offering no comfort and definitely no light. The wan glow of streetlamps and the harsh buzzing of neon business signs, some open, most closed, only made the night feel emptier. Cool wind whipped through the streets, whistling up empty alleys and swirling up clusters of bright red and orange leaves that had collected along the edges of the road. Cars racing down that street, heaters on high and visions of fuzzy blankets in the drivers' minds, splashed frigid water up onto the curbs.

All in all, it was not the night to be out and about. And as Jessie soon discovered, it was an especially bad night to be out. Letting out a surprised squeal, she immediately hopped on one leg and shook out her high heeled foot. Water dripped from the open toe from where she'd stupidly stepped into a foot deep puddle. She shivered as she let out an exasperated sigh.

Things were not going Jessie's way, and her soaked and quickly becoming frozen foot, was only the latest example of that.

Jessica Marie, as her family insisted on calling her, was suffering from more than just a sodden foot and slightly wet trench coat. Jessica Marie was also suffering from a severe case of broken heart. Her boyfriend of the last eighteen months had broken things off with her a few weeks ago. He'd broken things off with her after she'd chucked a heavy glass vase at his head. She'd chucked that vase at his head because she'd decided to get off early from work and surprise him at his duplex. He'd ended up surprising her, by being in the middle of "consoling" his distraught-over-the-loss-of-her-cat neighbor. Consoling had been his turn of phrase. Jessie preferred to call what they were doing something far more vulgar. It rhymed with chucking.

So, he'd shattered her heart as she'd shattered her favorite vase. As pain and betrayal had started fading, anger had swept right into place. Now, she couldn't stand the thought of that two-timing prick. She missed the shattered vase more than she missed him. But a hurt is a hurt, and it still stung.

Much like her foot.

She hopped up and down, trying to resume the blood flow to her chilly extremity. "This is seriously a bad idea. Let's just go home and watch a chick flick." She groaned at the two friends beside her who were barely containing chuckles at her misfortune.

Her redheaded best friend, Harmony, shook that long, flaming hair over her shoulders. "No way, Jess. You need a little fun."

Jessie sighed and pulled her friend's arm, hoping forward movement would put a halt to the tingly feeling creeping up her leg. Her shoe squeaked when she started walking. "I have plenty of fun, Harm. This is cold and wet and…not fun."

Jessie's second best friend laughed heartily. Her full name was April-Mae, but due to a severe case of teasing back in grade school, she only referred to herself as April now. April came from a pretty traditional Japanese family and had the dark hair and deep olive skin to show for it. That was about all she'd inherited from her family though. Their "traditions" were sort of lost on her, as she'd fully embraced the modern lifestyle.

While April was generally just a hair behind Harmony on the best friend scale, at hearing her laugh, Jessie thought about moving her good friend back a position, to bestie number three. The Asian beauty ran a hand through her perfectly straight hair. "This will be funner when we get a few shots down you. Promise." She smiled charmingly and batted her eyelashes, small raindrops collecting on the long, mascaraed tips.

Jessie sighed and groaned dramatically as April grabbed her arm and the two of them pulled her towards the club just up the street. As the loud music thudded out whenever the heavy door was opened, Jessie was warmed by the idea that at least it wouldn't be so cold in there.

The dance club that Jessie was being dragged to was right in the heart of downtown Denver, so the dolled up girls had to pass a good helping of beggars and homeless people to get to the door. Jessie couldn't help but look at them as she hustled through the cold. She imagined that most of them were strung-out junkies, their life taking a horrid turn at some point that they probably wouldn't ever recover from. But a handful of them had to be purely down on their luck, down in a way that made her wet heel seem like good luck. She felt horrible for them as she slipped through the door, knowing those poor souls were going to have to try and stay warm in this mess.

Her bad feelings were stripped away from her as Harmony stripped the jacket off her shoulders. Both the coat and her purse were shoved at the coat check girl, an adorably cute Goth wannabe. April waved her hand seductively at the muscled help barring the entrance and he smiled, sweeping her into a bear hug. April came here a lot, and had gotten herself on the 'never has to pay' list. The man moved aside from the entrance of the club and indicated to the woman collecting everyone else's cover charge, to stamp the trio of girls' hands.

Jessie sighed, adjusting her short, black club dress while April hugged the perky blonde collecting money and waved everyone to follow her into the throngs. Jessie watched her friend's jet-black locks swish side to side, marveling at how it flowed like a river down the backless top she was wearing. From behind, April looked naked, clothed only in tight leather pants that flawlessly matched the shade of her hair. Several guys noticed this too, and April was whisked away to the dance floor before she could start doling out the drinks that she'd promised.

Harmony glanced at April shaking her ass with some random guy, then smiled back at Jess and nodded to the far end of the packed-with-people room. The music thumped through Jessie's chest, slightly making her ears start to buzz. Bodies jostled against her, warm and sweaty. Jessie sighed again and was at least grateful that soon she'd be warm and sweaty too.

Harmony led her to a fifteen foot bar, the dark wood chipped and damaged from years of drunken abuse. Putting her elbows on top of the sticky-looking surface, Harmony expertly emphasized her cleavage in her tight red top. The male bartender did not let that go unnoticed. His eyes drifted to her chest, and stayed on her chest, as he cocked his head to listen to her yell out her drink order.

He grinned, nodded, and started pouring them shots of a dark liquid, covered with a light creamy liquor. Jessie smiled as Harmony twisted back to her. "Bottoms up!" she yelled. The two girls clicked their short glasses and tilted them back. The sweet yet potent drink burned and soothed all the way down Jessie's throat. Shaking her head and laughing, she stopped feeling bad about her wet foot and ass-aholic ex-boyfriend. Coming up to the bar with Harmony, Jessie leaned over the counter with her and showed off her no less impressive amplitude. The bartender grinned wider at the two racks put on display for him and poured another round of drinks.

Three more rounds later, the girls finally went to find April on the dance floor. They found their gregarious friend in a swarm of beautiful boys, each one trying to get a hand on her slim body. She expertly slinked between three or four of them, placing her hands all over them, but somehow managing to stop them from groping her. It was an impressive feat to watch and Jessie's slightly slow mind laughed at the sight.

Giggling in delight, April squealed at seeing her two friends back in her midst. With arms on each other, for support, and to keep back the eager boys, the girls danced effortlessly. As the alcohol burned through Jessie's body, her moves became looser, her dress riding a little higher. A couple of guys took advantage of that, resting fingers on her toned legs. She let them, enjoying the feeling of a man's attentions. She even laughed when one forward guy wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her hips back into his. She allowed herself to grind with the older man, but immediately broke away from his grasp when it became obvious that he was enjoying it a little too much.

Grabbing her girlfriends' hands, she pulled them back to the bar for another round. The man looked highly disappointed, but Jessie could only laugh at his dismay. He was really too old to be at a club purely for the fun of it. Obviously well over forty, Jessie was sure he spent his weekends strolling through clubs, looking for young, easy hookups. The horny man had even decided to complete the player look with a paisley dress shirt, opened about three buttons too far, and a gaudy gold chain poking through his chest hair. Approaching the dark, stained bar, Jessie wished him luck, but she had no intention of being an easy score.

The next several hours went much the same way - finding a group of guys to dance sexily with on the floor, then ducking out to grab some more shots. The bartender started offering his suggestions on what they should drink, and pretty soon they had moved past the sweet, creamy liquors to the hard stuff. Several guys, hoping to speed up the inebriation of three attractive girls, bought them even more drinks. Each man was obliged with a swift kiss to the cheek and an intimate turn on the dance floor, but not much more than that.

Jessie was pleasantly buzzing, laughing with her friends at the bar, when she felt a set of eyes on her. She'd been feeling eyes on her for awhile, being in a club filled with college age guys and wearing a distractingly short dress will do that to you, but these eyes felt different to her. Twisting her head, she instantly spotted a guy at a nearby table. He was standing by himself, sipping a beer and looking at her. Jessie couldn't help but stare at him. Even if she'd been completely sober, he'd have gotten her attention. From their distance, he looked tall and athletic, the cut line of a muscle visible on his arm as he tilted back his bottle. While his body seemed nice enough, that wasn't really what focused Jessie's gaze. It was more his face.

There was an intriguing blend of ethnicities there that her buzzed brain couldn't quite place – a mixture of Caucasian, Latin, Asian, or maybe even Puerto Rican? His skin was that beautiful mulatto color that always looked deeply tanned, regardless of the season. But even that wasn't what had Jessie still staring at him. It was the eyes. He had the most incredible shade of sea-green eyes. She wanted to be closer, so she could see for sure, but she was positive that if she were staring into those eyes, it would be like staring at a tropical ocean. Her drunken mind suddenly wanted to be swimming in those eyes.

He blinked and looked down, almost as if he'd finally realized that they'd been staring at each other for while. Jessie knew that she had a certain attractiveness to her. Her mother had graced her with aforementioned cleavage and a trim waist to emphasize it. Her father had given her dark brown hair with matching chocolate eyes. When she was younger, she'd wished to be blonde and blue-eyed, but over time, she'd learned to embrace her dark features, playing them up with dark dresses and natural earth tones. And of course, on special nights, smoky eyes and perfectly painted red lips. Since Harmony and April hadn't let her leave the house today until she'd shucked off her I've-just-been-dumped sweats, and since she'd spent a good hour perfecting the thick ringlets of her naturally curly hair, she knew she looked pretty darn good. The alcohol freely flowing through her veins made her think she looked amazing.

She bit her lip as the beautiful boy kept his eyes on the table, a small smile on him. Jessie couldn't be sure, but he didn't seem to be waiting for anyone, he seemed to be here at the club alone. Maybe still feeling her eyes on him, he lifted his gaze back to the bar. As Jessie was still staring, he smiled briefly before bringing his vision back to the table, his smile a little bigger.

Laughing that the most attractive guy in the club was actually being a little shy with her, she twisted around to order a couple shots. April and Harmony looked at her expectantly, but furrowed their brows when she only purchased two. Seeing their confusion, Jessie nodded her head at the man. "He looks lonely. I'm gonna go cheer him up."

Her friends laughed and immediately, and not subtly, checked him out. April bit her lip and nodded her approval. Harmony raised an eyebrow and waved. Jessie swung her head back around, hoping her friends hadn't scared him off, but he was still there, shaking his head and laughing a little as he stared at his table again.

Throwing her friends a warning glance, Jessie started stumbling her way over to him. Ignoring a few slurred greetings as she waded around a couple groups of men, she approached his table with what she thought was a sexy swagger. Immediately, she got her foot stuck in a crack. Luckily it wasn't enough to twist her ankle, but it did jar her step and she stumbled and started to fall.

Strong arms were around her waist as she squealed in surprise. Her body was now completely pressed against a hard, flat stomach, her ample cleavage now pushed up against a lean, muscular chest, and her wide brown eyes now completely lost in the most incredible set of eyes she'd ever seen. They were as amazing as she'd hoped they'd be. It reminded her of the brochures that travel agencies used to promote faraway island getaways. She was pretty sure those photos were edited to highlight the perfectness of the warm water, but this man's eyes were definitely not enhanced in any way. He was just…spectacular.

"Are you okay?" he asked over the thump of the music.

Jessie pulled her eyes from his, her languid head remembering the awkward situation that she'd gotten herself in. She laughed, the alcohol in her system covering her embarrassment. "Yeah, I'm just not having a good shoe day." She picked up her foot, the insole mostly dry by now, but still a little squeaky, she was sure.

Not understanding, he only smiled at her and gently released her from his arms. Jessie found that she missed the contact, and stepped into his side, closer than she generally stood to complete strangers. He didn't back off though, just continued to sweep those amazing eyes over her face. Even in her drunken haze, it pleased her that he focused more above her neck, than below it.

She handed him the drink, or what was left of it, since some had splashed onto the floor during her scuffle and was now resting in a pool by his shoes. She raised her own as he tentatively took the glass she offered him. "Drink with me?" she asked, in a way that really didn't sound like a question.

He smiled and raised his glass. "Cheers."

They touched glasses and Jessie watched as he closed those marvelous orbs and swished back the drink. She left her own eyes open, wondering how those full lips, pressing so softly against his glass, would feel like pressing against her. A little surprised at her immediate attraction to this unnamed man, she shook her head and laughed a little.

Gently laying his glass down on his table, he politely said, "Thank you." Jessie flushed at his simple words. Amazing, how two small syllables were doing so much more for her than an entire night of hip grinding had done.

He looked over her flush, his smile captivating. Then his hand came out, right at hip level. As hers were nearly pressed into him, she had to back up a step. "My name's Kai."

Jessie smiled at the excuse to grab his hand. She didn't shake it, so much as clench it and press it against her belly. His mouth dropped open a little.

"Kai…with the beautiful eyes," she murmured drunkenly and he shook his head, laughing a little. "Hi…I'm Jessie."

He grinned and leaned down on the waist high table, the move bringing his head closer to hers. She bit her lip. "Thank you for the drink, Jessie."

Surprising herself, she asked, "Are you here alone?"

He looked down at the table, seemingly shy again, then he peeked back up at her. "I am…just got into town actually. I don't really know anybody yet."

Jessie smiled widely at the unattached, beautiful man in front of her. "Well, would you like to get to know me?" A part of her slow brain couldn't believe she'd just asked him that. It sounded way more forward than she generally was, but…there was just something about him.

He looked down again, adorably, then met her gaze unwaveringly. "I think I'd like that."

Smiling and stroking his fingers against her stomach, she glanced at his nearly empty beer bottle on the table and thought to get this seemingly shy guy up to her level of carefree-ness. Taking a step back, she pulled his arm so he would follow her. "Come on, we need to get you caught up."

He smiled and willingly allowed her to lead him. Jessie carefully avoided the section of the bar where her friends were watching her every move. She didn't need them drunkenly interfering in her flirtations, scaring the guy off. At the other end of the bar, a girl was tending to the customers and Jessie walked up, pulling her newfound friend's arm around her waist. Sidling up behind her, he kept a slight distance between them. Jessie leaned back a little, wanting to feel that hard body along the length of her. His free hand trailed down her bare arm and she shivered, even in the heat of the club.

She practically shouted a shot order at the straining-to-hear bartender, and stepped back with the beautiful boy once she was handed them. He tilted it back, closing his eyes again, and Jessie smiled, watching him and picturing those lips on hers again.

He winced a bit as the strong liquid burned through him. She'd switched to hard stuff long ago, but he'd apparently not gotten there yet. Jessie spent the next several minutes…getting him there. By the time his smile was loose and easy, his hands casually slipping over her body, Jessie decided to move their foreplay to the dance floor, where his fingers all over her would be a natural thing.

His tropical eyes never leaving her face, she placed one leg strategically between his. Draping her arms around his shoulders, she pulled him flush against her. He ran his hands down her back, pulling her hips into his body as he positioned himself in such a way, that they were straddling each other's thighs. They moved together more naturally and perfectly than any of the frat boys she'd danced with earlier. As their hips briefly touched while they grinded together, Jessie was reminded of far more intimate actions, actions that she hadn't had in awhile. Her sloppy mind could quite easily picture doing all sorts of intimate acts with him.

As the music and other gyrating bodies danced around them, she let herself get lost in those absorbing eyes. Running her hands through his dark hair, she brought her face to his, resting her forehead against him. He stared down at her, his lips open as he breathed shallowly. Her eyes pulled away from that intense gaze, to stare down at those lips – full, soft, perfect. She was so close she could feel his light breath. She was so drunk she wanted to feel it closer. Letting her earlier fantasy of kissing him fuel her, Jessie shifted their heads until their lips connected.

It was brief, a bare brushing of soft lip against soft lip. But for the heat in her body, it could have been an accident. His hand clenched her hip. Her hand tightened in his hair. This wasn't something Jessie usually did, making out on a dance floor with a guy whose name her drunken brain couldn't even remember, but she'd been denied a physical encounter with a man for awhile now. And, April had promised her that tonight would be fun. And…she was really drunk.

She noted his eyes closing fractionally as they continued slowly moving against the other. They were in no way keeping time with the fast, thumping music, but making a beat of their own, perfectly in sync to the rhythm of their bodies, if not the world around them. Jessie sighed at the brief contact, letting the anticipation of more contact burn through her, igniting her. She could feel her drunken body responding, her arousal building, and hoped that he was feeling it too. Unlike the pervy older guy she'd danced with earlier, she wouldn't mind feeling some of his hardness grazing against her thigh.

When his eyes reopened, Jessie could see the desire in them. Maybe she couldn't feel him yet, but she knew he was, at the very least, interested. She smiled and brought her lips back up to his; tentative and soft again, teasing him. He didn't let her leave it at teasing though. As she ran her lips over his, he shifted his head, to fully enclose her mouth. The electricity was immediate. One of his hands left her hip to grab her cheek, holding her securely to him. His soft lips encouraged hers to part as the tip of his tongue slipped inside. She groaned and leaned against him, their already smashed together bodies connecting even more.

Her hand grabbed a handful of his hair, shifting his mouth so she could feel all of his tongue sliding against hers. She felt the rumble in his chest as he groaned an approval. She hoped that if he hadn't wanted her before, he did now. When his hand slinked over her backside, bringing her leg slightly up his hip, he confirmed that he did. As their lower bodies shifted slightly, she could feel his need for her pressing into her body.

She moaned in his mouth, running her other hand up his shirt. Whoever this man was, he appealed to her, and she to him. Jessie wasn't typically one to jump right into a physical relationship, but her inebriated mind and torn heart, just wanted to feel good. And his erection pressing just above her pubic bone, felt really good.

Forgetting her earlier idea of not being easy, forgetting that her two best friends probably watching her make out with a stranger, she broke away from his mouth and ran her lips up to his ear. Over the loud music, she panted, "You live close by?" She really hoped he said yes; a long cab ride would probably douse her buzz and change her mind, and her body was screaming for this, she didn't want to change her mind.

With a movement that had nothing to do with dancing anymore, he pulled her hips into his. In her ear he said back, just as breathily, "Yes. A couple blocks up the street."

He brought her lips back to his, the hand from her cheek, slipping to her breast. She thought that if they didn't change locations soon, April was never going to be able to show her face in this club again. She pulled back from him, his tongue lightly flicking against her lip as they separated. Hissing in a quick breath, she ran a finger down those amazing lips. "Take me there." Again, she was shocked at her own forwardness, but she was still too drunk to care about it.

His mouth dropped open at her words and she took the opportunity to playfully press her finger against his tongue. He groaned and closed his lips around her, his eyes closing as well. As wet warmth enclosed around her finger, she imagined that warmth on other places of her body. She let out a frustrated whimper and shifted against his hips, the ache in her core, shifting to a nearly painful throb. He removed her finger and crashed his lips back down to hers. Panting and grinding near uncontrollably, she heard him mutter, "Yes."

Pushing his chest back, they panted at each other, a foot apart. "I'll meet you outside in five," she said huskily, then moved in, to suck on his lower lip. He shuddered and his thumb sweeping over her breast, circled her nipple. Letting him go, she rested her head against his as she forced their bodies away from each other. With how badly she wanted him, staying on this dance floor would not be a good idea. Giving him one last kiss, she brushed past him. Needing to feel it, she ran her hands down the front of his jeans as she left. He did not disappoint her.

Heading straight for the door, Jessie was suddenly halted by a curious looking redhead. "Going somewhere, Jess?"

Jessie sighed, her body not wanting a concerned conversation at the moment. She tried to walk around Harmony, but her bare arms were enclosed by her friend's surprisingly strong fingers. "No, seriously, where do you think you're going?" Her light blue eyes narrowed as she looked over her drunken friend's face. Jessie sighed at seeing her concern, but knew that if the tables were turned, there was no way she'd let her friend leave with a strange man. Girls got killed that way.

But again, Jessie was too drunk to really care about that. She leaned in and giggled into her friend's ear. "I'm going home with the hot guy."

Harmony looked over her shoulder, like she was looking for the hot guy. Seeming like she wasn't seeing him, her eyebrows bunched together. "I don't think so." Bringing her eyes back to Jessie, she shook her head. "That's a bad idea."

"What's a bad idea?" Jessie was assaulted from behind, arms going around her waist and a head of dark hair nestling on her shoulder. Jessie could smell the booze coming off of April and knew that her friend was feeling as little pain as she was. She giggled and leaned into April while Harmony answered her question.

"She thinks she's going off with some guy."

April brightened and twisted Jessie around to stare at her, surprised. "Oh, your first one night stand." She placed a hand over her heart and crumpled her beautiful face. "I'm so proud."

Jessie giggled while Harmony sighed. "April, she shouldn't-"

Not needing a voice of reason at the moment, Jessie cut Harmony off. Slurring a little, she said, "I'll be fine. We're just going up the street a few blocks." She pointed in the general direction of the front door. "I'll have my phone in my purse. You can track me." All the girls had downloaded an app for their phones that tracked each other's locations, mainly for the fun of teasing each other when someone popped up in an odd place, say, the sex shop downtown that April frequented. They always turned the feature on whenever they went out together, just in case they got separated.

Harmony sighed and crossed her arms over her chest, but April thought that was perfect. She clapped Jessie on the back. "Great, have fun! You need it after your last loser."

Harmony still looked unconvinced, but seemed torn on what to do. Jessie took that moment of indecision as her chance to get away. "Have a good night. I'll call you later." With that, she sloppily kissed Harmony on the cheek.

Moving to walk away, Jessie's arm was surprisingly grabbed by April. "Here." She reached in the pocket of her skinny jeans and pulled out a silver packet. Folding it in Jessie's hand, a smile blossomed on her face. "Fun is great, but safe fun is better."

Confused, Jessie unfolded her hand. Seeing a ribbed-for-her-pleasure condom packet, she looked up at April, incredulous that she'd had that in her pocket. April shrugged and smiled, twisting to rejoin her group of flirty boys on the dance floor.

Harmony watched her leave then looked back at Jessie. "Call me." Jessie grinned and nodded, clenching her prophylactic. As she scooted away, Harmony called out. "Within the hour, Jess…if I don't hear from you after that, I'm calling your dad."

Jessie sighed and rolled her eyes. The last thing she needed was her dad finding out about what she was doing. Getting her things from the checkout girl, she stuffed the condom inside her purse and made sure her phone was on. Even sloppily drunk, she was still sort of cautious.

As she slipped her coat on, the bottom slightly damp from her incident earlier, her foggy head started to wonder if this was a bad idea. But then she slipped out into the frigid air…and saw him.

He was standing with his back to her, his hands in his jean's pockets and his shoulders bunched up like he was really cold, even in his thick, dark jacket. Leaning into one hip, he looked out over the few cars flying down the street. His faded jeans perfectly highlighted the backside he was showing her, and desire nearly instantly trumped every other emotion in her head. As if he felt her approaching, he turned, and those sea-green eyes locked onto hers. She knew then, that bedding this man was the only thing that was going to happen tonight.

He smiled when he saw her, desire and relief that she'd shown, clear on his face. She walked up to him, as seductively as her drunken steps allowed, and immediately tossed her arms around his neck. Their lips reunited, cold from the outside weather, but warming with their hot breath and needy, frantic movements. His hand slipped inside her trench coat as hers ran though his hair. She groaned as his palm cupped her bottom.

"Where?" she asked huskily. He grunted and started pulling her up the street.

It was the longest couple of blocks that she'd ever walked with someone. It didn't help their progress that they often stopped to lean against walls or railings, or in some cases, windows. It didn't help that every time he pressed against her, he seemed to be even harder, even in this chilly weather. It didn't help that she was so ready for him, her underwear was a sodden mess.

Just as she was considering pulling him into an alley and having him service her right there, he pulled her to a flight of steps leading to an apartment complex. He fumbled in his jacket to get his keys ready, his mouth still locked on hers, and somehow they managed to open the entryway doors. They stepped into an elevator and she immediately started taking his jacket off. As the metal contraption lifted into the air, he pressed her against the back wall and started nuzzling her neck.

His jacket in one hand, he pulled her out of the elevator when it dinged open. As she leaned against him, rubbing the front of his jeans, he tried to unlock his front door without closing his eyes. Grunting in frustration, he practically kicked the door in. She gasped as he pulled her through it, and then groaned when he immediately slammed her back into the closed door.

As she tossed her purse back into the apartment somewhere, he ripped off her trench coat. His eyes and voice needy, he exhaled around her lips, "God, I want you."

Anticipation, excitement and a good dose of alcohol surged through her. "I want you too." She helped him shuck off her coat, then brought her fingers to the waistband of his jeans. Muttering to herself, she said, "God, I hope you're packing. I don't need another Jeremy."

He heard her though and pulled back a little. "Uh…I…well…"

Her high head not feeling the embarrassment that normally would have given her, she unzipped his pants and ran her hand inside. He was incredibly hard, thick, and delightfully sized. "Oh, thank god," she breathed. Her philandering boyfriend had frequently been none of those things.

He laughed deep in his throat and attacked her mouth. Pulling her back from the door, his hands flew to the zipper of her short dress. Starting to walk through what looked like a kitchen, he flicked on a switch and they stepped through an open doorway, into a small square of a room. Jessie shucked off his shirt, tossing it to the shaggy carpet, and eyed his wonderfully colored skin. There was an intriguing black design coming over his shoulder, swirling down to his collar bone. She traced the dark tattoo, placing a soft kiss at the ending point of one of the swirls. The rest of his chest was as fit as his arms and she ran her fingers down the firm muscles, while he finished with the deceptively long zipper of her dress. Shrugging it off her shoulders, she let it fall to a heap at her feet.

He took a moment to enjoy the sight of her scantily dressed body, her black bra and underwear matching the heels that she was still wearing, then he popped off his shoes and pushed down his jeans. She watched him breathlessly, her hands running over any inch of skin on him that she could touch. When he was just in black boxer-briefs, he grabbed her arm and pulled her forward. She stumbled into his body and then crashed into his lips. He shifted and then twisted her, the move making her fall over. Just as she gasped and expected to crash into a hard floor, she bounced on a springy mattress.

Looking around, she noted that his apartment was a studio, he literally slept in the living room, and they were safely on a mattress in the middle of the floor. Just a mattress – no headboard, no box springs, nothing raising it off the ground. The rest of the room was an assortment of opened and closed boxes; he really had just gotten here. Just as she thought to comment, he grabbed her thighs and straddled them around his hips. Settling himself in-between, he finally pressed that wonderfully full manhood against her. She wouldn't have cared if they were screwing on the floor after that.

She groaned at feeling that hardness firmly pressed against her, the scant silk of her underwear barely separating their needy flesh. He groaned as well, his hips moving against her as rhythmically as they had in the club, while his mouth lingered down to her jaw. Breathing heavily down her throat, those marvelously soft lips traveled down to her bra. He kissed her once through the fabric, then brought some fingers up to harshly move the lace aside. She gasped when her breast was exposed to the cooler air of his studio, then moaned as his hot mouth closed around it. His tongue swirled around the nipple, his teeth lightly tugging, and she arched against his hips, writhing in torturous bliss.

She tucked her hands behind her and popped open the bra; it took a couple tries with her numb fingers. When the material was loose, he paused to rip it off of her, then brought his attention to her other soft peak. She moaned again and clutched his head to her.

A deep groan rumbling in his chest, his lips started heading south. She arched her back and pushed his head down, wanting what he was suggesting. She was drunk enough that she could ask for it too. "I want you to taste me."

He paused, his head rocking against her belly, his hands clenching her hips. "Damn, that's hot," he muttered into her soft flesh.

Her liquored head not feeling the slightest bit embarrassed, she pushed his head again, urging him to keep going. He groaned, and harshly ripped down her underwear. Kissing her calves as he pulled the damp material off of her, he left the heels on. She loved that. Breathing heavily, his beautiful, tropical eyes lustful, he watched her naked body squirm on the mattress. She ran her hands down her front, squeezing the breasts he'd placed so much attention on earlier.

His mouth dropped open in a pant, then he settled himself between her thighs. As she dug her heel into his leg, he ran his tongue up her core. Jessie cried out, clutching his head to her again. Before closing her eyes at the bliss running up her body, she noticed the black streaks around his collar bone curved up over his shoulder, ending in a tribal design on his shoulder blade. It only emphasized his attractiveness.

That marvelous tongue in that beautiful boy's mouth brought her right to the edge of release. Pushing him back before her drunken body could go over the edge, she aggressively pushed him all the way to his back. His breath heavy, he let her take control. She gave his body the same attentions he'd just given her, starting at his nipples and ending with his core. When her lips were firmly wrapped around that glorious manhood, he cried out and clutched her hair.

She used whatever parts of her body she could to bring him to the edge. When he was rocking against her and nearly whimpering, she pulled back. She looked up at his firm body lying beneath her, his head tilted back as he panted, his marvelous eyes closed. Just as he was opening those eyes to look at her, she crawled on his lap and pushed herself down on top of him. His mouth dropped open and his eyes shut for a second. Jessie's did too. The feel of all that length and width inside of her was unlike anything she'd felt before. Even drunk, she appreciated it.

Their hips moved together automatically, building to a rhythm that was increasing in speed and intensity. Jessie leaned back on his thighs, exposing all of her bouncing body to him. His fingers came up to feel that body gliding along his. While one of his hands cupped Jessie's breast, the other slid down to where they were connected. His thumb circled around her core and Jessie cried out, tossing her head back as she instantly came. It was the deepest, most satisfying orgasm she'd ever had. Ten times what Jeremy had ever given her.

As she came down, he sat up under her, grabbing her thighs and pushing her up and over. With a grunt and a couple readjustments, he had her on her back on the mattress and continued pounding into her from above. Jessie sighed, her body, numb from alcohol and an amazing orgasm, enjoying the sensation of his plunging deeply into it.

As he breathed heavily in her ear, she trailed her fingers through his dark hair. Her head rolled off the edge of the mattress and looking up, she could see their tangled, naked bodies reflected back to her in a small television set across the room. She watched their bodies move together, watched his face as he approached his climax. He looked up then, his eyes drifting to hers watching them in the TV.

"Are you watching us?" he murmured, his voice tight. She groaned and smiled, and he dropped his head to her shoulder. "Jesus, that's hot."

Jessie continued her voyeurism, feeling and watching the way his body moved as he rocked above her. It was mesmerizing and erotic, and she felt her body responding again. Moaning, she moved her hips harder under his. He groaned in her shoulder, his hand on her waist encouraging her hard movements. He sucked in a quick breath. "God, I'm close." His voice was tight as he added, "I'm…"

He let it trail off and she grabbed his head, bringing his eyes back to hers. "Say it," she panted, again shocked at her own aggressiveness. Hard alcohol did surprising things to her.

He groaned, his beautiful face breaking into a look that men only got when they were about to release. On most, it wasn't that appealing. On him, it was breathtaking. "I'm coming," he groaned and then his hips slowed over her, a low cry escaping him.

Feeling him, hearing him, the eroticism of the moment hit her all at once, slamming her into a sudden climax, and she started coming for a second time. They rode out their joint orgasm together, and as he spilled inside of her, Jessie's slow head suddenly remembered the condom tucked away in her purse. Oops.