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Apocalypse with Lucifer: After Party,

~Deleted scenes/OVA's~

Deleted scene/OVA #1:

A/N: I'm not sure where to put this XD If it were in the real story it would be somewhere before DarkNeko was kidnapped by Immanuel and somewhere in the place of forgotten things (I've already forgotten what I called that place… Let's just say they packed up their things and left the garbage dump/ home and went looking for the exit XD Also this one has the whole group together again X3 Except for poor Kyousuke DX)

We were walking in an open field next to some old train tracks when I noticed that the sun has already gone. I turned around to find everyone else tired as hell and trudging their way through the knee-high grass.

"Come on! I don't wanna be left in the dark…" I say as I darted my eyes around hoping nothing supernatural happens, "… We need to get some shelter!! Come on, you dumbasses! Get your back into it!"

"But DarkNeko!" Lucifer wined, just as usual, "We're tired…"

"No excuses! Come on! 1, 2! 1,2!" I say.

"You forgot the three…" Insanity says as he trudged forward, "Can you even count properly?"

"Shut up!!" I say as I kicked his backpack.

Phoenix stopped and pointed his nose upwards and started sniffing. Somehow he resembles a dog… but he is the family pet after all. Phoenix's eyes became wide and he quickly pushed Lucifer down to the ground.

"Hey!" Lucifer says, "What was—"

"Everyone, get down!" Phoenix says as his eyes looked around frantically, "Now!!"

I did what I was told and quickly crouched down, completely camouflaging myself under the tall grass. A screech of metal reached my ears making me cover my ears from any damage. In simple curiosity I looked up to find an old train on the train tracks stopping right next to us.

"Phoenix?" I call as I noticed that he had disappeared, "ZOMG! Phoenix! Where the hell is my pet dog?!"

"DarkNeko?" Lucifer says as his head popped from the tall grass, "Where is there a train here…"

I stood up and examined the immobilized train. Maybe this is our ticket out of here! Obviously I don't have a ticket to ride this train… but I think they'll make an acceptance. I quickly walked up to the train and popped my foot onto the first step leading into the carriage when Insanity stopped me by firing a bullet near where my hand rested on the bar.

"Don't take another step in there…" He says as he still held Razor in his hands, "I don't like the way that train is looking at me…"

"… It doesn't have eyes, Insanity… Gosh, you're acting as dumb as Lucifer!" I say.

"What?" Lucifer says as he pops right next to me.

"See, I'll prove you that it's safe…" I say as I push Lucifer in first.

I followed Lucifer in to find a luxurious carriage. It looks like the diner cart… but there wasn't any food, which was kinda disappointing. I turned around to say "I told you so" to Insanity to find him already behind me and inside the carriage.

"Changed your mind, huh?" I say.

He shrugged and quickly moved to another carriage. "I'll be in the third chart… But…"

I looked at him as he walked towards the door leading to the other carriage. "… This train might be the cause of Phoenix's disappearance… so don't lose yourself in this…"

I stared back wondering what he meant by that. I shrugged it off and went onwards with exploring this train with dear Lucy.


"Hey! I found this little carriage that has beds in it…" Lucy calls from another carriage, "Well… more of… bunk-beds, but you get the deal."

I quickly went to where Lucy was when the train started to move. I was already on the platform that divided the cart that I was in before with the cart that Lucifer was in. Everything started to shake as the train moved forward and I almost lost my balance when luckily I my hand grabbed onto a handle.

"Phew…" I say as I tried to relax myself.

"Hey, are you coming or not!" Lucifer says as he opens the door making it slam into my hand.

"Gah!" I cry as I lost my grip. The train became more faster than ever and I lost my balance and began to fall.

I thought I was about to be run over by tons of steel when Lucifer grabbed my hand in time. I opened my eyes to see a warm smile greeting me.

"I've got you DarkNeko…" He says as he pulls me up.

In a split second I saw what seemed like a little girl standing next to Lucifer and staring up at him. The girl spoke but I couldn't hear anything and then she looked at me.

"Kill her." She says and then disappears.

"Gah! A ghost!!" I cried.

"What?! Where?!" Lucifer says as he turns around and 'accidentally' let's go of my hand.

"Lucifer, you dumb—" I say as I fell off the platform and hitting the ground, "—ass~"

I tumbled a couple of times as the train sped incredibly fast, passing me and leaving me. I'm sooo lucky that I'm an immortal right now. But for now, I may as well act dead. I closed my eyes and ignored the blood streaming down my forehead and tried to get some rest.


"Miss… Excuse me… Miss?" A soft voice calls me.

I slowly opened my eyes to see the ceiling of what seemed like a carriage of an old train. I turned around to find an innocent looking boy smiling back at me.

"U, Miss? Are you ok?" He ask as a look of concern made me smile back.

"Kyaa~ What a cute boy!" I say as I wrap my arms around his neck.

"I think you've must've hit your head really hard…" He says as he pulls me away from him.

Oh look back at him with a smile and inspected him. My smile slowly disappeared when I noticed that he looked just like Lucifer… an innocent version of Lucifer? Damn, I must've hit my head really badly… or maybe this is just a dream. I quickly turned away and tried to go back to sleep so I could wake up.

"Miss? Are you ok? You're not feeling sick, are you?" He asks as he shakes my shoulder.

"I'm fine, I'm fine…" I say as I try to relax myself but no matter how much I try to calm myself it wouldn't work. This must be some kind of weird Lucifer… just like that Immanuel guy! "Tell me… what year is this?"

I turn around to face him as I scanned his clothes. It looked pretty old looking… and too formal…

"Why, it's 1845!" He says cheerfully with a heartwarming smile, "You're dressed differently to most of the other ladies…"

Oh damn… I've must've gone back in time somehow. Maybe this is the Lucifer of the past? I looked around to find no one else here… maybe this is my shot to ask him some questions.

"Um… Can you tell me your name?" We both say in unison.

He smiled back and chuckled, "Well, I'm Lucio… Lucio Porter, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"Um… It's nice to meet you too, Lucifer… I mean Lucio…" I say with a smile.

"Huh? Lucifer? The Satan's name?" He says confused.

"Um, nothing. I'm… my name is…" I start and then figured out that 'DarkNeko' isn't a correct name… and I don't want to reveal my real name either, "My name is…um… Nora? Yes, Nora… Loring"

Gah, I've pulled it off… phew, that was close. I may have dodged this bullet but I'm not sure about next time.

"Oh that's a nice name…" He says with another warm smile, "It's weird how I found you…"

"Eh?" I respond.

"… You must've crawled into my private carriage and fainted… and when I first saw you…" He looks up at me with a smile, "It's like we've met so many times and we're such great friends…"

"Strange how you say that…" I say as I scratch the back of my head, "But I've got to get back to where I came from…"

"You can't leave now." He says, "The train is already moving and if you get off now you might get killed."

I'm immortal, I won't get killed. I smiled a thank you and went on my way towards the door leading to freedom when I accidently pushed a glass mug to floor making it smash into pieces.

"Shi…. I mean, oh… I'm sorry… I'll clean it up…" I say as I bend down to pick up the shards.

"I don't think so…" Lucio says. I turn around to find him smirking back at me as he swung a chair smashing it on my head, "Now, I've got you… Imposter…"

Everything became read then black… then white... then a mixture of the colors of the rainbow and then… I became unconscious. God damn it! Everyone's out to get me! I just know it…

To be continued D:

A/N: Yesh, to be continued XD I thought it would drag out too much for a deleted scene/OVA XD or whatever it is XDDD GIVE ME IDEAS DAMN IT!!!! :D