"I'm reporting from a karaoke bar to present you an all cast interview~"I say as I squealed down the microphone, "This is DarkNeko and aren't I glad that I get paid five bucks per chapter of the series… but I do wish that the producers would at least pay me a bit more. What about a raise? Or maybe a promotion… Hey, wait don't cut me off—"

~ .:Apocalypse with Lucifer: After Party:. ~

"Stupid…" I muttered under my breath when I noticed the camera still on me, "Ah, and welcome back to 'After Party'. I hope that your questions will be answered after these first interviews of the main characters…So, Mr. Cameraman please follow me~"

I tried to squeeze into the crowd to our first interview when I tripped over what seemed like a cord that lead to the microphone of the karaoke. I landed on the floor, hitting my chin first and was trampled on by the person who was singing.

"Oi, I'm trying to sing here…" A familiar voice says.

I looked up to find Masao frowning down on me while the cameraman kept on filming. I got to my feet and agrily pointed at him.

"Well you should be careful where you sing!" I yelled despite being composed and poise like any other reporter would be. I sighed and pointed the microphone at him, "Seeing that you're here we may as well start the interview despite the fact that you're hardly a main character…"

"Hey, I may be childish and awfully cute for my age it still doesn't mean that I'm not good enough to be a main character." He says childishly, "Anyway, I may as well be the bad guy seeing that good guys are always pathetic."

"… Did you say something?" I say as I took my eyes off a bowl of fruit.

His face started to redden in anger and I remembered that the main part of being a reporter is to make the prey comfortable.

"Sorry, sorry. Let's start over…" I say as I took out some cards with questions on them, "So, I heard that you're sort of popular, do you think they would make a spin-off based on you?"

A cheesy smile flashed on his face as he responded, "Well of course I'm popular, seeing I'm death and all. I guess I do make the ladies fall head over heels at the sight of me but the rumors of me having a spin-off is slightly unlikely. But there is good news, they say that I may appear in the sequel."

"Who said there were rumors about a spin-off…" I mumble as I switched over to the next card, "Yes, I also heard that you appearing in the sequel will only be short… how sad…"

I looked up to find him heartbroken at the news. Of course he wouldn't last there long enough after all he is a villan-ish…. I see him more as a child than a villan…

"Please… next question…" He says as he placed his head in his hands.

"What is your real age?" I ask as I looked at him suspiciously. This question wasn't part of the interview but I was too curious.

"… It's a secret…" He says as he composed himself.

"So if I were to find documents about you and your age…" I say as I gave him another suspicious look.

"It would be in a sealed envelope inside a locked safe where the key's whereabouts is unknown and cannot be copied and the safe can be found in the lost city of Atlantis…" He says with a straight face, "Either there or in my mother's basement…"

I was already busy on google trying to find Masao's house when I noticed he doesn't have a mother.

"Do you even have a mother?" I ask.

"… I… I don't think so…" He says as he started to cry.

"Crap… damn it, don't cry Masao… or else I might cry…" I say as I felt the tears come over me, "I want my mommy~"

Masao leaned in and cried on my shoulder as I cried too. Of course, most of the people here don't have parents but it sure gets you down to know there won't be someone there to buy everything you want…


Please hold on a while, we are experiencing some technical difficulties

"Ahem, thank you for your time, Masao…" I say as I tried to dry off the last few tears.

He nodded as he continued to eat some sweets. Apparently candy is the only thing that comforts Masao. I gave a slight cough as I moved forward to the other side of the room where the main characters were.

"Hello Insnaity, I would like to ask you a few questions…" I say as I sat down in the booth where only Insanity sat.

"… You know I hate questions…" He says. He sounded a bit drunk when I noticed a bottle of sake in front of him, "But you can ask three questions…"

"… Insanity, are you drunk?" I ask.

"Nope, next question…" He says with a slur.

"Are you sure?"

"Nope, last question…"

Ah crap, he led me into a trap something a reporter like myself shouldn't fall for. Now I only have one question left to ask now is the time to think for a good question. Maybe something about his family or maybe why he keeps his name so secretive or maybe…

"Tik tok, tik tok~" He says as he swayed his cup in the air from side to side, "You're times nearly up."

I became frustrated as I tried to look around me for a good question to ask him when I noticed his holster was empty and had no gun.

"Razor's not here… di you take him to a dry cleaner or something?" I ask.

His face stiffened and then relaxed as he slowly placed his cup down on the table. He looked at me and our eyes seemed to lock. The atmosphere felt like there was nobody around us and that we were the only ones left on this planet… it felt so intimate…

"THAT DAMN GUN ABANDONED ME!" He yelled as he slammed his hand down on the table and was already on his feet. What I saw in his eyes weren't anger but more of jealousy, "He's now auditioning for a part in the sequel and he's doing it without me! That bastard… he deserves to burn in hell once I figure out how to detach his soul from that gun…"

"Um, that's kind of harsh of him but you don't need to be so—"

"We've been through it together! Everything we've done, we've always been together. But now he's gone to get another shot a fame…" He seemed that someone ripped his heart out but then a small smile came over his face, "But I guess we would have to say our goodbyes at some time in life… same goes for you and Lucifer. It seems he has a part in the sequel as well."

"Eh… What? He did what?!" I say as I got out of my seat. This was totally new to me and just like how Insanity was feeling I felt like he back stabbed me by not telling me, "That damn Lucifer… Never saying a single goodbye and he's doing something new without me… I guess now is the time to go on our separate ways. Maybe one day I can meet him again and beat him up for not telling me!"

I looked down to find Insanity slumped over the table sleeping. I stared at him angrily after all I said he was sleeping. I sighed and tapped the back of his head with the microphone to find no response. I guess I could just let him sleep for a while.

"Next up is the one and only vampire pet, Phoenix~" I say cheerfully into the microphone, "Now let's go!"

In the background I could hear someone familiar singing with a droned tune to "Barbie Girl" which surprisingly was once my ringtone for my phone. I turned around to find Kami-sama behind the microphone. Seeing that I am such a good friend I may as well capture it on video so I can upload it on Youtube.

"I'm a blonde single girl in a fantasy world…" Kami-sama murmured into the mic.

"Sing louder, Kami-nii~" Kamichi yells from the crowd.

"Just shut up will you! You're the one who recommended me to sing this…" He yells back.

"So, Kami-sama," I say as I smiled wickedly back at him, "Any words about the finale of Apocalypse with Lucifer?"

"Ah crap!" He says as he jumps back, "Y-You… don't just pop out of nowhere. Geeze…"

"So, any words… Barbie Girl?" I grinned.

He stared me down and handed the karaoke mic to someone else. "I say you should've deserved a more serious punishment. Also I think that my plan was simply fool proof… but I didn't think about making it idiot proof seeing Lucifer infiltrated it so easily…"

"Whatever you say, Kami-sama." I say as I rolled my eyes, "So, seeing that there won't be a big part for you in the sequel…"

"What?! I should have a special guest appearance seeing that I am the almighty and powerful Kami-sama!" He says and I could see the glint of his ego sparkling in his eyes.

"Let me finish my question." I say through my teeth, "Now, what exactly are you going to do with your life seeing it's all over now."

"I will tend to my garden and read some books about gardening and cooking…" He says as he sighed, "I'm seriously telling you the truth. I love gardening, it's my passion."

"I-I guess you learn something new every day like Kami-sama having human characteristics such as caring for his garden and cooking delicious food for friends and family. So touching and yet disturbing." I say into the camera like a true reporter.

"What do you mean disturbing?!" He yells again. I've must've treaded onto the wrong side of Kami-sama.

I turned to Kamichi to try and avoid another conversation with Kami-sama. As always she was happy to see me and greeted me with a warm smile.

"I don't really mind questions." She says with another smile.

"Of course you don't." I say as I smiled back at her, "Somehow I have a feeling you should've been my little sister instead of having that jerk as a sibling…"

"No I don't mind him being my brother. He can be egotistical about things and can cause trouble but he is really nice at times." She says as she takes out a basket of fruit and vegetables, "Here, this is his latest produce. They've grown ripe and juicy this time, you can have it DarkNeko."

"How sweet of you." I say as I accept the basket, "I really don't have much to ask you about but one thing has got me questioning… How did you get that super-strength of yours?"

"Ah, I guess it's a gift that even I didn't know I had… but it comes in handy from time to time. Like opening up a pickle jar as well as lifting up the couch when vacuuming underneath it."

"Wow…" I say in awe, "Also I heard you now own a bull…"

"Yes, dear Lucifer left the bull up in heaven while trying to save you and we couldn't send it back to where it came from since it was huge so we had to keep it. Now he's our main transportation to places. Right now he's waiting outside for us…"

I shuddered at the thought of a huge bull waiting outside and under the power of Kamichi and Kami-sama… Maybe I should think twice before getting on Kami-sama's bad side.

"Well, I still have to interview someone right now… yeah, so I'm just going out… right now…" I say as I tried to leave inconspicuously.

I travelled down to find Phoenix alone in a corner. He was being just like Insanity and being anti-social, much expected from my family.

"You want to ask questions?" He asks as he unfolded his arms.

"Yes. Now, hmm…" I started flipping through my cards to find one question that had me puzzled, "Why does the crimson moon make you go crazy?"

"Because the blood red of the illuminating moon activates my more instinctive want for blood…" He says as he looked up at the ceiling, "Or something like that… By the way, can I have your blood? I'm starving…"

"No, I'm the one who asks questions…" I say as I flipped through some other questions, "What makes you so popular? I've noticed that there are some people who adore you…"

"Well, I can be honest to say I have no idea why." He says as he had a thoughtful expression, "Maybe because I'm a vampire or maybe because I'm a pet… I'm not sure."

"Oh, don't be so modest~" I say as I pet his head, "Your hair is so silky and smooth, like a cat's coat. I guess it must be your cuteness! Also, last question: What makes your hair silky smooth?"

"Ah, that's easy. Blood." He says with a small smile.

My stomach churned at the thought of him drinking gallons of blood to make his hair so shiny and smooth but no matter how much I try I can't stop stroking his hair. It's, it's like I'm addicted to his hair.

"Uwah, cutie at 12 o'clock!" I hear an over optimistic voice call.

"Be quiet, Ginmi." A tired voice says

"H-He is kind of cute…" An angelic voice says.

I turned around, still stroking Phoenix's hair, and stared at the trio with a slightly disgusted expression. The one known as Ginmi ran towards Phoenix and ripped me apart from him which I would be thanking her in future.

"Ah~ You look much cuter up close!" She says as she examined Phoenix from head to toe.

"Remember, he almost drank my blood dry…" A girl I remembered whose name was Rami.

A girl with jet black hair stood behind her and I noticed she held a bear close to her. This somehow reminded me of Lucifer and Justine… I bet they are somewhere enjoying their new lives right now… But seeing that they're here I may as well interview them.

"Hello, DarkNeko reporting again and this time we will be interviewing the trio of idiots, I mean the trio from the four horsemen." I say at the camera, "The first one is Ginmi. To refresh your memories she was Insanity's opponent, carries two guns and a sword along with grenade and bombs, she represents war and is so-called descended from the Angel Gabriel."

"Hey, I really am descended from Gabriel!" She says with a smile.

"Of course." I mutter, "Anyway, seeing that you were Insanity's opponent, what was it like battling him? He sure does have tricks up his sleeves and is really unpredictable."

"Ah, I guess he ok…" She says as she leaned her arm on Phoenix's shoulder making him uncomfortable, "He was strong and smart but I still think that if I was battling this cute guy here I would've won. But that battle with him was very unpredictable… I give it 7 out of 10."

"Yeah, I see…" I say as I looked at Phoenix sympathetically.

"Um… Could you…" He starts with a quiet voice making Ginmi squeal.

"Ah, you're so shy! I like your voice though… very alluring~" She says, "Could you bite me as well?"

Phoenix looked at me for my permission and I nodded. Seeing that I have my necklace back I may as well use telepathy with Phoenix…

"Phoenix, I want you to drink all of her blood but not all of it to leave her dead…"

"I understand, Master"

Just after that he viciously bit into Ginmi's neck. At first she squealed like a fangirl but after a couple minutes her blood was drained and was now lying on the floor like a skinned animal. I turned to the other remaining two with a smile as they looked at me horrified.

"So, let's continue our interview, shall we?" I say with another smile, "Next up is Rami, descendant of Raphael, her weapon of choice is a long thin sword, her opponent was Phoenix but had to pull out of the fight due to blood loss, she also carries a shinobue which is a flute which she can create illusions with. She represents Pestilence."

"Thank you for that introduction," She says as she cautiously stepped up to the mic, "I would like to make this short and quick so we can take our sister to the hospital…"

"Yes, I will… Talking about siblings, are the four horsemen all related?" I say.

"Yes, we'd like to think ourselves as siblings but we're not relatives by blood…"

"Yes, there have been some rumors of a pairing of you and Masao…" I say with a smile.

She blushed and backed away, "N-No comment…"

"Oh well, next up Umi!" I say as I pointed at her making her shuffle a bit, "Umi, descendant of Uriel, Lucifer's opponent, just like Lucifer she too carries a toy that is possessed by a spirit, carries a thick wide sword which is heavier than it seems, she is known to be the silent type but when she speaks some say it's like an angel whispering into your ear."

"Ah, I think they over-exaggerated my voice…" She says.

"No, no somehow I have this strangest feeling of ripping out your voice to make it my own… Now, question time!" I say as flashing lights danced around me, "You have one question and you have to answer it truthfully. Here is your question: do you think Lucifer will come back for me? Tell me the truth~"

"Um, I'm not a fortune teller…" She says.

"Then screw you…" I grumbled down the microphone as I snapped my fingers, "Phoenix, eat her~"

"As you wish, Master…"


"It seems we're coming to a close to our show! It was nice asking questions for you all~ I guess this is a big goodbye from—" I was tapped on shoulder making me stop my closing speech.

"You forgot about us…" Immanuel says through his teeth as he pointed at Kyousuke and Black Rose.

"Hmm… I knew I forgot something." I say as I scratched the back of my head, "Well we'll have to be quick since we're wrapping up the show."


"Immanuel, seeing that you're actually Lucifer I would ask you a question about him seeing that he's not here…" I say as I found myself crying my eyes out at the sound of his name, "Anyway, what do you think about his character development?"

"I think he turned from cold silent guy to goofy idiot in the elapsed time of a few chapters. I think it's pretty boring of him…" He says.

"I see, I see. Now a question for you: Why was Lucifer and you separated? Seeing that I understand that Kami-sama 'forgot' to add Black Rose to my personality…" I say.

"It connects to the first question you asked. His personality changed when he had some time to get to know you. I was his cold personality and when he thought that he should let go of me it was the same time he felt accepted by you as a goofy person. So he dismissed me from being his personality." He informed me with a sour look.

"Ah, so he did that just for me?" I say, a bit touched.

"Who knows, I'm still pissed at him for doing that…" He says but then chuckles, "Ha, but I did make him go blonde. Now his personality matches his hair color."

"Thank you for your time." I say as I turned to Black Rose, "Hmm, I don't really have any question for you seeing you are really me… but, I do have this one question: How does it feel to be me?"

"Like hell…" She says.

"Erm, well sorry to hurt your feelings…" I say as I felt a glare from behind.

"It seems like you go around and hurt other people's feelings more often, huh?" I hear Kyousuke say, "I only appeared in first series once! Now I only appeared in the movie just to save your sorry face."

"I'm sorry…" I say as I backed away from him to find myself bump into Immanuel.

"Sorry isn't good enough. You're the one who ripped me apart from Lucifer." Immanuel says.

Ah, crap… this is why I didn't interview them. It's because the hate my guts… I can handle the four horsemen but these guys, they're just too strong.

"B-Before you kill me…" I say as I looked up at Kyousuke, "But can I ask a question?"


"Do you really hate Onee-tan?" I say with an innocent look on my face, "You wouldn't hurt Onee-tan~"

"You're right I wouldn't, but I have a better way to punish you." He says as he held out a french maid's outfit, "I found this in the costume department. I wonder if it fits~"

"No… you wouldn't dare…" I say as I found Immanuel, Kyousuke and surprisingly Black Rose looming over me with smirks, "Kyaah!"


"Ugh… th-this is DarkNeko reporting in…with a French maid's outfit…" I say as I felt my head ready to fall off, "It's been a wonderful time in the karaoke bar… but it seems we're running out of time. After this I guess I would go home and soak my feet in a warm bowl of water and reminisce of the good times I had without wearing stupid outfits like this…"

"Hey, DarkNeko~" I hear Insanity sing into the karaoke mic, clearly drunk, "It's your time to sing~"

"Damn it, they should pay me more for this stuff…" I muttered as I grabbed the mic, "This is DarkNeko signing off and singing 'Head over heels', good night America…"

'Something happens and I'm head over heels~

I never find out 'till I'm head over heels~

Something happens and I'm head over heels~

Ah don't take my heart

Don't break my heart…'

"Uwah~ Lucifer…" I say as I cried for the millionth time this night, "DarkNeko… out."

A/N: Of course I won't own these lyrics or song, it is owned by 'Tears for Fears' and if you want to sue me then do that, but after my holiday to Antarctica.

So that's the end of that. I had to rush a bit of it seeing that today is my last day to write it before I go on my journey, of course when I come back I would like to hope that I've started to write some chapters for the sequel. As you've heard Lucifer will appear in it along with others… maybe XD Also it will be the appearance of DarkNeko's cute descendant dubbed as 'Meronpan'… strangely I have no idea why I chose that name for her, it just reminds me of melon bread . . . and strangely her sister is named Mochi… maybe I was hungry while thinking about names…

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