Ryder thanked his parents for the gifts and finished getting ready to go to the fair. They decided it would be a nice day to walk so they did just that to the downtown area. They were greeted with a large banner overhead reading 'Welcome to the last fling'. There was quite a crowd of people already roaming the streets. All the streets and sidewalks were full of merchants selling all kinds of goods, gaming booths, food vendors, couples on dates, families spending quality time, and kids of all ages screaming on rides and running laughing from booth to booth trying to get everything in before their night was over.

The sun was bathing the sky in beautiful colors against the fluffy clouds. The air had a perfect warm evening breaze, and was full of all kinds of delicious foods. Candid nuts, cotton candy, hot dogs, roasting chicken, and other mixed carnival delights made their mouths water before they could even get in the entrance.

They had walked around a bit before hitting any booths just to see what was around but soon Ryder and Hank found a game booth calling to them. They were competing with one another throwing balls at stacked objects to see who could win the stuffed prize first. They soon had a gathering of girls also watching from the sidelines and from afar. Ryder ended up winning by chance but gave the pize to his mom. A tiny stuffed pig with irridecent wings.

Ryder whispered to his dad "I think we better get out of here, these girls are starting to scare me. They keep stairing."

Hank whispered back "How can they not! Two handsome guys, hanging around in public, we are too good to not be admired. I would have been the next fabio if I didn't go into the meat business!" he said in a joking mannor and big flailing arm gestures.

"Dad, lets go, I don't need to beat you to prove I'm better" Ryder said getting back to normal conversation.

"And I love both my boys!" his mom not paying any attention

"Oh common! You show up and beat me at a game for manly men but now you are also taking my girl?!", He joked at Ryder.

"Oh my god, Dad. Please, never say that to me ever again. Ever! I did not take Mom away from you! That's creepy" Ryder tried to keep his cool but he dad was getting embarrassing.

"Okay, but from now on when your mom is around let me win you hear?" he wispered in a loud whisper as making sure his wife still heard and elbowing Ryder in the arm. Ryder smiled patheticly and sat down once they got far enough away from the eye batting girls.

"Do you want anything from the funnel cake place?"

"Yeah I could go for some, Thanks"

Hank looped his arm around Mindy's arm and the made their way to the vendor to stand in line.

Ryder sat there people keeping an eye out for any stalking girls and watching a few queer things that made him either laugh to himself or get really confused or grossed out. Kids with odd fashion sense, a frilly tiny little girl with a large tall dad wrapped around her little finger, couples walking around with arm loads of prizes, and two boys puking in the same garbage can after a few rides were just a few of his spottings. He noticed a good looking hat on someone and started to think about how he would look in the hat.


Ryder snapped out of his daydreams to see someone standing in front of him. He looked up and was happily surprised to find Maccon standing there in the hat he had just been currently thinking about. His heart skipped a beat and a big smile appeared on his face. "Hi! Sorry I was a little out of it. What are you doing here?" He said looking around.

Maccon sat down next to him on the bench with the same big smile. " I came to spend quality time with a few of my brothers and sisters. Sisters mostly, They dragged me here, but a few brothers were dragged as well. What are you doing here?"

"I'm pretty much doing the same thing. Spending some quality time with family. I do also kind of live in town as well...", Ryder giggled. "Were you not exspecting to see me or something?"

"Quite the oppisite! I know you live in town, and I was hoping maybe I'd get to see you for a quick moment. I wasent sure if you'd come or not I know you work a bit." He tilted his head and flirted " I wish I could be here with you longer though..." Maccon finished.

"Well, seems to be a trend with some of the girls around here too. I have a feeling I'll be getting a group of giggling girls around here soon. None the less, how about for our next date I take you out to one of my favorite places?"

"Your being followed or something? But yeah, sounds like a date! Where is it?"

"Yes, and well, It is a date so yes, but it's a surprise so I can't tell you."

"Okay well then I'm excited" Maccon smiled

"By the way I like your hat."

"Well thanks. I wear hats in town so people don't get frightened by wolves being around"

"Why would people be frightened about humanimal wolves?" He wasent really surprised by this statement but he was interested to hear about it.

"People are people. Some can't help it and some were raised to be scared. Most are okay with it but everyonce in a while it just surprises people. Some people are just antihumanimal."

"Really? I guess it's like being gay"

"Haha yeah, but the good side is there is always people who love humanimals. Humanimal lovers" Maccon laced his own finger together girly like and leaned towards Ryder to nudge him with his shoulder to suggest him.

Ryder laughed "yeah, theres always that"

"Yeah well I should be headding back, when shall we go on our second date?"

"How about wednesday?"

"Sounds perfect! and how about your party on satuerday?", Maccon added

"Sounds good as well."

"Okay also, just so you know I'm sending you a gift each night starting tonight untill your party"

"What?! you really don't have to do that!" Ryder said in shock shaking his head.

"Yeah I know but I want to. If you want you can also send letters to me"

"I've always been wondering how to get a hold of you to ask you about another date but I havent had time with working to wander over to the forest to get a hold of you. Do you have a phone?"

"We have a house phone, and my dad has a cell phone for business but reception is bad in the forest or also have computer, cause we don't live in the stone age completly, But I'd much rather you have this. It's not fast but it's quick and quite efficent."

Ryder watched as Maccon pulled a tiny insturment from his pocket. He wasent sure if it was a tiny flute, a whistle or a small recorder.

"What is it?" He asked taking the offered object

"It's a sly whistle"

There was a breif pause till Maccon saw the confusion on Ryder's face

"It's a tool to call my messanger animal"

"Oh, Okay." Ryder confirmed understanding.

"Alright well I should get back to the girls. I'm really leaving this time." Maccon flirted with a head tilt and a girl smile.

Okay" Ryder bit his lip. He wanted to kiss Maccon but wasent sure how he'd feel about public displays of affection.

Before Ryder could say anything Maccon was already up and walking away. Ryder's heart ached as he happily pouted a bit. "Oh man i lost it, but Oh, well, I HAVE A SECOND DATE!"

Maccon started to walk off, but past two steps he turned on heel and walked quickly back to Ryder. He put one hand on the back of the bench, his knee on the seat of the bench, and his other hand slipped into Ryder's soft smooth hair and he planted a kiss on Ryder's already pouting lips. his tongue lightly grazed against his and he pulled away much more satisfied then if he had just assumed.

"Sorry I wasnt sure if it was okay to kiss you in public, But then I thought I should just go for it, so I did."

"I was thinking the same thing, that's funny", Ryder said dazed and and dreamy.

Maccon laughed at Ryder's cuteness and wiggled his fingers waving goodbye. "Leaving."

Ryder sat for a second watching Maccon walk away with a goofy smile on his face before he heard

"LUCY! You got some splainin' to do!"

His heart stopped breifly.


Ryder looked over and saw his dad carrying over two plates of funnel cake covered in sticky powdered sugar.

"Mom stoped to talk to an old girlfriend, she'll be back in a few. Get talking."

"It's alright Dad"

His dad sat down next to him and passed a plate over to him. "It's not alright! Cheeting is not alright, I thought I raised you better then that?! How could..."

Ryder was shaking his head and a small laugh "No, you did...", Ryder Sighed, "I've been meaning to tell you and I thought today would be a good oppertunity, Apparantly i should have said something sooner. Max and I were having issues, and we mutually broke up. In the process of all that I met a new friend, who asked me out on a date as soon as he found out we broke up. I didn't even know he liked me like that. That was the new friend."

"Oh...I see. Okay well, I'm sorry about Max, But I'm glad you found a new guy? That was fast. You are a busy bee. Tell me more..."

"Okay, well I was headding to Max's place this past weekend, and meet him while I was walking thought the forest. He found me cause of the beef jerkey you gave me actually. He was really cool to talk to. Later that evening after Max and I had an arguement, I got lost in the forest and he found me after a while. He took me to hangout with him and his friends and a few family at a bonfire. It went really well and he took me home. Then when Max and I broke up some of The guys's friends were nearby and over heard us. They made me feel better about it but also kinda took Max to help him sort out his issues." Ryder was weiry on admitting this but tried to make it sound okay. "and then he happened to be walking by during all this and found out Max and I broke up and consoled me but then asked me out on a date which surprised me, but I said yes."

"Okay, so what's his name?"

"Oh, sorry it's Maccon."

"Maccon... as in...Bacon?" Hank raised his eyebrows.

Ryder laughed. "Yeah I guess so."

"Well you can't go wrong with bacon, sorry go on. When is the date?"

"We went that night it stormed. It was amazing. He took me on a romantic moonlit picknic.

Hank smiled at the story "Ah, well that's good. So, I also saw the tail...is he a wolf?"

Ryder blushed "Yeah. I didn't know they were so kind, and open. People are scared of real wolves and vice versa so I just assumed it would be the same."

"Okay well, I've definitly got a story for you, But I'll have to tell you leter, more privately. I see you mom headding back here and she don't like me talking about it. It's good though.I thought I should tell you one of these days. Ryder, I love you and I'm glad you found something good for yourself. I'm glad your happy. Now tell your mom"

Hank could tell by how the Ryder was acting that this new boy was diffrent.

Mindy walked over and sat on the oppisite side of hank as he smiled with her approach. Looking at his wife he put his arm around her and his other arm elbowed Ryder for him to tell her the news.

Ryder breifly overview his story to his mom, who was fruitlesly trying to be concerrned, happy for him and also wanted to meet the new boy if he was still there at the fair.

"No, He is also here with family. It's fine"

"Oh alright then", She huffed, taking a peice of funnel cake from the plate Hank was holding, while a fine layer of powdered sugar flew everywhere.

The sky was completly dark by now. The streetlamps and ride lights were illuminating the fair in flashing patterns and bright colors as the air started to cool down. The crowd also started to thin out from the lateness and the chill. All the children were going home to bed and a few teens started to come out for dates, and hanging out with friends.

"Mom, Dad! Smile!" Ryder took a picture of them before they could actually smile. they got up to hit a few rides. they made their way to the tangeled tenticles, the gravity machine and were headding to the farris wheel. Ryder was showing his dad how to take some pictures with the diffrent functions while waiting in the line and snapping a few of his parents while they were on the rides.

"Okay so here you go. This is to take a picture of you and Mom", Ryder said holding the camera out in front of him to take a picture of himself.

"Okay and I'll try to get a picture of you on the ride as well if we can." He said getting further in line for the farris wheel. Hank and Mindy got in the first car. The man running the ride asked Ryder if he was riding alone because he had good intentions with a line full of ladies behind him.

The carnie called out, "Would any other brave persons riding alone like to ride with a fine young gentleman here?"

Ryder lowered his head and closed his eyes out of embarrasment and fear of actually riding with a girl who was going to talk his ear off or flirt with him unsucessfully the whole ride. Ryder just sat in the car and didn't look because he already knew half of the line had rised their hands and could hear the murmurs and giggles of the dressed up ladies waiting.

He heard the carnie mumble something and finish with "OKAY!, right this way."