This first chapter was shorter than I intended. But no worries, the next will make up for it. :) Hope you enjoy.

Chapter One: Best Friends Forever…Maybe?

Ten years out of my sixteen years of life I've been best friends with Garret Sampson. We share all of our secrets with one another. Garret has witnessed my ups and downs of life. When I was seven years old my parents divorced. I remember that night. They just got done fighting. My father said something harsh, and then I heard a door slam. Dad had left. After that all I could remember was running away to Garret's house. It wasn't a long run; seeing that we were neighbors. As soon as I approached the door steps of his house, he was there to wrap his arms around, pulling me into a comforting hug.

From there on Garret was always there for me, no matter what circumstance. I remember the first day I moved to Stratford, Connecticut. His mother, Maria, brought over our family a house warming gift. It was a basket filled with bake goods, some information of the town, and local contact numbers in case of an emergency. Maria had Garret tag along. Garret had just turned seven and I was a couple months away from turning six. When he came with his mother he took some of his toys with him. So him and I sat at the kitchen table, while my parents and his mother talked.

Afterwards, Maria invited us over for dinner. She knew we would be exhausted and wouldn't be up to cooking. I remember she had made a cheesecake. Cherry cheesecake to exact. Just as I was about to take a bite, Duke, the Sampson's Tabby cat, jumped up onto the kitchen table, flipping my plate over and sending my piece of cheesecake to the floor. Garret saw what had happened and immediately wiped up the mess, shooed the cat off the table and shared his piece with me. With that single gesture, easy as pie…or in my case cheesecake, Garret and I were best friends.

As we got older, we found each other more and more alike. We took the same classes, liked the same music, and even had our own inside jokes; that would bring us into uncontrollable fits of laughter. But being so in sync we found it hard to control our feelings for one another. We were each other's firsts. When I was thirteen and Garret was fourteen, we were walking through the park, when out of know where Garret spun me around to face him and kissed me square on the lips. It wasn't a forceful kiss, nor was it awkward…it was just…perfect. Just as we pulled apart, Garret said "I love you." And I knew he really meant it.

He was my first kiss. The first person I said 'I love you' to, aside from relatives. And just four weeks ago, he was the first person I was intimate with.

Now I'll be the first to tell him that he's going to be a father. Out of all the things we tell each other…This will be the toughest one yet.