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Published: August 12, 2010

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Summary: Lucas and Ashlynn used to date, that is until he cheated on her. Now she hates him and he's become an even bigger man-whore than before, but one bet and a lot of hook ups could change everything. Cliché.

AN: So this is the spin off to An Inevitable Love but you do not need to read that story to understand this one. This is set in 2010. I hope you enjoy this chap even though it's short. I promise it WILL get better :) Okay now go read and review!


"Where is my mommy and daddy?" A three year old Elizabeth asked me. Every time Jimmi and Logan would drop her off to me she would ask this.

"They went out with Blanca and Meghan, they'll be back in a little while." I said fixing her blonde hair. She favored Logan more than Jimmi in some aspects, with her blonde locks and green eyes but her face favored Jimmi's more. Jimmi had named her Elizabeth after her late mother.

"Where is uncle Lucas?" Lizzie asked speaking of Logan's younger brother who was born a couple of months before Janice had me. We are both sixteen now.

"Why do you ask so many questions?" I asked picking her up and tickling her. She laughed and squirmed in my arms until I finally stopped.

"Ashlynn what are you doing to my favorite granddaughter?" My dad asked coming into my room.

"I'm not doing anything dad." I smiled at him. My father and I have always been close especially since my mother is the way she is. It doesn't bother me that much that my mom is a self-centered little whore who has a different boyfriend every month. I've always had Jimmi-who is an awesome sister- to be there for me and kind of take over the mother role and like I said my dad is amazing and we've been spending even more time together since he retired and turned his very successful law firm over to Jimmi.

"Papa!" She exclaimed running into my dads arms. He picked her up and sat her on his knee.

"Lucas is downstairs." My dad informed me and I rolled my eyes. I so didn't feel like dealing with him at this moment. Like I said he's Logan's younger brother but he's nothing like Logan. Logan is kind, faithful, and an all around good guy. Lucas however is a egotistical, cheating bastard and all around asshole.

"Uncle Luke!" Lizzie exclaimed bouncing up and down on my fathers' knee.

"Yeah good'ol Luke." I sighed under my breath before gathering Lizzie in my arms and headed downstairs. My dad had moved out of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California and into Pebble Beach, California a couple of years ago to be closer to Jim, plus his wife hated living in such a snobby town.

My dad remarried when I was seven to another lawyer who was a very good match for him. My stepmother was nothing like Janice-my mother- in fact Sindey was the complete opposite. She was kind-hearted, friendly and very bubbly but not in an air-head way. Jimmi even said she sometimes reminds her of her late mother.

I sighed when Luke's form came into view. He was average height with brown hair that he kept cut short majority of the time. His eyes are blueish-green. He's surfer so you can imagine how he dresses- board shorts, fitted Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch shirt and thong sandals- pretty much like a douche. We have sort of a history-if you can call it that- We dated freshman and sophomore year he cheated and I dumped him. It just sucks that because he's Logan's-who is married to my sister Jimmi- brother so I have to deal with his presence a lot.

"Why are you here?" I asked when I finally reached the foyer. He looked at me with a smirk on his face.

"I came to see my favorite girl, hey Lizzie." He answered before smiling at her. She squirmed for the umpteenth time tonight before squealing his name. He walked over to us-a little too close for my comfort- and picked Lizzie up out of my arms.

I took a step back and crossed my arms over my chest before pulling my cell-phone out and checking for missed calls.

"When will her parents be back?" Lucas asked looking at me.

"They should be here in about ten minutes, they dropped her off a couple of hours ago." I said texting my best friend Dallas back.

"Where did they go?"

I ran my fingers through my hair and shifted my weight before answering "Out with Meg and Blanca." It's uncomfortable talking to him, it burns inside just to talk to him but he of course he just wants to keep conversations like we're buddies.

"Do you not like talking to me?" There goes his stupid smirk.

"No in fact I hate talking to you because your a freaking prick." I refrained from swearing in front on Lizzie because she picks up everything lately.

"Awh too bad, I so enjoy your company." He smirked at me and I just scowled at him. It's like he makes it his sole mission in life to get on my nerves.

"Whatever." I mumbled before shifting my weight awkwardly.

"Luke, when are you going to take me back to the zoo?" Lizzie asked breaking the silence that I had initiated.

"I'll take you tomorrow if your mommy and daddy says it's okay." He smiled at her.

"They'll say yes plus daddy has a lot of surgery's tomorrow. But I want aunt Ashy to come with us." She said looking at me with puppy dog eyes. Her mom taught her how to do that. Logan falls for it all the time. Despite their hectic jobs-Logan being the head of neurosurgery at his hospital and Jimmi being a super successful corporate lawyer and being in charge of dad's firm- they are really good parents and they around more than you would think.

"Lizzie you kill me with that face babe." I smiled at her and her face lit up. "Of course I'll come with you."

"Yay! I'm goin' to the zoooo." She sang doing a little dance in Luke's arms and I couldn't help but laugh.

"You are so adorable." Lucas said smiling at her and she blushed hiding her face in his chest. The gate bell buzzed and I went over to the security system. It was Logan and Jimmi so I buzzed the gate open.

"Your parents are here Lizzie." I smiled at her and she cheered. I laughed walking over to the door and opening it. it was only a few moments before Logan parked their car.

"Mommy!" Lizzie squealed when her parents walked in the door.

"Oh so what am I chopped liver?" Logan joked smiling at his little girl.

"Daddy, you're awesome too." She smiled as Jimmi took her out of Lucas' arms.

"Were you a good little girl for your aunt?" Jim asked.

"You know she was a little angel." I said smiling at my sister.

"Yeah she sure is an angel compared to you two when you were her age." Jimmi half-joked.

I rolled my eyes at her good-naturedly.

"Well compared to you everybody is a perfect teen." I said and Logan smirked at her wrapping his arm around her waist. Jimmi just laughed at me leaning into Logan. Jimmi has changed a lot from when she was my age. She's still sarcastic and bitchy but she's more mature and not so closed off.

"You're just a loser miss popular." Jimmi said and I rolled my eyes. I took the different role in high-school hierarchy than she did when she was my age. She was the party girl slash outcast and I'm the bisexual contemporary dancer who likes to get piercings- I have my left eyebrow and both of my hips pierced-and tattoos.

"Shut up." I smiled at them. I noticed Lucas looking at me with a smile on his face so i glared at him and his smile turned into a smirk.

"Stop looking at me." I spat at him but his smirk didn't fade as I had hoped.

"Free country and all babe." Did he really just call me that?

"Don't call me that." My glare intensified.

"Or what? You gonna glare harder at me?" He teased and I heard Logan try to cover his laugh.

"No I'm going to kick your little surfer wannabe as-" I was interrupted by the sound of Jimmi coughing.

"Language please." She chided me. If it weren't for Lizzie she would have let me continue.

"Sorry, anyways please refrain from talking to me Lucas." I said trying to get my cool back.

"Nope, your kinda hot when you get all flustered and angry." He winked and it took everything in me to not just punch him square in that little pretty face of his. He is so annoying. When you breakup with people you normally can avoid them but nope not me, I'm stuck with seeing him almost everyday.

"Yes I know, I'm always hot." I smiled. Kill'em with kindness right?

"Someone is a little full of themselves." He looked at me pointedly. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Jimmi and Logan were smirking at each other like they were in on some private joke. I turned my attention back to the douche bag standing in front of me.

"You are the biggest fu-freaking waste of space." I snarled running my fingers through my hair in a frustrated manner. This boy has always been able to get under my skin. Ever since we were children and I wish it weren't that way it gets really annoying.

"Anyways, kiddies we're gonna go and leave you to your arguing." Logan said smirking at us.

"Oh no please take your brother with you, that is if you don't want me to kill him." I said to my brother-in-law and he just smiled at me.

"Alright c'mon Luke let's go, I'd prefer if you guys didn't kill each other." Jimmi said shifting a sleeping Lizzie in her arms.

We said our goodbyes quickly and I hugged Jim and Logan with the promise of coming to get Lizzie tomorrow to take her to the zoo. Lucas was the last one out the door but before he closed it behind him he turned around and said "Goodnight, love." before quickly closing the door.

I wanted to punch him, more than I've ever wanted to punch anyone in my entire life. Lucas would be the death of me, but if I was going out I sure as hell am taking that fucker with me.

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