Made: Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time: 7:33p.m


Hush little baby
Please don't cry
Because I can't help you
Or tell you why
Your mommy isn't here
And your daddy is gone
And I don't have a bird
To sing you a song
The days can be dark
In your cradle
But I'll catch you
Nothing is fatal
When I'm around
To help you out
Because nobody else is
Don't scream, don't shout
Can't buy you a diamond ring
Can't make it shine
All I can offer
Is this desperate rhyme
To lift your spirits
Even though you're dead
The silence deafens
And nothing is said
I'll try for you
I'll fight for you
You have to believe
In anything that I do
I'm so sorry
That I couldn't get there
To catch you when
You fell somewhere
I tried so hard
I let you down
The world is cruel
And birdies drown
Try to pick yourself up
And fly away
Hush little baby
Don't cry today