A Dark Congregation


Alyss Munrow

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Sophia was sitting a room her arms covered in blood, the crimson color splattered across her face, and tears streaming down her cheeks. A knife was grasped between her fingers slackly.. She didn't understand the tears that were cascading so freely from her almond shaped eyes. A breath left her lips, a long shuddering breath. The room was small and seemed to be getting smaller with each passing second. Suddenly the blood was gone and the knife was a red rose griped loosely by her long thin fingers.

The rose was just a bud that was slowly blooming. Her breathing sped up as the room grew cold in the winter air. Sophia stood dropping the rose on the floor. Her neck turned to an open window. The crisp air of winter could be tasted on her lips as she took soft steps towards the window. Outside of the window was no snow, it wasn't even outside. She could see herself lying in a hospital bed with a few people hovering over her. Everyone seemed to be waiting for her to wake up. Sophia looked at herself, she looked peaceful as she slept. A whisper in her ear took her from her observations.

"Don't remember." the voice was strong and masculine, Sophia felt her body being pulled downward it until she made impact against a bed.

Sophia felt her eyes opening she was met with blurred vision. Staring into her brown eyes was a familiar blonde haired man. Her brother in law, James. His gold eyes were just like Dylan's she remembered. Everyone in the room watched her with anticipation, only two faces being recognized by her. James and Dylan. She tried to remember the last time she was awake and she couldn't. She felt lightheaded as she tried to sit up.

"Not, so fast." ordered James as he lifted her chin and took a small light to her eyes.

"Where am I?" she asked looking around.

"You had a nervous breakdown, its reasonable, considering what you found." James said.

"Are you my doctor?" she asked, recalling that he was a brain surgeon.

"I usually don't deal with these sorts of trauma, but your family so I took this on." James said nonchalantly. She knew that he was only ever interested in the challenging trauma and tumor cases. As far as Sophia knew he had never lost a patient, post surgery or during. He had built his reputation so that he could have the fat paycheck that he does. Sophia rubbed her eyes and looked around the room.

"Thank you, have you seen my sister?" Sophia had a rotting feeling in the depths of her stomach.

"I have to speak with the nurse who's taking care of you. She's been very worried about you." James said, Sophia's eyes focused tying to read his name tag. 'James Greene, M.D, Neurosurgeon' she read. She watched his figure leave the room. A few minutes later a young woman walked into the room. She was pretty and had an air of fresh life. Her eyes were hazel and her long brown hair was braided over her shoulder. She wore scrubs, they were the cute kind. A flowery top and pink bottoms with white sneakers.

"Hey Sophia." she said.

"How do you know my name?" Sophia asked nervously.

"Oh, well. For one I'm one of your best friends," she said "and your name is on the sheet." she pointed to the end of the bed where a metal clipboard lay.

"I'm sorry, I don't know you." Sophia assured her. The nurse bit her lip and looked hard at Sophia in confusion.

"Well, I'm Marina. I think Dr. Greene should have another look at you." Marina said with a worried expression on her face. Yet again Sophia was left in the dull room. The sounds of beeping machinery that monitored her. James walked in the room and took another look at Sophia's chart before he began his tests.

"Do you know who Cindy and Mark are?" he asked her.

"I'm sorry I don't." she answered/

"Do you know who Dylan and Sylvia are?" another question shot out.

"Yes." she nodded.

"Do you know me?" he asked. She nodded. James sighed and looked at Rin who stood patiently at the door.

"How about her?" he pointed.

"No." she shook her head.

"I'm going to have to diagnose you with selective amnesia." James told her.

"Is it serious? Will I ever remember?" Sophia asked nervously tears building up behind her eyes.

"This usually only lasts a few days so no, it isn't serious. I really have to go, so, Marina here will take good care of you." he said standing up and leaving the room. He gave Marina a certain look and she blushed a little bit. Marina went about her business in the room, changing Sophia's IV and updating her chart.

"I'm sorry, that I can't remember you." she apologized.

"It's alright, it's not your fault. I'll talk to you the same as I always have." Marina smiled.

"How old are you?" Sophia asked.

"Hm. I'm not comfortable answering that." Marina laughed mischievously.

"So are you screwing my brother in law?" Sophia asked crudely.

"That's my boss! Why do you ask?" Marina made a shocked face.

"Just the way he conversed with you, with out speaking and you blushed." Sophia said.

"Ha, he just teases me a lot." Marina answered.

"Like?" Sophia asked, she didn't know what else to do.

"I'm a real klutz, once he had to help me clean an empty room, because I kept falling around and knocking stuff over." Marina said,

"I have to go now, but Dylan said he'd be coming around soon. So when you get discharged maybe we'll see each other again." Marina smiled and briskly left the room. Sophia watched the door close. She wondered who she would be discharged to, surely they wouldn't allow her to stay alone. 'Sylvia where are you? You are usually here when I need you.' Sophia thought nervously. Her eyes darted around the room. She could hear the slight commotion of the nurses, patients, and emergency cases. Every time a baby was born the beginning of a lullaby would play. Sophia fell asleep to the sound of Mary had a little lamb. Not long after, the younger Greene brother entered the room silently. He watched her as she slept. Her raven bangs rested across her brow bone, he wanted to touch them.

"Sophia, please, don't remember." he whispered silently. She began to stir in her sleep he sat back and wore a solemn face, which was a rarity on him. Her chocolate eyes opened and caught sight of him.

"Dylan?" she asked, he nodded and held her hand.

"How are you feeling?" he asked her.

"I'm fine, but, where's Sylvia?" Sophia asked, why was Sylvia's husband here while she was not?

"Sophia, do you remember anything from two days ago?" Dylan asked. Sophia shook her head. Worry started to grip her heart tightly as she started to run the possibilities through her mind.

"Where is she?" Sophia asked again.

"She passed away, two nights ago." Dylan said, he couldn't allow a tear to escape him. It was a sad event but he wanted to be strong in front of her. He knew she was aware of his grief. Sophia released a pitiful cry and began to sob. Dylan reached for her wrapping her arms around her.

"Your lying!!!" Sophia shouted beating her fists against Dylan's chest.

"It's the truth. I've made all her funeral preparations already. I've been staying with your mom. I'm working on selling the house and moving soon." Dylan said. Sophia was now silent and staring at his face blankly.

"Do you know when I'll be discharged?" she asked in a far off voice.

"James, is briefing your mother on the kind of care you are going to require as we speak. You'll be discharged in a few hours. It's only because James has a patient who needs this room." Dylan answered.

"I want to go home." she whispered.

"So do I." he said to her. Sophia's mother, young brother, and grandfather spilled into the room and surrounded her. Everyone had puffy eyes and hoarse voices especially Sophia's mother. Sylvia had been their golden child, and Sophia took blonde every time. Second best to the perfect daughter they had. Sylvia was older by an hour. They always joked about how Sophia hadn't been ready for the world, because she was so stubborn coming out. James walked in and everyone practically stood at attention as he did.

"Now, Sophia's brain is in a fragile state right now. She may not remember you in the morning, just gently explain to her the situation. This will pass as time goes on." he informed them.

"Do not try to force her to remember anything as it will be useless. The only thing you will succeed at is putting her brain under further pressure." James said.

"Hey, all!!!" came in the cheerful Marina. She dealt with death all the time, she watched patients die on the operating table, die in the waiting rooms, she didn't know how to react towards death anymore.

"Marina, I think patient 241 needs you." he motioned to her blinking beeper.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow." Marina said disappearing as fast as she had come. James stared at the door for a moment longer than he should have making Sophia even more suspicious then before. James turned to the group readied Sophia's discharge papers and explained what her care would entail once more, just for precaution. The Higurashi family signed and took care for their remaining daughter. Her mother, Hikari, kept a watchful eye on her youngest daughter as she walked into her childhood home.

Nearly everything was the same as when she was growing up, Sylvia's many trophies, certificates, and awards. All her greatest achievements hung along the walls. Sylvia had a natural talent at being good at whatever she raised her efforts to. Piano, the violin, the flute, singing, and archery. They were all things she had worn with pride, also things she wore as Sophia trailed behind her. Sophia had always wanted to be just like her.

"Sophia, would you like something to eat?" her mother asked tenderly, placing a warm hand on her shoulder. Sophia looked over and shook her head slightly and continued to look at pictures of her sister. There were only a few of Sophia herself, one when she graduated high school second in her class, second to Sylvia. Hikari watched from the doorway wondering what was going through Sophia's mind. Sophia looked at a picture of Sylvia with her arms wrapped around her and planting a soft kiss on her cheek. It was one of their mother's favorite pictures. Sylvia always had such grace and the countenance of a high class woman.

"Is this some kind of nightmare?" Sophia whispered looking at a picture of Sylvia smiling, with her law degree in hand.

"We all wish that it was, but it isn't." her little brother, only seventeen said.

"I'm tired, I think I'm ready to go to sleep." Sophia said, she of course remembered her family. The only people she couldn't quite remember were Marina, Cindy, and Mark. She felt like she was doing something wrong by not remembering them.

"You know where everything is, don't you?" her grandpa asked quietly. Sophia nodded and walked up to the room that was hers when she still lived with her mother at the shrine. Sophia sat on her bed and looked in the mirror sadly. She saw the face of her sister, pale, scared, and forgiving staring right at her. Sophia shook her head and closed her eyes as tears began to pour from her eyes. She couldn't stop herself from sobbing as she laid on the bed. Soon she began to fall asleep even with her tear drenched face.

Sophia was only ten years old the first time that she had realized she and Sylvia were very different. Sure they were twins, but Sylvia wasn't clumsy or chubby as people affectionately called Sophia. Sophia walked into a ballet studio Sylvia instantly felt at home in the open room filled with mirrors. They were dressed identically with fitting black leotards and little black ballet slippers. Sylvia looked around gripping Sophia's hand in hers. Sophia looked at her sister's sharp determined eyes as she located the teacher. Their instructor was a tall and lean woman who seemed to float along as she walked. She called it grace.

"You must be the Wilson twins." she said her voice was very willowy which depicted her character perfectly.

"That we are." Sylvia answered.

"Names, my pretty little doves." she demanded smoothly.

"Sylvia Wilson." she said, and nudged Sophia lightly about three seconds after. The teacher looked up awaiting Sophia's introduction.

"K-K-Sophia Wilson." she stuttered as she always did when she met people with an intimidating quality.

"If you can't speak properly, then please just stay silent and obey," she looked at Sophia. "I am Yuuki, I will teach you how to walk on your toes so well that you will glide every where you go." she smiled tossing her dark hair over her exposed snow white shoulder. Sophia watched Sylvia who still tightly gripped her hand.

"I want you to apologize to my sister!" she ordered the instructor.

"Why is that?" Yuuki bent to Sylvia.

"You were very rude just then." she said bluntly.

"Clever girl. I apologize, little Sophia." she said, with such an air that Sophia knew it was insincere. Sylvia excelled in ballet instantly while Sophia struggled to keep up in the class. She was naturally off balance and had trouble not tripping over her own two feet. In the end she had a lot to thank Yuuki for. Sophia became a adept dancer although she didn't seek to master it as Sylvia did. After four years Sylvia had learned all there was to learn from Yuuki. She also had pursed music in the form of piano, violin, and the flute. All things that added to her grace and beauty. That was when she first met Dylan. Sylvia first met him while he waited for his brother outside the violin studio. Sophia had been on her way to meet Sylvia so they could go pick up a prescription for their grandfather. She hid and listened to their conversation.

"Hi, I'm Sylvia." she introduced herself.

"Who cares!" he replied rudely.

"Hm, you should because I'm the only one out here willing to talk to you." she smiled at him, Sophia watched through her hiding spot in a bush. Her heart was beating wildly as she stared at him. His blonde hair was tied in a braid with a base ball cap and he wore a red shirt with loosely fitted jeans.

"I'm Dylan." Sophia knew she would never forget his name, or his face. The sharp angles of his cheekbones and chin, his thick eyebrows, and lastly those golden eyes that seemed aflame with life.

"That's interesting." Sylvia said.

"What is?" he asked her.

"You're very cute." she said sticking her face close to his, he blushed and looked away from her. Sylvia was nervous, Sophia knew it, that was the only time she blurted out her thoughts.

"Why are you saying that kind of stuff?" he asked his face still three shades darker then before.

"I just wanted to see what you would do." she lied to him.

"Well, your really pretty." he said, Sylvia blushed turning her gaze from his.

"Why did you say that?" she asked him.

"Because it's the truth." he answered, he grabbed turned towards her. Dylan looked at her, the way Sophia wished he would if he knew she existed.

"I don't know what you mean." she laughed. Sylvia looked at him once more.

"You can dish it out but you can't take it." he said.

"Hm, you're kind of funny." she said looking at him.

"Well…thanks." he said and scratched the back of his head. James strode out of the building with his violin case.

"I hope your audition went well." Sylvia said to James. Sophia looked at his face which was unchanging.

"I was obviously accepted," he turned to Dylan "Lets go."

"Why are you such an ass?" Dylan shouted at his older brother.

"I'm leaving." the tall boy said passing Dylan up.

"It's alright, maybe I'll see you again sometime." Sylvia said.

"I'll probably be back here tomorrow." he said.

"I'll definitely be here tomorrow." she smiled turning to leave.

"I'll see you then." he said watching her back as she turned a corner. Sophia started walking out of the bush when he caught sight of her.

"I thought you were leaving." he said.

"I'm going home right now." Sophia said, luckily today she and Sylvia were dressed the same. Each wearing their school uniform. A short plaid skirt in grey and blue with a white blouse and blue ribbon. Sophia knew that she shouldn't be talking to him, especially if he didn't know that she wasn't Sylvia. Sophia blushed and walked slowly away from him. Dylan ran up to her and grabbed her arm turning her around. He stared into her chocolate eyes not noticing that they weren't as sharp as Sylvia's and planted a kiss right on her lips. Sophia. He pulled away and stood there with a blush and then walked away. Sophia watched his ebbing back. She raised a finger to her lips and felt a small tingle where his had been. Sophia ran home that day feeling the heavy weight of guilt on her. Sylvia sat on her preferred love seat when Sophia walked in.

"Why were you spying on me?" Sylvia asked her annoyed.

"I wasn't spying. I wanted to pick you up but then you were talking to that boy and I didn't want to interrupt." Sophia said only thinking of how he took her first kiss. Her lips itched for more at the thought.

"Good, because, Sophia I think…that…I'm in love." Sylvia said.

"You just met him, how can you say that?" Sophia asked as if Sylvia had lost her mind.

"You wouldn't understand." Sylvia said as she picked up her violin. Sophia knew that she was wrong because Sophia knew the tingling feeling she had stained on her lips was too much to ignore. The way her heart started to beat wildly when she saw him, the smile that had stretched across her face as she watched them from the bush.

Sophia woke up her eyes swollen and the sound the stillness of the early morning. She groggily pulled herself from the bed and looked outside where fresh snow was falling from the sky and onto the already snow covered ground. Her voice was still dry from sleeping. She stretched her arms feeling as though she forgot something important. Hikari walked in and walked towards her daughter and led her to the closet.

"Do you remember what we told you yesterday?" she asked.

"Sylvia is dead." she said flatly looking out to the snow covered land.

"Yes, do you remember the nurse Marina?" she asked.

"I don't…" she whispered.

"It's alright, you'll get better." she kissed Sophia's cheek. Everyone got ready for the wake and dressed in the appropriate black for mourning. Sophia lifted her chocolate brown eyes and surveyed the group of people that stood in the hall. A small shrine dedicated to her twin sister, Sylvia, was against a wall in the foyer. Sophia lifted a finger to the wedding picture and traced the shape of her sister's face. Her eyes then drifted towards her sisters husband. A man with eyes like the purest gold and hair as platinum as the moon. She could feel a flutter rise in her chest. Sophia shook her head a small smile falling on her face. Dylan Greene, a man of irresistible attraction. He was known to be stubborn, rash, and the present but rarely witnessed benevolence. Sophia was dressed in the drab hues of ebony and grey. She wore an unflattering dress and loafers. They had been very close as sisters were, as twins tended to be. It felt strange to be living with out her in this world.

"Sophia, I'm sorry for your loss." A pretty woman said to her. Sophia could recognize her from family events and things of similar nature. She couldn't however place her name or importance.

"I'm sorry, I can't remember your name." she apologized. Sophia recalled waking up to a room filled with doctors hovering over her only two days before.

"Don't apologize. My name is Marina Greene. I'm James's wife." she said with a soft smile.

"I just can't believe she's gone." Sophia said, turning again to the photo. Her sister's eyes had been filled with light at the moment this picture was taken. Dylan looked just as he should, a newly wed in love. Sophia turned her attention to the people who were mingling. Her eyes scoping the room for him, the widower with the blonde locks. She felt a hand on her shoulder and there he stood before her with his golden gaze locked on her eyes. 'There is something, that I know, I should remember about him.' she thought as he smiled half heartedly at her.

"Dylan, I'm so sorry." she quickly said.

"It was a loss for us both." he said, looking down at her. There was something off about him. Sophia thought he would be more upset at a time like this. She thought he would be mourning her sister deeply and yet he seemed fine. She walked to a table that had refreshments and small snacks spread over it. He followed her or so she thought he was following her. Sophia and he reached for one of many coffee pots filling a Styrofoam cup with its heat. As her eyes observed him she noticed that he seemed to be completely at ease in her presence. She took a sip of coffee trying to remember the day her sister had married this man. Of course with her luck, nothing came out of it.

"You seem to be concentrating pretty hard." he teased looking at her scrunched up face.

"Shhhhh." she whispered, she was really trying.

"Don't try so hard. You memory will come back." he told her sipping calmly from his cup of coffee. He had learned to be calm when he married Sylvia. Sophia took a sip from her coffee her face returning to normal as she seized all efforts in resuming her memory.

"That's right. James told me that I should just relax." she said, Dylan peeked at her.

"Didn't you have something nicer to wear?" Dylan scuffed at her choice of dress.

"It's my sister's wake!" she said as if what he had just suggested was blasphemy.

"Exactly. Do you know what she would have said? She would have said why are you wearing that old style, when you wear something people will know how it looks on me and I don't want anyone to think of me with such, boring clothes." Dylan imitated her. Sophia could help but giggle a little bit knowing that it was the truth. Sylvia had always been that way. Sylvia had always known how to carry herself. Even though they were twins she always found ways to outshine Sophia. A tall woman with brown hair walked up to Dylan and Sophia. Her eye shadow a light pink and her eyes caramel brown. Her hair was held in a high ponytail with straight cut bangs. Somehow Sophia knew her name but not who she was.

"Cindy, right?" she questioned.

"Yea, you know me, I've been your best friend since second grade. Marina over there has been one of our best friends for I don't know, three or four years." Cindy smiled at her disoriented friend.

"I feel so bad. I didn't remember that, I'm sorry." she apologized.

"You have been through a lot recently. It's understandable." Cindy replied pulling Sophia into a tight warm embrace.

"Don't remember." she whispered in Sophia's ear before releasing her.

"What?" she asked confused. Cindy just raised her finger to her lips and winked before walking off. Sophia watched Cindy wrap her arm around that of her husband, Mark. She felt a nervousness building in her veins. The Shinto priest came in the room and lit incense around the open casket. Everyone slowly, one by one piled into seats. They were seated in order of importance so logically Dylan and Sophia were in the first row. The priest began his sermon of goodbyes and then called Dylan to the podium to say some words about his late wife.

"I remember the day that I met Sylvia. I looked at her and thought she was the most beautiful girl I would ever know. I say girl because I met Sylvia when we were in middle school. She was such an angel and I couldn't imagine living without her……and it's going to be so hard to live with out her now that I have no choice. She was always so caring and kind to me. Being a nurse at the hospital, and doing pro bono law wasn't easy work for her I know because I was the one who got to massage her feet, her perfect little feet every night. Having her taken from me is really breaking me down. I'll never forget the day that she had yelled at me for the first time and came back kissing me repeatedly telling me not to remember. I always let her think I forget but that was the moment I love the most in our relationship." Dylan gave his small heartfelt speech with teary moments in between.

Sophia walked to the stand and thought of something to say then she remembered a few things that she could say.

"Me and my sister, Sylvia, were very close. So close in fact that she always told me that when we were angels waiting to be born that we had become such great friends that God decided to let us be born together and that we would never be separated. I guess that God decided Sylvia needed a vacation from living in the stress of earth and so I'm going to have to wait to earn my vacation. She's in a better place now and I just hope she knows how much we all miss her and how jealous I am that she's not here with me." she broke off into a slight sob. Marina walked over and wrapped a protective arm around Sophia.

"I'm sorry." she muttered the unnecessary apology to the group before running to the nearest bathroom. Marina trailed behind.

"Are you alright?" Marina asked her eyes never leaving Sophia's hunched over form.

"I think so. " she mumbled weakly looking into the mirror. She wanted to remember so badly what happened.

"Don't remember." Sophia her the words leave Marina.

"Why not?" she asked.

"Because, you'll be happier that way." Marina answered.

"I want to remember." she walked up to Marina.

"Then, you'll know soon enough." Marina pulled the door knob.

"Please…I just lost my sister." Sophia cried.

"You haven't lost her, you've only forgotten." Marina opened the door and walked away from Sophia who was struggling to regain her composure. Sophia took a deep shuddering breath. She walked out into the hallway. She looked around and sat on the steps where she struggled to keep her tears inside. 'Sylvia, what happened to you?' she thought. Sophia felt a hand on her shoulder, it was Cindy. Sophia looked at her friend with a small amount of confusion.

"It's okay, Sophia. She's just a little upset. You probably don't remember but you will because you've always been so determined." Cindy said.

"I wish I knew why." Sophia sighed.

"It happened about a month ago. You were the first one she told and she was so angry at you. I remember that you told me you held her tight and let her cry." Cindy sounded like it was a serious thing that had happened.

"I should know what it was. I feel so useless and confused right now." Sophia mumbled sadly.

"It's ok. No one wants you to remember, no one in the room. It's something that no one should have to remember." Cindy said.

"How old is Marina?" Sophia asked.

"That rascal, she's only seventeen." Cindy said. Sophia's brown eyes widened she felt her head tug and lighten as her body moved forward slowly. She felt like she was falling down, and then she realized she was. She felt her limp form fall right into Dylan's strong arms. She hadn't even noticed him standing there. His golden eyes bore into her depths and it was then she knew that he had been listening the entire time. Dylan cradled her in his arms protectively as he led her upstairs.

This was the second time that Sylvia and Dylan met, it was outside the same music studio. Sylvia had just finished her violin lesson and Dylan was waiting for his older brother. A young man who we all had learned was rather extraordinary. He had graduated at the top of his class after being skipped from middle school to high school. Meaning he graduated at the tender age of thirteen. He had graduated a four year college course in two years and was now in his second year of med school. At seventeen he was continuing to pass with honors. James had always been an overachiever while Dylan struggled to fill his shoes. Dylan reached for Sylvia's hand shyly where they leaned on the wall. His fingertips grazed hers and he blushed when she let her hand slip into his.

"Hey Sylvia…" he started.

"Yea?" she asked him.

"Can I kiss you?" he asked, Sophia thanked god that he hadn't said the word again.

"Okay." she blushed looking down at her shoes. Dylan stood in front of her and lifted her chin with his finger, and slowly brought his lips to hers. Sylvia's eyes closed softly as did his. He wrapped his arm around her waist and continued to kiss her. Sophia watched she felt as if her heart had plummeted all the way to the soles of her loafers. She breathed in heavily feeling tears rush to her eyes. 'I have no right to feel this way.' she told herself. Watching as Dylan pulled away, but Sylvia threw her arms around his neck and kissed him again.

"I like you a lot." he confessed after pulling away for the second time.

"I guess that your okay." she laughed at him. He sulked.

"I like you too." she said to him. His eyes opened wider with pleasurable shock on his face. Sophia watched afraid that her sister would find out that she was spying on them. Dylan looked at Sylvia and held her hand neither looking at each other. This time when James walked out he eyed both of them, taking notice to their intertwined fingers. James had plenty of girlfriends and had plenty of encounters but this was the first time he had seen his younger brother showing interest in anyone.

"I thought you were gay for a while." he commented before walking passed the pair. Sylvia laughed softly and looked into Dylan's eyes.

"I have to go." he said looking after his brother.

"I do too." Sylvia said, she kissed his cheek and began to walk away from him. A radiant smile on her face. Sylvia began her walk and Sophia started her jog home. Sophia decided to take a route that would waste time on her way home. She didn't want Sylvia to think she was so close behind. When Sophia walked through the door, she saw Sylvia sleeping in her love seat with a book in her lap. Sophia shook her sister lightly.

"Where is everyone?" she asked.

"They went food shopping…" she mumbled.

"I'm going to Cindy's house." Sophia said. Sylvia nodded her head and turned her body. Sophia couldn't escape the thoughts of Dylan. Then she reminded herself of her sister and how she had seen and talked to him first. 'But he kissed me first.' Sophia thought with a small smile forming on her lips. She wondered if he would ever find out as she walked to Cindy's house. Cindy's house was large her father was the owner of a martial arts dojo. Sophia greeted the Nakamura head and ran straight to Cindy's room.

Sophia woke up to James, Dylan, and Marina hovering over her. Her brown eyes traced all of their faces lingering on Dylan for a little bit longer than the others. James shone a light in her eyes and then pulled back. Marina looked exquisite in her almost tight black dress and black pumps. James looked at Sophia once more and then turned to Dylan,

"She's fine, just a little exhausted." James assured. Marina had done blood work on Sophia while she was asleep and she knew that there was something about Sophia that no one knew, probably not even herself. Either that or she didn't remember. Sophia looked back to Dylan feelings as though there was still more she should know. Sophia sat up and looked at Marina. Marina forced a smile as she looked at her.

"Why don't you boys leave me and Sophia alone for a while, I won't bite." Marina suggested with a wink.

"There isn't any harm in that." James said looking at his young wife.

"Good, now please exit the room." Marina said putting her nurse voice on while pushing Dylan and James out of the room. Sophia looked around at the room she was in, it was her own. Sophia turned her gaze back to Marina with curiosity. Marina was going through the closet.

"You probably don't remember how we met, but its ok. I know you will." Marina said pulling out a black dress from the closet.

"Why don't you just tell me?" Sophia asked the younger girl.

"I want you to remember it for yourself." Marina said.

"I am sorry." Sophia apologized, feeling that she was causing Marina a great pain.

"You're married to James, right?" Sophia asked, she was still in disbelief that James would take such a young bride.

"Yea, I am. You'll remember how that happened. I hope." Marina said with a smile, recalling it herself.

"I hope so, I remember the time I first saw Dylan." Sophia said.

"You're making great progress then. Usually people take a few days to remember anything at all." Marina said. Marina held a knee length dress out to Sophia. The sleeves were medium stopping just after the elbow. The boat neck line of the dress was flattering and had always been Sophia's favorite.

"Take that off." Marina said motioning to the dress she had on. Sophia pulled it off without complaint; somehow she knew that she wasn't going to win. Marina gave her the dress which she pulled over her head. Marina looked at the dress and hoped that maybe wearing this she would remember the last time she wore it. Marina smiled and led Sophia to a chair that sat in front of a vanity.

"Why are you doing this?" Sophia asked, she felt as if her head were under pressure as she looked at Marina's smiling face and saw sadness behind her eyes.

"You shouldn't have to remember anything, but I want you to." She confessed.

"Thank you." Sophia said. Sophia stared into the mirror and felt as if she were going somewhere else, she could feel it. Like a wave crashing through her a memory was flushing towards her. It was like she was sitting in the chair but she was getting farther and farther away from where she was sitting. It was like she was floating further and further without even budging.

This black dress had always suited Sophia, it brought out all of her beauty. She knew that when she wore this dress she would always outshine her twin. Sophia knew that she could conquer the world wearing this dress. Sophia was only twenty years old when she first put on this dress. It was at her sister's two year anniversary with Dylan. They always held a party and it was always a semi-formal affair.

She walked into the room; her sister was dancing beside her husband. Sophia didn't mean to but found that she was staring into his golden eyes every time they were turned towards her. Sylvia had dressed nicely but she didn't dress as extravagant as she usually did and when she laid her eyes on Sophia the shock was evident. Her lips parted slightly and her eyes widened. Sophia couldn't help but smile at Sylvia's reaction. Just as the song came to a close Sophia walked over to the refreshment table. Dylan followed with Sylvia not far behind him. She wasn't worried; she only wanted to comment on her sister's beauty.

"You look divine." She complimented, Sophia turned with a smile holding a cup of punch.

"Thank you, Sylvia." She said looking to her sister and her husband.

"You really do look beautiful." Dylan said, a small blush swept across Sophia's cheekbones. This didn't go unnoticed by Dylan or Sylvia, but their reactions were completely different. Sylvia's eyes sharpened and she tightened her hold on Dylan. Dylan had smiled a little and then looked right into Sophia's chocolate brown eyes, a message going through both of their minds at the same time.

"Dylan, we should get everyone seated." Sylvia interrupted their eye contact; Sophia blushed even deeper and turned her gaze to the cup in her hand.

"I have to find Cindy and Mark, so I can find out where my table is." She stammered and turned away from the couple.

"It's alright I can show you, knowing Mark and Cindy, they are probably busy right now." Dylan laughed. Sophia looked at him and smiled lightly, looking to her sister. Sylvia forced a smile and nodded.

"That's very kind of you." Sylvia said to him.

"I told you I knew how to be nice." He said to her flashing that boyish smile of his. Sylvia smiled at him and turned on her heel.

"I have to make the announcement for everyone; maybe the busy bees will hear it and sit with Sophia." Sylvia said before she left. Sophia looked to Dylan who began to lead the way to her table.

"Your sister has some big announcement tonight, and I don't even know what it is. She's got me kind of nervous." Dylan confessed.

"I can't say that I know what it is." Sophia said.

"Can't or won't?" he asked.

"I didn't even know she had some big announcement." Sophia said, getting slightly annoyed at him.

"What's with that look your giving me!" he asked her.

"It's because you're questioning my honesty." Sophia answered him.

"Like I care." He said, as he pointed to her table. Dylan's hand grazed her shoulder and both felt a spark and tingles. Sophia stiffened, but quickly recovered and walked over to her table where Cindy and Mark already sat with a plate of food before them. Inuyasha stood there starring after Sophia as he touched his hand. Sylvia was waiting for him at their table. He rushed over and sat beside her. Sophia watched him sit beside Sylvia he wore a confused expression on his face. Sophia forced herself to look away as she awaited her sister's announcement.

"You realize that you were just staring down Dylan." Cindy whispered to her best friend.

"No I wasn't." Sophia denied it.

"You're lucky that it was only me who noticed." Cindy said.

"Well he makes stupid faces, who wouldn't stare." Sophia shrugged as if it weren't a big deal.

"Sophia, we both know that you have feelings for him." Cindy said. The lights in the hall dimmed and Sylvia took the microphone.

"Even if I did, it wouldn't matter because he is a married man...married to my sister at that." Sophia said looking at Cindy.

"I know, so we'll just have to set you up on a few dates, so you can meet someone." Cindy suggested eager to help her friend move on.

"Maybe…" Sophia said. Sylvia gripped the microphone and began to speak.

"Today as you all know, me and Dylan's, second anniversary of marriage. I just wanted to thank everyone who has come out and everyone who supported us. I want to thank my two biggest supporters, Sophia and my mother. I also have a big announcement to make and hope you guys will be surprised. Dylan you have been a great partner to me these past two years and during the time we were dating. I hope you will continue to be the same during the endless years of fatherhood." Sylvia smiled brightly. Inuyasha choked on his drink.

Pregnant. The realization tore through Sophia like a speeding bullet. Cindy watched her friends face sink with dread. Sophia knew that she shouldn't feel this way, because it was only natural. She knew that Sylvia would eventually get pregnant; that she and Dylan would start a family. Sophia felt as if all the breath from her lungs had been sucked out with that last statement.

"Do you want to get some air?" Cindy asked. Sophia shook her head even though the build up of tears was evident. Mark didn't understand why she was crying, Cindy turned and said one thing.

"She's just overwhelmed with happiness." It was an easy lie to get away with.

"Women are so emotional." Mark said Cindy only let him get away with this because she needed to get Sophia outside. Sophia stood up and walked to the bathroom. Cindy followed worried for her friend. Cindy quickly drew up an out of order sign and taped it to the entrance of the women's room. Sophia pushed her self in front of the mirror breathing heavily while staring into her own eyes. She was trying to calm herself, it wasn't working. Cindy wrapped her arm around her.

"You can't let this bother you, because you will meet someone who is ten times better than he is." Cindy said.

"I know." She said, she knew it was possible but she knew that she would never want anyone else. Her coffee eyes were starting to clear as she walked over to the window. She heard some kind of struggle. She looked out and could see a two big figures and one small one. Sophia shrugged it off at first and returned to the table and then the thought of something terrible happening back there kept bothering her.

"Cindy, I'm going to get some fresh air." Sophia said, she walked out of the building and to the corner.

"Please, no more." She heard a younger female beg. Sophia turned her head around the corner and saw a girl being attacked by three boys who looked like they could be seniors at the local high school.

"You said if we gave you money you would do whatever we asked." A boy with blonde hair shouted at her raising his hands against her.

"I can't do this, please, don't make me do this." She begged, as another boy tore her tattered shirt off. Sophia watched frozen, she couldn't stand up to three boys who were bigger than her. She need to go get help, Sophia could hear the girl sobbing and slaps against her skin as she ran into the hall where she found the first man available. It was James, he was protesting as he was dragged out towards the alleyway.

"What are you doing!" he yelled pulling his arm away from Sophia.

"There's a girl being attacked in the alleyway." Sophia said, James looked at her with a disbelieving face and the pair rushed into the alley way. One of the boys was on top of her. Her clothes were all over the ground. James rushed in and ripped him off of her, the other boys ran as James beat the one that had been left behind. The girl was heaving and thrashing as James wrapped his jacket around her. She kept screaming out no, until James shook her.

"I'm a doctor, and she is a nurse. We are trying to help you." He said firmly she stared into his amber eyes with her terrified russet eyes. She didn't make a sound.

"How old are you?" Sophia asked her.

"I'm turning fifteen tomorrow." she answered almost too quietly.

"Did he do what he was trying to?" James asked. She shook her head with tears pouring from her eyes. Her eye was bruised and her lip was swollen and bleeding. James took a napkin from his pocket and wiped blood from her nose and mouth.

"Are you sure?" he asked. She nodded her head vigorously.

"What's your name?" Sophia asked the girl, judging by her clothes and the condition of her hair and body she must have been living on the streets.

"Marina Watsureta." She answered.

"Is there anyone we can call? Maybe your mom or dad?" Sophia asked gently.

"I'm emancipated. I haven't seen my parents in two years." She answered.

"Where do you live?" James asked.

"Shelters, alleys…wherever I'm closest." She answered. Sophia looked to James.

"Do you want to go to the hospital?" Sophia asked. She shook her head again.

"Well you need to get checked out." Sophia said.

"Why don't you take her home?" James suggested.

"She needs to get medical attention." Sophia looked at him as if he were retarded.

"You do check ups everyday alongside a doctor. Are you saying that you haven't learned anything?" he said to her.

"I have and I do know how but, she needs to be looked at thoroughly." Sophia fought.

"So do it at home." James said.

"Why not you, you did all this before you specialized." Sophia said.

"She isn't going to be comfortable around a man, Sophia." He said.

"…its okay, I'll go with him." Marina said

"See, besides James, I have issues that need to be sorted." Sophia said.



Sophia was ripped away from the memory and forced back to reality. She looked in the mirror and saw that she looked the same as she did that night. Marina smiled at her, Sophia wrapped her arms around her tightly. 'If I only had remembered how we met sooner.' Sophia thought. Marina pulled away from Sophia and lifted a red tinted lip gloss to her lips. Marina she noticed had always been beautiful, even when her hair was dull and she was crying. Sophia felt tears building in her eyes as she thought of her feelings for Dylan, kept in hiding for so long. Were they in hiding even now? Did he know about her feelings?

"I'm so sorry, that I didn't remember." Sophia erupted. Marina froze and looked at Sophia who was about to mess up her make up that Marina had just finished putting on.

"It's not a traditional meeting is it?" Marina said, reminded of how afraid she was when she was alone in the alley with those three boys.

"No, but I would have been glad to meet you under any circumstance." Sophia said.

"Just do me a favor and try not to mess up your make up." Marina smiled.

"I won't, so I guess…that we should go downstairs." Sophia said awkwardly thinking of Dylan who was down there.

"It's only been twenty minutes." Marina said, looking at her cell phone.

"When did you and James get married?" Sophia asked.

"Hopefully you'll remember that later." Marina said and handed Sophia a pair of nice tights and black short heeled boots. Sophia put them on.

"Ready?" Marina asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be." She replied nervously, James was waiting not too far off for Marina. He was at the bottom of the stair case leaning on the wall. His arm wrapped around her delicate shoulders. Dylan was talking to a few other mourners from the hospital until he became speechless looking at Sophia. Sophia tried not to smile at his awe stricken face and kept her gaze down. Dylan walked over to her with a smile on his face.

"Now, she probably would have killed you if she knew you were wearing that." Dylan teased.

"Why?" she asked.

"She knew that you would always look better in that then she did." He said.

"Hmm, maybe I should go change." She said.

"Don't." he said.

"Why shouldn't I?" he asked.

"In away maybe she would be glad." Dylan said, and looked into the distance where people were talking about Sylvia's greatest moments. Sophia looked at Dylan with a hidden longing in her. 'How disrespectful of me…' Sophia thought to herself as she turned herself around to go talk to Marina whom she discovered being kissed by James. She couldn't see either of their faces only the blonde of James's hair and the deep brown of Marina's. It made her think of Sylvia and Dylan. Cindy smiled at Sophia from a far and walked over letting go of Mark.

"Aren't they just foul?" Cindy laughed a little looking at the couple unaware of the observance.

"I think it's cute." Sophia said with a small smile.

"I swear, that man is a cradle robber." Cindy said seriously.

"Oh hush, age doesn't matter when it comes to love." Sophia told her. Cindy nodded and smiled turning away from the sight.

"So how are you feeling?" Cindy asked.

"So how long have they been married?" Sophia asked.

"Hmmm…not long, about six months." Cindy guessed as she stared into the imaginary calendar she'd created.

"Hey, Sophia…you do know that there are certain things you need to remember that are better recalled sooner than later." she said awkwardly.

"Like what?" she asked.

"I won't tell you, because that's cheating." she said.

"So I guess there isn't a way I can force you." Sophia shrugged, her eyes once again drifting to the blonde haired widower.

"Nope." Cindy dramatized the p in the word, looking Sophia in the eye.

"What can you tell me?" Sophia asked in a sulky way.

"You aren't a virgin?" she guessed.

"…your kidding." she stammered.

"Not a bit." Sango laughed.

"Lies." Sophia reinforced.

"It's the truth." Cindy smiled.

"Well, with who?" Sophia asked.

"He is in this very room, but I'm not telling you." Cindy teased. Sophia walked away from her amused friend and whenever she looked at a guy and he noticed she moved her eyes away with a blush on her cheeks. She was walking around knowing that one of these guys had tasted her skin. That one of these men had seen all of her. Her eyes drifted over to Mark, 'It's definitely not him, Cindy wouldn't have been so light about it.' she thought as her eyes drifted again stopping at James. 'Hm. I don't think that would ever happen. He probably thinks I'm too much of an idiot.' she shook that thought away and looked towards Dylan. 'Maybe in a dream…he would never have betrayed Sylvia knowingly.' Sophia thought moving her gaze away from him slowly.

"Who?" she whispered to herself annoyed at her temporary ailment. She bumped into someone and saw Mark.

"I'm sorry, Sophia." he apologized. Sophia nodded with a smile. He had been pointed out to her as Mark, but she couldn't remember him that well.

"Mark, right?" she only wanted to be sure and meant no offense.

"You got it." he laughed. Sophia felt a feeling of nausea taking her over and sprinted to the bathroom as best she could with the high heels that Marina had given her. She could feel her stomach tugging upwards and bile climbing her throat. Now she was kneeling before the toilet bowl, she could feel someone rush in behind her and hold her hair back. She heaved as her stomach released whatever she may have consumed earlier. She felt her self getting that now familiar lightheaded feeling as she stared into the toilet bowl.

It was early in the morning. Sophia needed to take a shower and as usual Sylvia was in the bathroom for what seemed to be hours. Sophia watched the door waiting for it to open as she curled her toes in the crème colored rug that covered her bedroom floor. She threw herself on her back and gave a loud sigh. Her chocolate eyes stuck to the ceiling until she could hear the bathroom door creak. Sylvia emerged. Her face was pale her eyes had small dark weights beneath them, and her lips were chapped. They were only juniors in high school.

"You look like death." Sophia stated bluntly pointing at her.

"I think I got a bug, maybe I should share it with you." Sylvia said, walking over to Sophia who retreated to the hallway.

"I have a track meeting." Sophia shouted as she ran for the bathroom.

"I think I…I'm going to be sick." Sylvia rushed passed Sophia and threw herself sloppily with her head over the toilet. Sophia rushed over and held her dark silky hair back as her sister emptied herself into the toilet. Pregnancy crossed Sophia's thoughts for a second but knew that Sylvia was always thinking ahead. Sophia knew that Sylvia and Dylan hadn't even contemplated sex yet, well, at least she told herself that anyway. Sylvia started to cry with her elbows rested on the toilet seat. The tears fell from her eyes freely. A sob left her.

"I have such a headache…" she cried.

"Maybe you should stay home…" Kagome suggested still holding her hair gently.

"I promised Dylan I would go to his game." she protested and stood up so she could wash her mouth.

"I'll go for you." Sophia said, she didn't like the idea of Sylvia being outside in the fall weather like this. Sylvia looked at her.

"I don't know…what if he tries to talk to you…then he'll know its not me…" she said looking at Sophia as if she were retarded.

"I promise…I'll sit in the bleachers where you always sit and before the game is over I'll come home." Sophia promised.

"Thanks…Ka…go…me…" she said, just as she used to when they were kids. Sophia threw her a smile and ran into the bathroom eager to take her shower. Once she was done she pulled on her school uniform and dashed out the door after sparing a few moments to look in on Sylvia who slept soundly on her bed. Sophia ran the rest of the way to school a piece of toast half inside her mouth, her bag held loosely in her hand. She nearly tripped and fell but pressed her hand against Dylan's back. He thought it was Sylvia for a moment and then he looked away.

"Sorry…" Sophia muttered the apology and walked ahead of him.

"Where's Sylvia?" she heard him ask.

"She went early." she lied and continued ahead of him because she didn't want him to see the deep red blush that covered her cheeks. She hurried and walked into homeroom a little bit after the bell. She took her seat by Cindy after apologizing to the class for her tardiness.

"Did you flat iron your hair today?" her friend looked at her hair which was pin straight.

"Yea…" she answered.


"Because I promised Sylvia I'd be her today since she can't make it to Dylan's game." she said.


"She's at home with a bug." Sophia answered.

"Ohhhh." her friend mouthed and turned to see a boy their age rubbing her butt.

"YOU PERVERT!!!!" she yelled hitting him over the head with her fists.

"When will you learn, Mark?" Kagome threw her arms up .

"It's this cursed hand." he answered. Sophia and Sango both rolled their eyes at him.

"Get over here!" Mark heard Dylan call.

"I'll talk to you beautiful maidens later." he said with a smile and walked away. Cindy laughed at him a little bit and then turned to Sophia who was looking at her with an all-knowing face.

"You like him don't you." Sophia whispered.

"No of course not." she denied the accusation. Sophia shrugged knowing fully well that it was a lie. She knew the same looks she gave Mark were the ones she gave Dylan when he wasn't looking. Sophia closed her eyes and the day had gone so fast with anticipation that when time for the game came she nearly forgot to put on Sylvia's favorite red scarf and sunglasses. She lined in the bleachers waiting for the kendo match to begin. Her chocolate eyes stayed glued to Dylan even as her heart raced. He was excellent the way his rash and passionate attitude made the game he played mesmerizing. He caught sight of "Sylvia" and he lifted his mask with a charming smile full of white teeth.

"He's so perfect." Sophia whispered to herself.

"You guys are so cute." she heard a girl say beside her.

"I didn't realize." Sophia said softly, trying to attain the eloquence that Sylvia produced effortlessly.

"They way Dylan has become so much more gentle because of you. Before he met you he was mean and seemed cruel but now he's different." the girl said.

"Well. I have to go, but it was nice seeing you." Sophia said, as she was brought back to reality. The reality being that she wasn't Sylvia and that Dylan was not hers.

"Goodbye." Sophia heard the girl say. Dylan saw her getting up to leave and ended up so distracted that he got hit hard. Sophia turned as she heard the kendo hall turn to silence. She turned and ran straight to the edge of the field. She motioned him to come over with her hand. He came as the coach called a time out.

"Why are you leaving? The game is almost over." he asked. Sophia didn't know what to do she knew that if she spoke a word he would know. She felt herself wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her lips to his, she could feel his tongue sweep across her bottom lip. She could hear the audience holler. He sucked her lower lip and then she pulled away and walked out of the hall. She didn't know the outcome of the game, but she knew that Sylvia would hear about this, and when she did it would be hell.

"I'm sorry…" she whispered into the air. Sophia walked home fast. The house was dark save for the dim light in Sylvia's room. She was probably the only one home. Sophia climbed the steps to Sylvia's room and found her on the floor a small white stick in her hand. She was frozen. She seemed to be in shock, there were silent tears streaming down her cheeks.

"What is that?" Sophia asked, already knowing.

"I'm…pregnant…" she whispered. Sophia's world shattered around her. That would have to mean that she and Dylan had been having sex. Sophia looked at her sister and sunk to her knees.

"Kikyou, what are you going to do?" Sophia asked.

"I don't know…" she said quietly.

"Adoption?" she suggested placing a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm going to get…rid of it." she said.

"But that's like killing a human! An innocent baby!" Sophia yelled.

"It's not human until the third month. It can't be more than two." Sylvia said.

"It still isn't right." Sophia said.

"Neither is kissing your sister's boyfriend." Sophia froze.

"Yea. I heard about. Did you think I wouldn't know? I got a text from Dylan ten minutes ago. Thanking me for the kiss and being there at his game." Sylvia said.

"Sylvia…he was going to lose the game, because he thought you were leaving. He got so distracted." Sophia said.

"Do you think I care! If he had lost the game, as long as he thought I was there." Sylvia yelled.

"I'm sorry, but your baby has nothing to do with this." Sophia said.

"It's not even human yet." Sylvia said.

"Sylvia please!" Sophia begged.

"Why do you even care!" Sylvia yelled. Sophia knew that the stress was getting to her.

"Think of Dylan!" Sophia shouted.

"I am!" Sylvia said tears streaming from her eyes.

"I think he deserves to know!" Sophia said.

"IT ISN'T HIS!!!" Sylvia broke.

"…what?" Sophia asked in shock, her blood seemed to stop.

"I got drunk at a party and I had sex with Naraku…" Sylvia whispered almost ashamed.

"How could you do that to him!" Sophia asked.

"I don't know." Sylvia said.

"The father still deserves to have a say." Sophia told her.

"I don't want anyone to know. You can't say anything." Sylvia grabbed Sophia and pulled her down to her knees.

"I won't say anything." Sophia said searching Sylvia's brown eyes.

"Thank you…" she said, followed by shuddered breathing.

"Calm down." Sophia wrapped her arms around her sister's shoulders. Sylvia sobbed into the crook of Sophia's neck.

Sophia shook her head and walked over to the sink to wash out her mouth. She stared at herself in the mirror and sighed. There was so much that she didn't remember. She had never thought that Sylvia, the smiling bride in the wedding portrait, could cheat on her future husband. Sophia tugged a loose hair behind her ear. She could hear someone climbing up the stairs.

"Do you think that Sophia will be alright once she remembers?" the voice belonged to Cindy.

"Sophia, will be able to handle it." this time it was James's young wife, Marina. Sophia heard their heels click down the hall and then down the steps. Sophia walked out and smoothed the lines from her dress. She began to walk away but found her face had come in contact with the firm chest of a man. She raised her eyes which met the brilliant amber possessed by Dylan.

"I'm so sorry." Sophia mumbled.

"It's alright. I'm used to your klutziness." Dylan said.

"I am not a klutz." Sophia fought.

"Hm. You probably don't remember then. You tripped over your own feet and landed…" he stopped his sentence short just to tease her.

"Where?" she asked.

"Right here." he pulled her into a room and pressed his lips to hers. Sophia melted into him so naturally. Her arms wrapped around his neck then one hand sunk to the small of her back and the other to the back of her neck. It felt as her body was undergoing a lighting storm. Her toes curled inside her heels as he pressed her back against the door to close it before they were witnessed. Sophia felt as if a flood was rushing over her.

Sophia wasn't supposed to be home, but she decided to try and sleep off some of the liquor she had consumed at a party. Everyone in the high school attended. Sylvia had been there and so had Dylan. Dylan got a little possessive of Sylvia and had not been allowing her to dance with anyone that wasn't him. Sylvia being a very independent woman didn't like it in the least. Sophia had been drinking in a dark corner when the argument began. She listened closely not wanting anything to do with it. She could hear Dylan's words.

"What do you think I don't know what happened at the last party!" he had spat when Sylvia turned to leave. Sophia looked for her, and found her sister's frozen back. Sylvia turned with anger and walked right up to Dylan.

"What do you think happened?" she asked calmly with every word radiating the opposite.

"You and I both know. I'm not going to embarrass you here so I'll wait at your house." Dylan said. He cared about her and knew that this would pass in awhile. Dylan was however drunk and felt betrayed by her. Dylan hadn't known about what happened until a day before the party.

"Well, don't wait up!" she smirked and turned around. Dylan stormed out of the house. Sophia was wide eyed but she couldn't leave him alone at their house, even if her relatives were gone for the weekend. Sophia looked to Cindy worried.

"I'll be fine, go on." she slurred. Sophia stood up with a wobble and then she ran after Dylan. She was surprised when she saw him sitting on the couch inside fast asleep. Sophia crept up the stairs in a stealthy manner, somewhat wondering why she was being so secretive in her own house. Sophia brushed her teeth and climbed into her bed pulling the covers over her. It was a half hour later when she heard someone coming up the stairs to her room. Sophia climbed out of bed and started to come down the steps. She tripped over her own foot and felt towards Dylan open armed, her lips somehow had landed smack down on his.

"I'm sorry." Sophia said.

"Don't be…" he said, he kissed her fully. Sophia wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her to her bedroom where he kissed her lips hungrily. Sophia felt the shocks of his kiss explode in her mouth like pop rocks. He laid her underneath him. Sophia knew this was wrong, but she couldn't stop herself. She didn't have the will power to stop him. Instead she twined her fingers in his blonde hair as he moved his lips to her neck. Sophia felt him tug her top upward. She lifted her arms and tugged his off. His hands roamed over the sides of her pelvic bone and then over her ribs finally reaching her silk covered breasts. He was gentle and rough at the same time. His hands rough his kisses gentle.

"Dylan…" she moaned his name. She wondered if he realized who she was.

"K…" he breathed in deeply.

"Did she really sleep with him?" he asked her. Sophia propped herself up on her elbows.

"This is wrong, we shouldn't be doing this." Sophia said.

"Answer me!" he shouted.

"Yes…" she confessed, somehow she found it impossible to lie to him. Dylan pressed his lips to hers again with a stronger need then before.

'Is this only revenge against Sylvia?' she asked herself. She felt him tugging her pants off. She got shivers when his fingers undid her zipper and grazed ever so slightly over her most sensitive area. Sophia breathed in deeply struggling not to moan.

"Don't hold it back. I want to hear you." he requested as she kicked off the last of her pants. Dylan kissed her again his knees on either side of her hips. Sophia felt his kiss hypnotizing all thoughts of right and wrong far way from her mind. He helped Sophia as she fumbled with his zipper. He smiled to himself and helped her take them off. With nervous hands he unhooked Sophia's bra, Sophia blushed at the sudden coldness. He touched her nervously.

'Could you be a virgin?' she thought as a moan left her lips. Dylan slowly grew more bold taking a bud between his lips. Sophia moaned and arched against him. His hand did not neglect the other although his lips were preoccupied. Sophia felt something building up inside her, an enormous heat in the pit of her core. Dylan, it seemed couldn't take it any more. He pulled his boxers off and slowly spread Sophia's legs. Sophia knew that it would hurt, or at least she expected it to. She waited for the pain, but he hadn't moved.

"Fast or Slow?" he asked her, apparently he was up to date on the rumors as well.

"Slow…" she whispered almost questioningly.

"I'll try." he said and as promised he began to enter very slowly.

"Hurry up." she complained, it felt as if she were tearing slowly.

"You'll be more sore in the morning that way." Dylan said.

"I don't care." she almost shouted at him. Dylan pressed his lips to her and in a swift steady motion he had entered her completely. Sophia bit his lip lightly in pain while a tear slipped from her eyes. Dylan groaned in pleasure over her as he slipped in and out of her. Sophia wondered if he even knew she had been a virgin. He continued for a while and pulled out to put a condom on. It seemed that he had forgotten and then he pounded right back in pulling her hips against him with every thrust. Sophia could feel her body tightening and a loud moan left her lips as he body tightened to the maximum and then relaxed all in the same instant.

"Dylan…" she heard her voice say breathlessly. He held out a little longer and then reached his own climax.

"Ka…" he breathed out collapsing beside her. She got up and saw the blood that had trickled from between her legs and onto him and her sheets. He looked at the sheet and then looked up at her with wide eyes.

"Why is there blood?" he asked her.

"I was a virgin…" Sophia whispered. He looked at her and got dressed swiftly.

"I'm sorry…" he apologized to her in shock.

"It's n-nothing." she said. Suddenly her wrongs caught up with her mind as she looked at him.

"I won't say anything…" he said.

"Me neither." Sophia covered herself and walked to the bathroom. She could hear Dylan walking down the stairs and let a few tears leave her. Sophia washed herself, pulled a pajama on and dropped herself in the warmth of her mother's bed because at the moment she didn't want to be in her room.

"Oh my god." she pulled away from him.

"I was stupid back then." he told her.

"I know so was I." Sophia said.

"I should have realized that it was always you I loved." Dylan said.

"Stop it! This is your wife's funeral." Sophia said overcome with emotion.

"You don't realize, do you?" he said getting angry. He kissed her again, she hit his chest with her fists but didn't pull her lips from his.

Sophia stood beside Sylvia, who wore a beautiful white lace wedding dress that clung to her in a neat and classy way. It hugged her hips and breasts, but fell loose around her knees trailing behind her at least two feet. Sophia was in a red dress beside her. It was a halter with a plunging neckline. Sophia looked amazing, but still did not outshine the bride. Dylan was wearing the classic tuxedo with his hair tied neatly. Sophia noticed that he looked just like his father with his hair tied in a ponytail. She tried to keep her gaze focused on Sylvia, because it was her big day. Dylan looked to Sophia when he thought Sylvia wasn't looking. Sophia forced her gaze down and struggled to hide a blush. It was just about time for the priest to begin with the vows.

"Do you Dylan Greene take Sylvia Wilson to be your lawful wedded wife, in sickness and health, richer or poorer better or worse?" Dylan stared into Sylvia's eyes and nodded.

"I do." he smiled at her.

"And do you Sylvia Wilson, take this man, Dylan Greene, to be your lawful wedded husband, in sickness and health, richer or poorer, for better or worse, till death do you part?" Sylvia looked into Dylan's eyes and smiled.

"I do." she said.

"Well, Dylan, you may now kiss your bride." the priest smiled at the young couple. Dylan went in for a full passionate kiss. Everyone watched, parent's with tears in their eyes. Sophia felt a spark of envy inside of her. She wished it were her that he was kissing. That it was her he was kissing. They all traveled to the reception hall. It was beautifully decorated. Everything was white with a light purple glow to the flowers and lights. Dylan and Sylvia began their first dance as a married couple. They were so filled with happiness when they took their pictures. Sophia watched with a jealous look in her eyes. Cindy placed a hand on her shoulder.

"You know, you shouldn't make it so obvious." she whispered.

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"That you're in love with him." Sophia closed her eyes.

"I'm not." she lied.

"I'm your best friend, I know it's the truth." Sophia looked at her and shook her head.

"It's not like it matters anyway, they are married and he loves her." Sophia whispered.

"Don't worry, you'll fall in love with someone else." Cindy assured her.

"I hope so." Sophia said.

"I can't do this…" Sophia pulled away from him.

"Sophia, come to your senses." Dylan said.

"I am in my perfect senses. I can't do this to my sister." Sophia said.

"You don't get it do you." Dylan was getting angry.

"I don't get it, not one bit. Your wife is dead and you are here coming on to me." Sophia grabbed her head in frustration.

"We've been together for a year! Sophia we've been sneaking around Sylvia for a year." Dylan burst as quietly as he could.

"You're lying." Sophia sobbed but she could feel it was the truth.

"I wouldn't lie about that." Dylan said.

"She was pregnant with your baby, when you say we were sneaking around." Sophia said with disgust.

"It was a mistake and I couldn't just deny her, because she would have found about us." he said.

"How could I do something so…" Sophia said. Dylan covered her lips with two fingers and looked her in the eyes.

"You don't remember what she did to both of us do you?" Dylan asked.

"I only remember bits and pieces." Sophia said.

"She cheated on me with your fiancé." Dylan spat. Sophia felt a pain in her chest.

"No…no…no…stop…lying to me." she cried.

The hospital was just beginning to calm down around Sophia. Sophia knew when she chose this career path that being a nurse was hard work. The kind of work that would keep you away from home at odd hours of the night. It was dark outside, and nearly three in the morning. Sophia had her scrubs on and her feet although inside comfortable shoes were aching.

"I'm so sorry that we had to call you in, Sophia." her boss apologized.

"It's alright, I knew what I was doing when I took this job." Sophia smiled, there were small dark bags beneath her coffee colored eyes.

"Well go on, get home to that fiancé of yours." her boss smiled.

"I'll see you later then." Sophia said and made her way to her small blue sedan. Sophia took a deep breath and turned her car on. She drove home eager to climb into bed with her fiancé. Even if for just a few hours she wanted to feel his arms wrap around her. Being with him was the closest she felt to being with Dylan. She opened the door and heard some noises. It sounded like moans, but that couldn't be he had stopped watching erotic films. Sophia took a step closer to the room and looked through the keyhole. Then she saw her sister on top of him covered in sweat moving rhythmically.

"…oh my god." she whispered and stood up. She felt like her heart was exploding.

"This isn't happening." she told herself, she opened the door wide with her eyes closed. The twin gasps made her realize that it was happening.

"Oh don't stop on my account." Sophia sat at the end of the bed. They both watched her in shock.

"This isn't…" Sylvia began.

"It's exactly what it looks like, and Kouga, don't even say you thought she was me." Sophia said, tearing off her ring and giving it to Sylvia.

"Oh wait, you're already married. Maybe you can pawn it and use it to finance your next affair." Sophia spat.

"Sophia, please." Kouga said he pushed Sylvia off of him and wrapped a sheet around his waist.

"No, we're done." she said with tears falling from her eyes.

"It wasn't his fault. I pretended to be you." Sylvia said.

"Why?" Sophia asked.

"Because I was jealous of what you have." she said.

"You ARE MARRIED." Sophia shouted.

"I know, and I also know that he will never love me the way he used to." Sylvia said.

"Why is that?" Sophia asked bitterly.

"You gave him something that I didn't." Sylvia said.

"What is that?" Sophia asked.

"You gave him your virginity and loved him even when he came back to me." Sylvia said.

"……" Sophia was speechless.

"Did you think I didn't know? I went home that night around a half hour after you. I heard you guys upstairs." Sylvia said.

"I have barely spoke three words to him since that night. I regretted it because I knew it would hurt you. I moved on with Kouga and I come home to find you in bed with him. How many times have you cheated on Dylan? He has only done it to you once and he was drunk and I was drunk. IT was a mistake and you know it." Sophia said. Kouga stood in the background still as a ghost.

"Sophia, I'm sorry. I won't ever do this to you again. I'm begging you to forgive him just this once and take him back. I tricked him Sophia. He really didn't know." Sylvia said.

"Go home, Sylvia. I will deal with Kouga. I can't look at you right now." Sophia said. After Sylvia left the house was silent. Sophia breathed in deeply. Sophia looked at Kouga, he had always been so possessive and it never bothered her, because it showed he cared about her.

"Throw out the bed set. Go buy a new one set it up. I'm going back to the hospital for the night. Everything better be set up when I get home." Sophia said grabbing her car keys.

"Please don't go." Kouga said.

"I need time to think." Sophia answered.

"I'm sorry." he said. Sophia ignored him and walked out with a pair of clean changing clothes and her spare scrubs. She returned to the hospital and to the overnight quarters. She took a shower and climbed into a bunk. She couldn't believe what had just happened. Sophia didn't want Kouga back, she didn't plan to forgive her sister, and she knew that she was going to take charge of her feelings for Dylan. It was the very next day that Sophia saw him. He was working but she had walked right into his office being mistaken for Sylvia. Sophia walked right up to him and planted a kiss on his lips.

"I'm tired of you getting hurt." she whispered.

"So stop hurting me." he said.

"Do you even know who I am?" she said between kisses.

"Sophia." he said.

"I love you, Dylan." Sophia whispered in his ear.

"I've loved you for a long time, Sophia. I just didn't know it." he kissed her neck.

"Let's be each other's secret." she said.

"Leave Kouga." he requested.

"I already have." she tore his shirt open, all the buttons coming undone.

"I'll leave her, tonight." he said.

"No, not yet." she said.

Sophia looked into Dylan's eyes and brought her hands to his cheeks cupping them loosely before kissing him.

"I'm sorry." she said.

"Its alright." he told her pulling away.

"It's almost time to take her to the cemetery." Sophia mentioned opening the door and walked to the hallway.

"I really just hope you don't remember some things about her." he said.

"Like what?" she asked walking down the stairs.

"It's nothing really." he said, they both noticed the eyes that were on them. Sophia saw a brush of red flowers pass them by and she felt as if she could smell metal, a familiar copper smell that every nurse had learned within their first year. The smell of blood.

The smell hit her nose, it was like copper. The smell was like that of a penny, it was so metallic. She found that she couldn't breathe. She could hear someone gurgling and sobbing at the same time. It sounded like someone was choking on water. A sob escaped the person and then Sophia found the strength to open her eyes. As she did she wished that she had been born blind. There was blood on the walls. There was a pool of blood on the polished wood floor. In the middle of the room was the body of her twin sister, gurgling, drowning in her own blood. Sophia was shaking in fear as she slowly almost robotically knelt in the blood that surrounded her sister. Sylvia's eyes were filled with fear, her beautiful face had droplets of blood on it and tears pouring from her eyes.

"Sylvia, who did this?" Sophia sobbed pulling Sylvia into her arms. Sylvia turned her gaze to the mirror. She feebly lifted a finger to the mirror.

"I don't understand. Sylvia please!" she cried. Sophia was covered in blood now her hands.

"Sophia, I still love you…no matter what." she coughed the words up. Sophia felt her throat tightening she wasn't going to be able to talk much longer. She saw the tears in her sister's clothes. The stab wounds. Sophia had trained for this, she had become a nurse so that she could help save people and now she held her dying sister. Sylvia started to shiver in Sophia's arms. The blood loss was starting to make her cold. Sophia pulled Sylvia and folded her arms around her trying to warm her.

"Somebody!!! PLEASE HELP US!!!" Sophia started screaming desperately. She didn't want to leave her dying sister alone. The stab wounds were all in vital places, in major organs. The person who did this had to have known what they were doing. Sophia kept screaming with Sylvia's eyes stuck on her face. She looked at Sophia.

"I forgive you, Sophia. I forgive you for everything." Sylvia said to her. Sophia didn't understand what she was saying or why she was saying this. Sophia held her sister and stroked her blood soaked hair.

"For what? What have I done wrong?" Sophia whispered as she heard sirens in the distance. Sylvia raised her cold hand to Sophia's face and cupped her cheek.

"For everything, I forgive you." Sylvia said as her eyes closed softly her last breath was taken and used to say those words to Sophia.

"KIKYOU!!! PLEASE!!! KIKYOU!!!" she screamed over and over again. Sophia began to sob over her sister's body. Sophia's form wracked. Apparently James had been on his break when he had heard the address where an ambulance was being sent. He had hopped in and used the time he usually spent reading a book rushing over to his brother's house. When he arrived he ran to where he heard Sophia's heart wrenching sobs. James was used to the smell of blood, he usually smelled it during surgery. He was a surgeon after all. He looked at Sophia and grabbed her blood covered hands. He needed to get her away from the body so that paramedics could bag the body and get it on the stretcher. He had never particularly liked Sophia. This was a different case of scenario. She threw herself into his arms getting blood all over his white coat as she did so. She sobbed into his chest. He forced himself to wrap his arms around her.

"Do you know who did this?" he asked with a smooth, ever emotionless voice.

"I don't understand why this is happening." Sophia didn't answer his question.

"Sophia listen to me!" he shouted.

"You need to take a deep breath and tell me if you know who did this!" he told her as she stared at him in shock.

"I don't know.'" she said.

"Sophia you need to take a shower, right now." he ordered her, he went to Dylan's bathroom and turned the water on cold. He recognized the signs the dazed face, the shaking body, the irrational mumblings she had started to mutter.

"I saw a blue jay today, James. He was so beautiful." Sophia said biting her nails as cops walked in and out of the room. James looked at her eyes her pupils were large. He picked her up and put her in the freezing water. A loud gasp left her mouth as she tried to jump out. James held her tight in there and then she passed out from the mental stress of what she had seen. Sophia could hear everything that went on around her as she drifted in and out of consciousness. She heard the police taking pictures and talking about all the blood and possibilities of Sylvia's murder.

Sophia stiffened as she watched a few people carry Sylvia's casket outside. She followed along with the other mourners. Soon everyone stood in the snow covered cemetery, there was only one fresh hole and it was reserved for Sylvia Greene. Sophia placed a hand over her abdomen and held her urge to vomit from the memory she had just regained. Sophia held a single red rose between her fingertips. As she watched the casket get lowered into the six foot deep hole. She looked up at Marina, Mark, and Cindy, the only people she couldn't remember. She felt a pain in her head, almost like a soft yet piercing beep that only she could hear. She caught Marina's eyes and stared, her pupil dilated as she saw Marina covered in blood. She gasped lightly. Anyone would think that Sophia was just upset about her sister.

Sophia stared at Marina. In her hands were Sophia's future both hers and Dylan's. Marina looked at Sophia with a strong look and then hugged her. Sophia was anxious she could feel her blood pulsing through her veins, she could hear her heart beating erratically in her chest. Sophia looked at her sister who lay in the bed behind the glass.

"Well?" she asked nervously.

"Sylvia will probably never be able to carry a healthy child. Her uterus is too scarred. She's had multiple abortions over the years and now she's paying the price. According to her chart she's had at least four, this time wasn't because she wanted to get rid of the baby. It was because her uterus can't handle it. The chances of her conceiving another child are slim." Marina said after looking at the chart.

"You know, I warned her so many times." Sophia said.

"She didn't want him to know about her affairs." Marina was well aware of the situation.

"I know that. Did you get my labs back?" Sophia asked with a sigh.

"I think you should sit down." Marina smiled.

"So it must be good? I don't have some psycho disease?" she asked lightly.

"I'm not supposed to show you these, but I'm gonna risk my job for you anyway." Marina said.

"What?" she asked nervously.

"You're pregnant, with twins." Marina smiled showing her a ultrasound picture.

"When did you do an ultrasound on me?" Sophia asked shocked.

"Well, when you passed out I thought I would take advantage of your disposition and I rolled you all the way to the ultrasound techs." Marina confessed.

"How far?" Sophia asked.

"About a month and a half. Well when are you gonna tell him?" Marina asked.

"I'm not going to. I can't do this to Sylvia anymore. I love him, but look at what she's going through." Sophia said.

"She put herself there." Sophia listened to Marina's harsh words, knowing that it was the truth.

"She'd kill me." Sophia said.

"I'll take care of her, with Cindy and Mark." Marina said.

"What do you mean?" Sophia asked.

"I found her trying to seduce James." Marina said.

"Still you shouldn't even think about doing that." Sophia said.

"I'm not you, I can't forgive her and I won't. Back in the day she would have been stoned to death. I'll make it quick." Marina said.

"Marina, please, think about this." Sophia said.

"Do you think I'm serious?" Marina asked her with a laugh. There was something however in the back of her eyes that made Sophia nervous.

"I don't know." Sophia said.

"Don't worry about it." Marina said.

Sophia stared at Marina for a long time and then her eyes drifted to Cindy and Mark. They looked at her and then quickly looked down and held tighter to a small bump she had noticed as she covered her abdomen. 'Pregnant with twins…Dylan's…twins.' she thought and then stared at Marina who was looking straight at her.

It was just becoming the evening and the light was taking on a dark orange, when Sophia had gotten home from work. She was planning to relax this evening, maybe put on a movie and take a long bubble bath. Instead she got a call from her sister, who had still been begging her for forgiveness. Sophia looked down at her feet and then picked up her cell phone. She was drunk, and not just a little bit. She was all you can imagine drunk.

"I hear you fucked my husband recently." Sylvia slurred.

"I hear you fucked my fiancé, oh wait no I saw that." Sophia said.

"I hear your knocked up, or rather I looked at your charts today." Sylvia blurted out.

"It's not my fault that you had so many abortions that you can't even get pregnant anymore." Sophia said, instantly feeling horrible about the low blow she'd delivered.

"So what! I never wanted any kids." Sylvia said with a tightened voice.

"Good cause you aren't having any." Sophia shouted.

"Drive me home?" she asked.

"No, call one of your side dishes." Sophia refused.

"Please…" she begged.

"I'm going to hang up." Sophia threatened.

"So did my husband knock you up?" Sylvia asked. Sophia refused to deal with this and hit the end button of her phone. Sophia turned on a movie and watched it waiting for Dylan to come over. When he arrived they watched a movie in each other's arms and fell asleep on the couch, but not before having a trading some physical affections. Sophia woke up in his arms feeling something was wrong. It wasn't late just about the time that he usually got out of work. She got dressed and drove to his and Sylvia's house. Where she saw a figure sitting in the kitchen at the bar. Sophia rushed in and saw Marina sitting at the bar.

"What have you done?" Sophia asked, looking at Marina's blood covered hands the knife in hanging from her fingers. She was covered in blood.

"I didn't leave any of my DNA. The only way I'll get caught is if she lives long enough to tell or you rat me out." Marina said.

"What are you talking about?" Sophia asked.

"I had to do it Sophia, for you. She was going to poison you. I heard her talking to Kagura in the hospital about it. She found out about you and Dylan and then that you were pregnant. I followed her tonight. When she called you she wasn't drunk, she just wanted you to come alone." Marina said.

"No, that can't be true." Sophia stammered.

"I cleaned everything up, at least anything that had my DNA." Marina said.

"What did you gain from this?" Sophia asked.

"She was trying to seduce James, and I can't have that happen. I'm pregnant Sophia. I'm four months, but I did a good job hiding it." Marina showed Sophia her bump.

"Why?" Sophia asked.

"I guess twins run in the family." Marina said.

"Stop it! Answer Me!" Sophia shouted.

"You saved my life so I had to save yours. I have to go now." Marina said. She cleaned herself and every speck of blood from the kitchen expertly.

"Where did you learn all that?" Sophia asked.

"My dad, work in crime scene clean up. He taught me everything after he killed my mother. That's when I left." Marina said.

"GO! Hurry up, before someone comes." Sophia said. Sophia ran up the stairs.

Sophia heard the priest uttering the last words of his small sermon and prayer for Sylvia.

"Sleeping in the dust but we will not let time erase us." he said. Sophia dropped a red rose on her sisters casket and slipped her hand in Dylan's after all the mourners had left. All except Marina, Cindy, Mark, and James. They all stood around dropping a red rose in one after the other.

"Goodbye, Sylvia." Sophia said, walking away with Dylan's hand in hers.