If it make it easier,
don't take it about you;
just think it
"A Passing Thanks."

You in the mean-time:

'/"I missed her" --
Every ring-and-take
- - My tip to try at the 'matter.'/'
Her effort thereof
'The Tried And Shaked'

On—in omen—and which we speak
And spoke –
I hope Not…
"on this, 'our last take.'"

in days before,
Distant as she may seem,

"To believe in God –
is to think-Life a 'Love Story'
--- A vinyl album,
or least digital recording hereof-and In--
-With every sense
Not just a measly 'sigh,'
[Since, I mean
And have prayed
And do right now
To be 'a character'…
- -Though I'd once chosen to wishing for many- -
'To be' and then write
wanting only thee. --
"I want only her."

And ask [you to]forgive this long explanation

-- but for her--
I would.