Lucas sat in under a gazebo at the park…The sun was hidden by clouds as he looked up at the sky. Rain fell gently as he just sat…. He closed his eyes as he thought about the day he had just had…How he had to once more tell people abut what torment he had endured on a day to day basis at the hands of his mother, and step brother.

"Can you explain to the court why you are wanting your mother and brother behind bars?"

"They aren't right…" Was all he could say as he looked at the attorney.

"But She is your mother, don't you love your mother?"

"I don't know…" he whispered

"Excuse me, can you speak up?"

Lucas looked at his mother before taking in a deep breath…." I don't know…"

Lucas tried to think about the pain he saw the jury in as he described every event in which he was beaten or raped.

"Tell us about some of the alleged beatings?"

"'Alleged?'" Lucas mocked and quoted his mothers attorney. "There was no alleged part in this." He frowned. "She threw lamps at me, she threw plates at me, beat me with belts…" He stopped… He pulled up his sleeves, and revealed his arms. "She tried to stab me…" The people in the jury all gasped as they looked at his scared arms. "If they looked like this, then people would just think that I was a cutter…" He looked at his mother. "Right ma?"

He tried to fight back the tears in his eyes as he thought about what the attorney said later.

"Are you a homosexual?"

"Objection your honor!" The D.A. shouted.

"To answer your question, yes I am." Lucas frowned. "Why?"

"Well, you 'claim' that your step brother Matthew raped you…. How do we know that you didn't want that?"

"That's the most retarded fucking thing I've ever heard." Lucas hissed. "I guess my ass would think differently about it." The court room grew quiet as Lucas spoke. "Nights when I begged for him not to, literally begged , he still would flip me over, and do whatever he wanted to me."

The attorney came back up to Lucas, shaking his head. "I'm sorry to hear that… But when you found out you were HIV positive, shouldn't you have fought him even more?"

"He is older then me, and stronger then me… The recent time I was in the hospital…. Was because of him… " He began to tear up. "I've been knocked out because of him…"

"Hmmm, yet you didn't stop him from 'raping' you?"


"Well, it seems like you allowed it… Sure you would've gotten in a squabble, but it would've not resulted in the possibility of Matthew possibly having the HIV virus…"

"So you're worried about if I gave him HIV?" Lucas cried. "I have the shit, do you think I asked my mother to have it? No, just so I could avoid any and all confrontation, I did what I had to… And if Matt wasn't thinking about just getting an easy piece of ass from me, then he wouldn't have to worry about it either!" He looked over at his mother, then at Zack. "I can't have sex with my boyfriend, the only person who loves me, and I love… "

He remembered the look in Zack's eyes … It wasn't hurt, it wasn't disgust, he actually didn't know what emotion it was… Maybe anger at the fact that his mother was the reason for it all.

"All the precautions I have to take now…" His eyes never left Zack. "And you're sitting here…" He looked at the attorney. "And tell me that Matt has a possibility of having it? I hate to sound so ruthless, or make it sound like something my mother would say, but…. I don't care…. I hope he has it too… I hope he has to feel like I do with it…"

Lucas remembered waiting for the verdict to be read… It seemed like the jury had been gone for hours…. When the jury members finally came back into the court, his heart raced…

"Has the Jury reached a Verdict?"

"Yes your honor…" The Forman spoke loudly. "We the jury find the defendants Lori Rea Landon, and Matthew John Landon…."

Lucas' heart was beating so loud….

"Guilty of assault, sexual assault, battery, and rape against a minor…"

Lucas didn't even notice he was holding his breath until his lungs stated burning… He looked over at Zack, who had tears flowing down his eyes…

"Baby…." He whispered to Lucas, holding his hand. "Baby you won… You're finally free…." "baby… say something….."

"Babe…" He heard from behind him.

He turned around to see Zack standing behind him with an umbrella in his hand. "Hey…" He let a small smile come across his face.

"You ready to head on home?"

Lucas turned his whole body around as he stared at Zack…. He remembered Zack after the hearing, the sweetest words he'd ever heard.

"Baby, I'm gonna love you no matter what… And I'll Always love you…. So even if we have to take all the precautions, hell if you don't want to, I know this sounds stupid as fuck but, I'll share the virus with you…"

Lucas held him tightly. "Baby…. I'm not going to do this to you…" He smiled. "But thanks for the offer."

Lucas jumped from the table, and walked straight to Zack. "I love you…." He whispered.

"I know." Zack smiled. "But it never hurts to hear it multiple times…"

With that said, Lucas took Zack's hand and began to walk… Soon the clouds parted, and the sun began to shine….

"Zack… Thank you…" Lucas whispered.

"Babe…" Zack stopped walking, and pulled Lucas closer. "I love you.. Till the day I die I'll love you…"

"Well, technically I'll be the first to go." He smirked

"You are dark mister!" Zack kissed him.

"Yea but that's why you love me."

"True… But you'll go when I go…" Zack stared into his boyfriends beautiful green eyes. "I can promise you that much baby."

Lucas gave a small smile, as he wrapped his arms around Zack. "I never thought I'd be so glad to go home…." He looked at Zack. "What makes it better is it's with you…."

----And in the summer of 2010 they got married… pledging their eternal love until the day they both no longer walked this earth Lucas------

Daniel Riley and Zachariah Logan Martinez both live full lives…