Chapter 1

''Hi My name is Ireland Granville, I'm 16 years old,just a normal teen. I am currently raising my 5 year old sister Jaden by myself. It was that very stormy night that a loud crack of lightening outside woke me up out of a dead sleep making me sit up very fast in my bed.''

''Ireland?'' I hear a little voice say and look over and see my little 5 year old sister Jaden standing there with her blankey and stuffed animals she sleeps with everynight

''hey sweetie did the storm wake you?'' I ask her

''uh huh.'' she nods

''come here you can sleep with me.'' I tell her patting the bed and watch her come over and crawl up onto my bed and I cover her with my comforter

''shh it's alright baby.'' I tell her trying to get her to stop shaking and holds her against my body tightly and protectively

''shh I won't let anything bad happen to you go to sleep.'' I tell her kissing her head keeping my lips close to her head

we try and go to sleep but there is another crack of lightening right outide my window and the thunder rumbles loudly.

''Irelanddddd.'' Jaden cries into my chest

''shh I know I got you baby.'' I tell her holding her tightly

''I want mommy.'' she cries

''shh aww I know you do baby I do too now shh go to sleep.'' I tell her again

I wait for Jaden to fall asleep and listen to the storm for a while longer before I end up falling asleep with Jaden.

In the morning the rays of sun peaking through my window hit me square in the face waking up me. I slowly rub my eyes and sit up and see that Jaden is still peacefully asleep so I smile and gently kiss her forehead before slowly getting up out of the bed now to wake Jaden and make my way downstairs to get the morning paper from the driveway and make some standing in the kitchen waiting for my coffee to make I hear a knock on my front door so I think who could be at my house so early in the morning and go over and answer it. I open the door and there standing there is my boyfriend.

I gasp ''Kai!'' I say

''hey sweetie!'' he says and kisses my cheek

''hey!'' I say and give him a big hug

''can I come in?'' he asks me

''oh yea sure come on in.'' I tell him letting him in and shut the door behind him

''so did you sleep ok through the storm last night?'' he asks me

''no not really Jaden was scared out of her mind and clung to me all night.'' I tells him

''aww poor thing.'' he says

''yeah.'' I say

''so where is she now?'' he asks me

''still upstairs asleep.'' I tell him

''oh.'' he says

''yea would you like some coffee?'' I ask him

''oh sure.'' he says

''okay follow me.'' I tell him and have him follow me into the kitchen