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"Off in the night, while you live it up, I'm off to sleep

Waging wars, to shape the poet and the beat

I hope it's gonna make you notice

I hope it's gonna make you notice."

-"Use Somebody," Kings Of Leon

Chapter 1: Make You Notice

As I sit here in class I think, "What a sooo not wonderful world." History is so boring!!! But it's also the last class of today, so that adds some sort of praise credit to it. I turn my head slowly to the left and see that Ethan, sitting next to me at his desk, is looking at me and at the same time attempting not to burst out laughing. To my right I see that Tig is also in on the joke and is failing at not laughing. I then stretch out and turn to the left of Ethan and see that, thank god, Tegan doesn't get it either.

"Camilla, look at what the board says," Ethan whispers to me. I glance up to see that the teacher, most likely forgetting that half the class was as mature as 13-year-olds, had shortened our "Bio Journal" project to our "BJ" project. Oh, the hopeless bastard.

Tig, my best gal pal sitting next to me, shoves me in the arm with her elbow and starts cracking up quietly again. Her expression always changes the look of her face so dramatically. Tig, with her light blonde hair cut as a bob, and her pixie-like face, looks completely in character when she's smiling. But also when she gives you the stare of death. Her pixie-ness does not stop at her face though. Standing at 5'2, she is my shortest friend who also has the skinniest limbs (and also boniest) I've ever seen! Her skin is always white, even during summer. The only thing her and her twin brother, Tegan, share in common are their ever changing shade of brown eyes.

Tegan, who still does not get the nasty joke, is tall, 6'2, and well-built. His hair is somewhat shaggy, but nicely kept, and is a sandy blonde shade. His arms are so muscled that when he hugs me, it feels like I've been locked in a metal cruncher! His skin is never in short supply or Vitamin D, giving it a natural glow. Tegan, with his more robust features looks quite opposite of his twin.

"Ethan, what's so funny," I hear Tegan whisper-yell at Ethan next to me. All three of us give him the shup-up sign before turning to see if the teacher had heard him. He hadn't, but pretty much everyone else in the room did. At a glance I could only tell that two groups were eyeing us in the back. The Populars and the Bad Boys. Great! Now I can totally, like, make my move on Jadden and we'll be so in love we'll get married and have a zillion kids and live in his dad's mansion!!!

Like I'd ever let that happen. Jadden is the hottest guy in school, and the most popular. But you have to be into that emo look to really appreciate his image. His shaggy black hair, coupled with sheet-white skin, and his snakebite lip piercings. It's just all wrapped up in black super skinnies with a black bow on top with a card that says, "Love me because I think no one else does!" Wow, how cliché of him to be the most stalked boy in school and yet he's emo.

Suddenly, Jadden's head turns to me and he blows me a mock kiss in the air. Crap!!! Have I been starring at him this entire time?!?! I hear laughter and turn to see Rodney, the head of the Bad Boy Bikers group laughing at me. Ah, Rodney, now he was a sight for sore eyes!!! With his largely muscled arms, deeply tanned skin, wicked white smile, and his brown eyes were a large contrast to Jadden's skinny, stark white, grey eyed form. They were both beautiful in their own way. And here they were: basically two enemies, working together to make me out as a laugh.

"Cork it, muscle boy," I sneered at Rodney as the teacher walked out of the room to get some copies. He stopped with the merry making and turned to me with a straight face.

"Muscle boy? What about you, back-of-the-class girl?" He said to me, not happy about being called a "boy" and not a "guy" or a "man".

"I have no problem being a girl, or sitting in the back of the class. Just gives me a better chance at seeing one of you look like dumb asses."

"Or more like it gives you a better chance at starring at Jadden without being disturbed," he said, flicking his hand in the direction of Jadden, who, after losing my attention, had turned back around.

"Suck it, Rodney," I said, hoping to end this fight I was badly losing at. Boy, did that statement give him an idea. But just before he had a chance to say it, the teacher walked back into the room and the bell rung.

"Ethan, stop pulling on my sleeve! I'll walk as fast as I wanna walk, damn it," I yelled at Ethan who was towing me over to my car by the sleeve of my long-sleeved shirt. Ethan was a tall boy, I mean, man. His hair was somewhat shaggy but blonde. He was medium sized in the muscle category (which I'm sure he was not happy about), and his skin was most definitely tanned. He was my best friend, but he was more like a little brother to me than anything else.

"Come on, come on, come on!!! I want to get home and you're so slow! I don't want you to get in a fight again with Rodney," Ethan said to me in his deep voice. Just at that moment, Rodney had rounded the corner with his Biker gang and had overheard what Ethan had said. He walked up to him and said, "Now why wouldn't you want me to get anymore closer to your best friend? Oh right, because you have a crush on her, of course!"

"I don't have a crush on her, Rodney, and you know that, asshole!" Ethan said with venom. His glare feel on Rodney and they starred each other down for a few moments before Rodney broke the silence with, "Then I'm sure as a friend, you won't mind my doing this." And on the word this, he bent down, because he's tall at 6'4 compared to my 5'10, and kissed me on the lips. Right there! In the parking lot, I was being kissed by Rodney Reynolds. His kisses were gentle, not at all what you would expect from a guy like Rodney. You would expect them to be hot and passionate, but no. They were slow, sweet, and soft.

When he pulled away I wanted to whimper, but didn't because then he would just have something more to hold over me. I looked up at his face and saw how astonished it was. He glanced back down at me and smiled a small, shy, smile. My jaw dropped open and his smile turned to one of cockiness. But he didn't say anything.

Ethan was watching me intently and finally said, "I don't mind as long as Camilla doesn't mind." Now everyone's eyes were on me. I glanced over at the group behind Rodney and found myself looking straight at Anella Connors. She was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. Her olive skin and blue eyes. The brown, wavy hair falling down to her lower back. He long, tan legs and skinny form. She was returning the pleasure, only not quite as subtly as me. She starred me up and down, like she was sizing me up, before finally nodding in approval. And just to tick her off, I said, "Oh, I don't mind." I saw her just barely flinch before moving away and onto her bike. Motorbike, that is.

Rodney glances between Ethan and I before stopping at me and saying, "Um, hey, Camilla? Do you maybe want to go out on Friday?" I froze up. Was he just asking me on a date?

"Yeh he was," mopped Ethan. Had I said that out loud?!!? I covered my mouth and looked over at Rodney, whose large body seemed to have been humbled. I made everyone wait for a minute before I said, "Sure. Pick me up at 7." I flounced off with Ethan trailing behind me like a puppy, leaving everyone in my astonishing dust!

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