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"Don't you ever fear, I'm always near.

I know that you need help.

Your tongue is twisted, your eyes are slit.

You need a guardian."

-"Buddy Holly" by Weezer

Chapter 7: You Need A Guardian

Rodney's POV

"Tzanten she needs help," I said to my brother, who stood next to me, still gawking at Camille in my arms.

"Um, yeh, sure, let me just . . . ," he said as he placed his hands on the sides of her face. Suddenly, his eyes glowed just as hers had minutes before. He was making a humming noise, which I soon discovered was actually him chanting in his language.

"Pontni, she's too far gone to be helped. The only way for her to have the power released from her would be to have another Original share the power with her. That or revive her and quickly teach her how to master it all," Jadden said to me. I gave him a knowing look, and then I heard his voice in my mind shouting at me, "Are you insane?! You'd have to be the one to revive her, and that sometimes doesn't even work!"

Gently, I reset her in my arms, so I could run while holding her comfortably. Jadden started yelling at me in his tongue as I ran off into the woods. Once in the heart of it, I laid her down on the floor and kissed her lightly on the lips before I bit into her neck.

I know what you're all thinking, "How could he do that?!?!" but that's how you awaken a lycan. I know, she's an immortal, but still, she has that lycan blood in her. She twitched, and I let go. Her eyes fluttered open and I saw that they were the bluest of blue there could be. The Pure Color, blue.

I probably should tell you the story of our people. Originally, we were joined, the lycans and vampires, joined in the same race, immortals. We were the new creations of God, placed in His garden of gardens. He made us to be superior to humans, so we could rid them of the evils. But around 37 B.C., the fall of Egypt, our civilization in the Garden of Eden started to show cracks. If God had created us, then why were we still locked up in this garden? So we went exploring. Once we left the garden, our people came in contact with the Greeks. They worshiped us, even idolized us as gods. The twelve main gods: Zeus, Hera, Demeter, Hades, Apollo, Artimis, Athena, Hermes, Aphrodite, Ares, Poseidon, and Hephaestus were actually all of the immortals with magic, the originals. They were able to control elements, predict the future, cure people, and be able to live until the end of time. I'm one of them. Ares to be exact. Originals are what we're called now. I've known my life since the garden, since God told me to go forth and take the world by storm. Our powers, they're incredible. Beyond anything this world has seen for a while. Jadden, my brother, he's an original too. The husband of Aphrodite, Hephaestus. He's not my flesh and blood now, but it's still that way to us in our souls. Anyway, so when we left the garden, God was a little peeved with us, but he let us explore our new world. We traveled everywhere. We saw everything. And that's what was our downfall.

Some of the immortals had seen some things in the world, and accepted them, knowing they were wrong. So they joined them, losing some of their greatest powers, but gaining dark powers. They had a hunger for souls, and blood. The first vampires. A group, later on known as the lycans, went against their brothers, and fled to the forest, hoping to find the way back into Eden. We failed. But we didn't leave the forest until we had become too close to the spirits that they'd let our spirits share their bodies as protection from our insane brothers. When God looked down on His earth, he noticed the vampires and resented them. His all-powerful, new breeds had been corrupted. We fought and they fell. The downfall of the Roman Empire. After that, God banished us from Eden, into the world we had messed up. But he also split us up so nothing like the free roaming immortals could happen again. So, once an immortal is born, they go dormant until a certain age when they show signs of immortality. Once that happens they have a set time, calculated by the stars, as to how long they have to decide which side they'll go to. And if they don't pick, their punishment is forever walking the earth until the end comes. A lot of information, I know, but you should really know this stuff.

"Camille, Camille, you have to stay awake for a little bit ok?" I asked quietly. She nodded and then let her eyes explore the woods. She probably felt safe here, which is the reason I brought her here. This was her scared space, a space so special to a lycan, that only their true mate can pass through the borders of it without being ripped to shreds. I touched her forehead and sent my thoughts to her, telling her everything. The one respond I got from her was Artimis.

That's who she was! Artimis, but where was Apollo? Usually, when the twins were born, they'd be around the same time and to families who were close with each other so they could be like actual twins. Ethan, someone said to me. Ethan! That was her twin! Their dads were practically brothers! It's too bad about their fathers though, not very high on the social scale, except with the tribes. Yet their kids are the infamous Original Twins.

"Rodney, are you really Ares?" Camille asked me weakly, her eye lids half open and half dropped, threatening to close. I nodded and replied, "Yep, but I'm nothing special. You on the other hand are a twin. I can't believe Jadden and I didn't notice it before. It's a shame he'll have to wait even longer for Aphrodite to show up though. Artimis was always chased by men, did you know that? So Zeus assigned me to be her guardian. We fell in love after a while, more like 300 years of bickering, and ever since in every life time I've found you. But you've never been able to find me without being told everything over and over again." I smiled at the last thought. Last time we went through this we were about 6 years old. Somehow we'd died early, never meeting our true father, Zeus. He'd found us and contacted us, but we'd already lived and loved, and died by the time we were 17. I believe we were in the hippie movement in the 70's.

"Aphrodite? But isn't she here with him?" she asked, bringing me out of my day dreaming.

"No, we find our mates in time to mate of course, but it's rare that we find each other at this age. The only people who are really guaranteed to be born close together are the twins, it just means that without the other, you're very lonely souls. Did you know that Apollo was jealous of me?" I asked, a smile on my face. He'd always been jealous of me. Artimis loved me, and even though he was her twin, he loved Artimis the way she and I loved each other. Yep, us Greek gods were totally messed up.

"He's always been like that though," she teased.

"Yeh, but in the 1970's, he was about two years older than us, so I always spent more time with you, and he was always trying to get me in trouble. After we died though, he lived on for about 5 more years until he couldn't take it anymore and committed suicide. You did that once. Well, attempted to. But I was around to stop you. Apollo had just died in a car accident when I showed up and you were so far gone, that one day you started walking on a roof and you just jumped. I was there to catch you though, and keep you safe. I hope you never have to live through the pain of losing your twin again, but I also hope you never do that again." I finished.

She flushed a pinkish color before saying, "I remember that. I never said thank you. But, but . . . what about Jadden? Is he still going to try and date me?" I saw worry in her eyes. At that moment, I truly didn't know.

"I . . . I can't say. He's really, um . . . into you. Maybe when he finds Aphrodite he'll stop chasing after you."

Jadden walked up to us and gracefully fell on Camille, kissing her neck, her cheeks, and even her lips a few times. I pulled her out from under him and he hissed at me. A growl built up in my chest, vibrating out all around me to meet him. Camille crawled into my arms as I tensed for his attack. He moved swiftly, and without sound. Before I knew it, he was at my neck. My inner animal told me to twist around and slip out of reach. I didn't want to through a punch while holding Camille. She whimpered and suddenly, he stopped. He just looked at her, his purple eyes going glassy and his face falling from one of terror to one of bliss. He was still looking at her when I took off.

Camille's POV

Once we got back to my place, Rodney set me down and walked over to Ethan's house. He answered, looking a little more blurry eyed than usual. But what shocked me the most was Anella, who was standing just behind him, always keeping a supporting hand on him. Ethan motioned to Anella while talking to Rodney, and Rodney motioned to my house. Eventually all three of them came over and we talked.

"He just started to glow and talk in the Original Language, and then he just passed out," Anella was saying. Her hand never left Ethan's. Maybe she was a favorite wife of his. I felt a whoosh by my ear and suddenly, Jadden was standing next to me, smiling his deadly gorgeous smile. Rodney stood up fast, causing his chair to clatter to the floor, and smacked Jadden into the wall. At this, I stood up, and walked over and put my hand flat against Jadden's chest. It made a funny vibration under the touch of my hand, alive, but not human, and I used my Powers on him. I told him everything, to stay away, and then I electrified him with life. It felt good to use my Powers like that. To just let go and exert them like that.

Jadden looked at me with longing, but understanding. He pulled himself out of the wall, that's right, he was in that deep; and walked over and hugging me close to his body. Gently, so as not to be heard by Rodney, he whispered into my ear, "Θα σ 'αγαπώ πάντα με κάποια μορφή. Προστατέψτε τον αδελφό μου, Άρτεμις." After that, he pressed my hand to his chest again and I heard, Sister of the Moon and Twin of All Time, I am slave to you. He let go and left. We all stood in shock, mostly me, but everyone else wanted to know what was to serious.

"He . . . he . . . slave to me," was all I could eek out.

"'I am slave to you,' is what the mortals use to say to the gods as a sign of the gods' dominance to them. When Originals say it to each other, it means that they see the dominance over them in the other Original. He just moved himself farther down the power pyramid for you," Rodney said to me. So he had heard. . . I wonder if he heard the stuff in Greek then . . .

"But I'm a twin. Psh, I mean, I'm not trying to sound egotistical, but aren't we like second best?" I asked, quite confused. Rodney smiled and said, "No, at the moment, you're not. You have dominance over Jadden, and me, but the other originals must see the dominance in you and recognize it before you're 'second best'."

"When do we meet our father?" I asked out of the blue. All three of them sat around just looking at me funny. What? Did I ask if we were eating anchovies on our pizza or something?

"It's all about finding him," Ethan finally spoke. This time it my turn in dishing out the funny look. He laughed and continued, "Anella explained it to me. She's Persephone, not an Original, but a reincarnating lycan. We . . . had a thing, . . . a while ago." He got all red faced and flustered, it was so cute! Seriousness, Camille, seriousness!

"Don't need to explain it to me, I'm the one having a fling with the 'help'," I motioned to Rodney, who just laughed and said in a deadly sounding voice, "Oh, you wanna see what the 'help' can do to you?"

I turned to him with complete seriousness and a little smugness of my own and said, "Bring it on, Daddy complex."

"I've always been Dad's favorite, you know that, right?" I sneered, stretching and gearing up for the major smack down about to happen. Got to be at my most limber when I have the chance to wage this in Rodney's face for the rest of eternity.

"Yeh, but I was the rebel child, I didn't have to be the favorite to get all the attention," he retorted. He paused, probably thinking of something else witty to say, when I took my chance. At lightning speed, I ran and struck out at him, hearing my knuckles and his collarbone crack under the pressure of my new found strength. He laughed, cracking the bone back into place before grabbing at me, and missing. This time I laughed and summoned thunder to his ears, ringing just next to both sides of his head. Oh yeh, this was a physical and elemental fight!

He fell to he knees, clawing at his ears to stop the ringing. I went at him again, striking lightning down right next to him and at the same time kneeing him in the face. I pushed the thought of, You're body's not fine, it's shutting down, stop fighting, into his mine, even though he was perfectly fine. He sneered and growled, changing into a lycan before me within seconds. Uh oh, he had me there. I hadn't picked, hadn't changed yet. His lycan body automatically lashed out at me, get my arm and tugging hard, pulling me to the grown and causing my skin to rip where his teeth had been.

He came at me before I could get up and pushed his paw down on my chest and stomach, holding it there for over a minute. Good thing I didn't need to breath for over an hour. The second he took his paw away though, the air stung my lungs and made them feel like they were on fire. Oh right, I breath so it's not painful all the time. I got off the grown and tackled him, getting him on his back, and putting my hand on his chest. I felt the electricity of life build it me, begging me to release it now, but I waited and let it build for just a little longer. Then, after a few moments of waiting, I mine you a few moments more than I waited for it to build with Jadden, I let it go. Rodney's lycan body jolted this way and that, before returning to its human form under me.

He looked up at me in amazement and I gently leaned down and kissed him on the lips and said, "At least my guardian can last longer than my enemies." I grinned and got off him and walked back to the house with Anella, Ethan, and Rodney starring after me.

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