Chapter 2: To Follow or Not?

Warnings from previous chapter are still in place.

Otherwise enjoy!

The boy was covered with that scent.

A very dangerous scent : the scent of Man. The wolf did not know exactly why he felt protective of the human, but he did so.

The wolf sniffed the boy and after cautious consideration bit the top of the boy's shirt and carefully attempted to bring the boy into his little home.

As the wolf pulled, the sounds of the shirt tearing could be heard. While the boy was being dragged across the forest floor.

After several minutes of patient pulling the wolf reached his den.

The wolf after glancing at the boy quickly rushed into his home and patted around to get a feel for the home.

Satisfied the wolf pulled the boy into his home and settled him into a corner.

A cooling breeze began to blow in the den as the wolf was finishing his task. Instinctively the wolf curled up by the boy and tried to keep him warm.

When night fell, was when the boy began to come to.

He woke up slowly, and the wolf just stared at the awakening boy .The boy looked around and upon seeing unfamiliar surroundings let out a cry.

This cry startled the wolf and he backed up cautiously.

This is when the boy first noticed the silhouette of the black wolf eyeing him with curiosity.

The boy did not know what to do; it was incredibly dark making it impossible for him to tell what's in the den with him.

The boy remained remarkably calm in hopes whatever is in the den with him would just go away.

In the meantime the wolf was astonished. He never had seen a human who did not harm him as soon as they realized what he was.

Thinking back, he remembered the heat from things on the ground in the human areas.

The wolf suddenly had an idea and burst out of the den. He quickly collected branches and brought them into the den.

The branches were of all shapes, sizes and deposited in front of the boy. The wolf having finished his task nudged the boy with his snout to the pile of branches.

The boy complied and realized quite suddenly what the wolf wanted him to do. The boy took a few branches and set them in a smaller pile from the rest.

While taking another and turned it back and forth as to make the miracle that the humans had.

Within a few peaceful minutes the miracle was revealed: fire. The small fire unveiled the den the wolf occupied which was somewhat spacious and the wolf himself.

At first the boy was frighten to be face to face with a terrible beast of the night, but then remembered the actions of this beast.

This was no beast this was his savior. The boy then petted the wolf and the wolf returned it with a lick to the face.

The wolf did not know where the lick came from, the feeling he was getting intrigued him. It was good it felt good. The duo slept side by side.

Come morning's dawn, the birds sang their wake up calls.

The wolf woke up bright and early. His stomach rumbled as he turned and watched the human boy sleep by the put out fire.

A sudden smell hit him and he was off. The wolf dashed into the forest after that innocent creature's blood. The creature mentioned was rabbit.

The rabbit dodged left and right and tried to run as fast he could hop. The wolf was right on his tail never taking his eyes off the rabbit.

Then, the rabbit made a mistake and the wolf lunged right onto the rabbit. After a small struggle the rabbit was dead.

With food in mouth, he went back to the den to see the boy rise up.

He deposited the rabbit in front of the boy, while the boy just stared at him. After moments of staring the boy took the rabbit and set it aside.

He then took from the pile of branches from last night and created a new fire.

However this time, he took an extra branch and pull rabbit meet on it. In this way he cooked his meat.

When the meat was cooked the boy gave some to the wolf. The wolf smelled it curiously and he was drooling. The food smelled wonderful and he quickly gulped it down in one bite.

After breakfast, the boy got up and went out of the den to see trees all around.

The wolf could tell he was worried and scared. The boy looked towards the sky and the horizon in the hopes of seeing something the wolf did not fully comprehend.

The boy then patted the wolf and through his body language wanted the wolf to come. He started walking and the wolf cautiously followed.