I wear a mask,
So I can hide,
The tears that cascade,
the broken sobs I make,
I'm a little girl,
Playing with a mask,
so everyone would be fooled,
that I'm okay.

I walk around in circles,
making them laugh,
saying how adorable I am,
making me smile,
because I know,
It never lasts,

I go home,
I open the door,
I hear shouting,
I hear glass breaking,
my tears cascading,
it always ends,
like this,

I tip toe to my room,
hoping they wouldn't notice,
that I was here,
and that they would stop,
and act like everything's perfect,

I lay on my bed,
hearing the shouting,
I heard steps on the floor,
coming nearer,
and nearer,
they found out I was here,
they stopped,
Everything went silent,
for the rest of the night,

I lay still for a moment,

I smiled,
they were envy at me,
they were all jealous,
they all wanted to be me,

I looked at him,
he was smiling, not at me,
I looked at my back,
there I saw her,

She was beautiful,
She was smart,
She was everything I 'was'

After days pass,
my heart broke many more,
he was with her, they were all happy,
I wasn't,

I smiled at the audience,
they smiled back at me, I packed all my belongings,
It was time to say good-bye,

I'm a little girl,
Playing with a mask,
so everyone would be fooled,
that I'm okay

I said good-bye, they said farewell,
I smiled timidly,
I saw him,
Not even bothering to glance,
at my direction

I went to my house,
I walked up the porch steps,
I heard shouting,
I can't take it anymore,

I screamed,
Everyone heard,
Everyone went outside,
Everyone saw,
Everyone witnessed,
As I said my good-bye.