I'm But Weak

All of the things, not one went my way,
I'm doomed for life.
Joy seems far, happiness kept at bay,
this pain is sharp as knife.

It's dark, I'm in pain,
I've only myself to share woes with.
I've tried, I've struggled,
the light seem to far away.

Self-encouraging, self-entertaining, self-motivating,
those were just acts of a foolish girl trying stay sane.
But all these agony, but all those grief,
they are just too real to be myths.

I fear to close my eyes, I fear to die,
tomorrow seems so cloudy, tomorrow seems so grey.
'I'm healthy, I'm fine', that's just another lie,
just let me go, just let me leave, I've lost the last ray.

For I'm only trouble, for I'll only disgrace, if I were to follow,
so despise me, so hate me, that way, I won't feel as bad.

Don't look back, don't bother,
even if you know I'm depressed,
Leave me behind, forget I ever existed,
at least I won't be a burden to you.