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Hai thar. Well, yesterday I finished watching the movie Zombie Land and it was a pretty awesome movie. So with that, I decided to base a story off of it, not fully, but it sort of will be based off of it and every other movie that concerns zombies. Anywho, anything dealing with the story will be posted up on my web. Just click the link on my page and, yeah, it'll lead you to it. The site will have whatever outfits and the like.



Kellan Martelle aka K-Mart-

sex: female

age: 18

origins: German/Native American/French

appearance: messy, shaggy, brunette hair that stops mid-sternum, brown eyes, fair-like skin

height: 5'6"

Sienna Martelle-

sex: female

age: 17

appearance: long, chestnut brown hair with china doll bangs, light blue eyes, fair-like skin

height: 5'4"

Simon Martelle-

sex: male

age: 8

appearance: short and shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, fair-skin

height: 4'9"

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Zombies

chapter 001 - the beginning of the end

It all started as a disease.

People were coming in the hospital from am to pm. All the ambulance circuit lines were filled and it was just total chaos those first few months.

Nobody really knows how it started, or where it came from.

The first to be infected by this disease was the lonely hermit Richard Grays. He came into the local diner looking like crap and filled with scratches and shit all over his face and arms and chest. I wasn't there. My dear frenemy, Helen St. Clair, told me.

"He looked so gruesome, and nasty, and yuck. The bitch looked like he needed a facelift, ASAP," Helen told me as she was flipping through her recent edition of Seventeen magazine, "oooh, now here's some good eye candy."

A few days later, I was working in the game booth at the amusement park close to downtown. It was night, around 8 pm, and it was around closing hours. My shift would end in about ten minutes so I had a few more minutes until a last customer could come and shoot hoops. Around 3 minutes until my shift would end, a man came up to me with chalky skin and cuts and bruises all over his face, neck and forearms. He gave me the money, I gave him the bright orange basketball, but he didn't shoot it, instead he threw it down and jumped across the counter to attack me. The guy was drooling all this liquidy, sticky stuff on my neck while he made these animalistic sounds. I tried to hold him off and cry out for help, but to no avail. With that, I nearly gave up and just had some last minute thoughts before I found a metal bat standing next to my hand.

I grabbed the bat and swung it hard against his head, awarded with a crack. I got up and found the monster sprawled on the ground still trying to reach for my leg. Swinging it again, the fucker was forever silenced.

Shocked would've been an understatement from what I felt right there and then. I was staring down at the mutated piece of crap laying before me, motionless, and this whole puddle of blood staining my Keds.

Three minutes later was when I came to realization and started running, running to my car and getting my ass out of the place. I didn't even bother to help clean up after hours.


Months later, my family and I quarantined ourselves in our house.

From day to night we'd hear the annoying and disturbing sounds from the streets. We barracaded all the doors and windows with all the furniture we had and barely have we seen pure daylight. When we ran out of supplies, my dad would leave with his shotgun and drive to the store. Sometimes I'd go with him, taking Balboa, the bat that saved my life at the amusement park, with me. There were survivors in the grocery store, thanks to the bulletproof windows and doors.

Other than that, we lived an ordinary life. We just had to take a weapon everywhere we went and expect a few guts and blood to be seen before dinner.

But one afternoon, one traumatizing thing happened that led to us wandering the country for safety.

Sienna was taking out the trash, the dumpster was out at our backyard. And I guess, Sienna panicked when she heard something and ran inside the house. She forgot to barracade the doors since she ran upstairs to tell us, and in went the zombie who once was Mrs. Cornwellis who lived next door. The lady was bigger and fatter than how she was before the epidemic. My dad and mom ran downstairs with their weapons, they forced us to stay upstairs to calm Simon, my younger brother.

Gunshots were heard from downstairs, and the raspy sound that came from a zombie's mouth increased in volume. I could imagine the number of zombies filing into the house.

But a few minutes later, we heard a loud slam and some shuffling downstairs, the zombie sounds were gone and all we heard was our own heavy breathing and panting. My mom and dad ran upstairs panting, both of them having blood stained on their clothes which made Simon cry even more.

"We were bitten."

Was the last thing I remember my dad saying. He looked paler and there was a big bite on both my mom and dad's wrist. They said their goodbyes to us, kissing us each on the forehead and whispering a small "I love you" in our ears. Then my dad reloaded his shotgun, gently took mom by the bicep and led them downstairs into the basement.

Then with two final gunshots, the house was silent yet again.

It was then that I made a decision to take our belongings and head out. There was no way in hell that I was going to live in a house with my parents' guts splattered all over the basement.

I told Sienna to pack all the shit we'd need while I took care of all the weapons and guns my dad had in his room. An hour later, we were prepared and armed in my dad's Lincoln Navigator. I pressed the switch to open the garage door and backed out into the zombie infested streets.


"Take that, sick ass fucker."

Sienna was actually starting to improve. She stopped screaming whenever she'd see a zombie, and she actually started to use her gun.

Simon stopped crying. He got used to seeing zombies and started yelling a whole lot of disapproving things my mom would look down on and slap him for.

We slept in the car and technically lived in the vehicle. I even added a few more defensive weapons to the car, like scrap metal from bulldozers and trucks and all that shit. Thanks to my other job of being a mechanic, I was able to install it with ease.

Starting from our small town in Washington, we've made it halfway through Oregon already. Our destination was to reach Los Angeles, California to find out if any other family members were alive. So far, we found a few other stragglers in hiding, and we were planning on finding a few more.

"So, yeah, sis. I'm pretty hungry," Sienna's stomach growled in perfect timing as she gave the zombie one last kick and I hopped off the hood of the car, "and all we got left is half a bag of Doritos."

We both climbed back into the Navigator to see Simon pigging on the said bag of Doritos. I twisted the key in the ignition, starting up the car, afterwards heading south.

"Then go finish it." I responded bluntly.

"But Simon's HOGGING IT, LIKE A PIG." She said indirectly to Simon through me and turned to look behind her seat to glare at Simon.

Instead of offering Sienna some, Simon stuffed the last few chips into his mouth before giving the bag to Sienna.

"Finally.." Sienna muttered quietly before reaching into the nearly flat bag.

I expected Sienna to stop whining her ass off, but then, the crinkling sound of the bag became louder as Sienna frantically searched for some chips at the bottom.

"What the hell Simon!? You finished it!" Sienna crumpled the bag into a ball and threw at Simon, who started yelling back at her.

Then the two started having some type of annoying verbal abuse war.

"Oh my -- can you guys SHUT UP!" I yelled loudly over the song playing on the radio, "And Simon, put your damn seatbelt on! What'd I tell you about not putting your seatbelt on?"

"You told me that if I don't have my seatbelt on, I could possibly fly out if we get into an accident and get fu-,"

"Without the bad words." I interrupted.

"Okay," he nodded his head briskly and continued, "and I could possibly fly out and get eaten by a zombie in the streets."

"Exactly," I gave him a thumbs up from behind as I continued driving, "now, let me just find a damn -- Aha!"

After a couple of hours driving aimlessly through forest after forest, we came across a small town plaza filled with restaurants and food stores. But before we were able to enter the plaza, there was a zombie standing in the middle of the street, blood drooling out of the corner of his mouth. The zombie actually would've been pretty handsome if it wasn't for all the torn skin and yellow teeth and blood and bugs flying around him.

"What a waste." I heard Sienna mutter in disappointment.

The zombie had a stare off with the Navigator before he started running towards it at top speed. And with that, I drove at about a speed of 50 mph towards the zombie's direction. Before I knew it, the zombie's blood and guts were all splattered across the hood of the car.

"Simon, don't look," I said as I looked at the mess in disgust before I muttered, "nasty shit."

We parked in the parking lot filled with about a dozen or more abandoned cars. It was pretty eerie, the plaza was surrounded by a forest on all sides, not counting the only road in front of it. From looking at the sky, I saw that it was possible that it was gonna rain in about a few hours. If we're lucky, and there aren't that many zombies in the plaza, then we'd get back before the rain starts to pour.

"Simon, stay here. Sienna and I are gonna go look for food over in these buildings, kay?" Simon nodded his head as he played with his toys, "Remember, if something is scaring you, use the walkie-talkie to communicate with Sienna and I-,"

"-me." Sienna interrupted.

"Shut the fuck up." I responded, glaring at Sienna, and then looking back at Simon with a small smile.

Simon nodded his head again before he looked up at me, "How long are you gonna take?"

"A little while, but we'll be back, I promise," Simon nodded his head and continued to play with his toys, "don't open the windows, lock all the doors, and stay hidden; play with your toys on the floor."

The Navigator was so far the most heavily armed vehicle in the parking lot. The windows were tinted, barred, and shielded; along with everything else on the Navigator. It seemed like I could go to war with the vehicle.

"I love you." I gave Simon a kiss on the head, Sienna following my motion, before we unlocked the car doors and stepped out onto the cool asphalt. Sienna and I put a child lock on each of the doors before we closed all of the doors. Never did we set the alarm, setting an alarm and having it go off would just bring in a whole horde of the undead from every direction; hence, the use of the walkie-talkies.

"Dude, it smells like shit," Sienna said as we checked the hood of the Navigator, which still had a few of the last zombie's guts all over it, "can we go to the carwash after this?"

I took a sniff and cringed, "Yeah."

"Hey, a Safeway! Would there be any survivors?" Sienna pointed to the big store in the middle.

"I don't know, let's go." I nodded my head to the store as we ran for it.

When we made it to the entrance of the store, the doors automatically slid open. That means one thing: zombies. Survivors would never leave their doors unlocked.

"Shit." Sienna said silently.

I reloaded my shotgun and entered the store, Sienna following behind me.

The first thing we heard were the animalistic sounds of the zombies. Nothing appeared out of the regular, it looked as if we're taking a daily trip to the grocery store pre-zombie apocalypse. Before we knew it, a beer-bellied zombie dressed in a white dress shirt and black slacks came running towards us, he was probably the manager. Sienna grabbed out her pistol before slickly pulling the trigger right in time, since he was almost about 4 feet in front of us.

"I sense about two more zombies in here." Sienna used her zombie instincts as she slowly walked down the aisle.

I went my seperate way, through the produce section, to find another zombie in a nightie. Immediately I shot the piece of shit down with my shotgun, the sound ringing throughout the store. Afterwards, another shot rang out, most likely coming from wherever Sienna was at.

Soon after, Sienna came running down the same aisle, as where I was, breathing heavily, "I ran through the whole store, I think we got rid of all of them."

Sienna and I did a little shopping around afterwards; buying PopTarts, chips, and whatever's needed.

"No dairy, that shit's expired by now." I said to Sienna, who was behind me, as I looked at the expiration date of the box of cookies.

As Sienna was looking through the magazine section and I was roaming the store, we heard a knock from the storage room's doors. I reloaded my gun, along with Sienna, as we slowly crept towards it.

"Do zombie's know how to knock?" Sienna asked.

"It's possible, but usually they'd either just stand there or bust the door open with their heads." I answered.

I kicked the door open to find a room covered in stone tiles and boxes. The lights were blinking and my heart was racing. Before we knew it, the door closed and locked behind us, leaving us stuck in pure darkness.

"Sienna, why the hell did you close the door?" I asked Sienna, who was probably somewhere behind me.

"I didn't." I turned to see Sienna standing right next to me.

"Oh, shit."

Yes! Chapter One completed. I dunno, but I just love writing and reading zombie stories. It's practically like my therapy. Like if I get angry, I can vent out by having Kellan, for example, kill all the zombies in the world. :D Anywho, read and review please. Well, thanks for reading. Later.