This was written for my husband who is struggling with depression


I know it hurts
Believe me I know it hurts
I know it burns
Believe me I know the words

You hate me

But know, I've only sacrificed
Myself; but you still seem dead
And when you finally pick yourself
Up, I'll be here with words unsaid

I'll never leave
You'd have to be so insane
I'll never go
I know it seems so insane

I know you bleed
Believe me I know you bleed
I know you dream
Believe me I know your screams

You hate me

Just know, everything you hate
Will stop; It all has to end
So go, just a little more
And please, don't give up yet


Just drip your venom on me
I swear I won't feel it
I'm just here; just here for you
I swear I won't crumble down

Just let the venom go
I'll do the best I know


I know your pain
Believe me I know your pain
I know insane
Believe me I know the way