I was just looking out of a window. Looking outside toward a field full of trash and a unfinised building with a newspaper on my lap.

It's more of rant poem.


I looked outside one day

Wondering what should I say

Around this world I saw

Half finished buildings

Crumbling from our woes


Why can't we humans?

In this lonely world

Get along for goodness sake?


Why can't we humans care?

For more than just the present


Why can't we humans?

Help our fellow man?

What ever happen?

To "help thy neighbor"?


Why must I see?

Kindness stripped away

Only to be stored away

Why is being rotten?

So good today?


Why must we trample one another?

Just to make it through.

Where ever happen?

To the visions of peace?

To helping each other?

To human kindness?


I know I heard

A long time ago

That this war

Was to end all wars

I know I heard

A long time ago

That being good to each other

Was the way to heaven


But then I thought today

Maybe hell is here

Maybe it's here to stay


I know it's a lot to ask

But why can't we work for a better future

Or to gain peace?

Or maybe to end poverty?

Or maybe be kind to the fellow humans?

Who share this planet with you.

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