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Chapter Nine


Charming and I were sitting on his bed after arriving home from our shopping spree. "Elliot, please will you put on a fashion show? For me?" Pouting and giving me his best puppy-face, Charming wheedled me.

Sighing, I gave in. "Fine! I'll do it, okay?"

Face instantly brightening, Charming exclaimed, "Great! Right now?"

"I guess," I grumbled. "Do you want to do it in here?"

"No... let's do it in the ball room."

Rolling my eyes, I muttered, "What difference does it make? But if that's what you want, whatever. I'll do it."

"Terrific!" said Charming, leaping out of bed. He pulled me up with one hand and grabbed a bunch of the shopping bags with the other. "Take those." He pointed to the rest of the bags and started down the hall.

Not too eager about this, I trudged behind him. He stopped in front of a door across from a window overlooking a long stretch of green pastures. "This isn't--"

"I know," he interrupted, flinging open the door and yanking me in.

Looking around the dark place, I asked, "What are we doing in a broom closet?"

"This." He demonstrated what 'this' was, a kiss. Our breaths came out in shallow pants as our lips fused together.

"Charming," I breathed as soon as I had the chance. "What if someone catches us?"

"Ssh..." Tracing my ear with his tongue, he told me, "No one will catch us if you keep quiet."

"You never know..."

Reluctantly, he opened the door. "All right, we have to go to your fashion show anyway." He gave me one last peck before dragging me out by my hand. Then, he skipped down the stairs, nearly knocking me down in the process.

Gasping, I cried, "Charming! Slow down!"

Slowing slightly, he muttered, "Sorry. I'm just sort of excited to see you in the miniskirt."

He did not just say-- "Miniskirt?! You bought a miniskirt?!" I nearly dropped my bags in shock.

"You didn't notice?"

"No!" When had he managed that?

As if he had read my mind, he said, "You were in the bathroom when I picked it out. But you were there when I paid for it." He grinned triumphantly.


After nearly an hour of putting together the ensembles, we were ready. First up (by Charming's request which could not be refused) was the metallic blue miniskirt, a silver, sparkly, sequined tank top, and ridiculously high heels. Stilettos, I think he called them. Backstage, I put on the outfit and then I attempted to walk out.

Clomping onto the stage, I complained, "I feel stupid! Why do I have to do this?" Then I froze, realizing that Charming was in mid-kiss with another boy. "Ch-charming?" I choked out.

Both of them froze. Backing up, Charming whispered, "It's not what you think."

At the same time, the other boy, a handsome young redhead, flashed me his brilliant white teeth. "Hello, are you Charming's sex slave?" Without allotting time for me to answer, he flowed forth. "Nice to meet you. I'm Cristian, Charming's boyfriend. That's a nice skirt you've got. I can see why Charming bought you."

"I--" Faltering, I looked from Charming to Cristian and back. My face was flaming, I knew, and I was ready to burst into tears.

"It's not what you think!" Charming repeated hysterically.

"I want to believe you..." I jammed my palm into my eye.

"Please, Elliot, let me explain." His voice took on an edge of desperation. When I made no move to speak, he continued. "You know I would never keep any secrets from you. Cristian is not my boyfriend."

Don't listen to him, Elliot," Cristian commanded. "Don't get yourself hurt. Just go and leave us in privacy.

"Elliot, I've been romantically involved with Cristian in the past, but I'm not anymore, I swear to you." As I refused to look at him, his voice cracked. "Please, I would never betray you!"

"He's lying," Cristian sneered.

"Cristian is just my father's advisor's son, nothing more to me."

"Who do you believe?"

Having both of them plead to me at the same time was disorienting. After a few nerve-wracking moments of silence, I spoke. "I believe Charming." Another eerie quiet followed my statement, and then utter chaos.

"How could you--"

"Thank God''

"That scum-ball--"

"I love you so--"


"JUST SHUT UP!" I shouted over the din. "Cristian, if you were really Charming's boyfriend, you'd be nicer. I know that Charming doesn't date scum-balls like you. And Charming, I love you so much too."

"I--" Seemingly too happy for words, Charming jumped ran to me, picked me up, and spun me around. "I love you, I love you, I love you!" he sang. He let me down just in time to see the door slam shut after a furiously storming Cristian. "We don't have to finish this if you don't want to," said Charming, ruffling my hair.

"No, I don't mind. But you're going to owe me one massive cuddle session."




Cuddling with Elliot was twice as good as sex with other men. Both of us were lying void of shirts under the covers of my bed. Our legs were intertwined like a grape vine and we both had one hand in the other's hair. I was absentmindedly tracing the contours of his muscled chest; he seemed to just be admiring my body. Every once in a while, one of us would lean forwards for a kiss. He reached up to stroke my arm and I realized he was writing 'I love you' with his finger.

"I love you too," I answered aloud.

Basking in each other's warmth, I felt very safe. It was silent until Elliot said, "Charming?"

"Mhm?" I hummed.

"You've... had sex before, right?"

Cautiously, I answered, "Yes..." What was he getting at?

"A lot of times?"

"Not... a lot. But enough times. Why?"

Face burning crimson, he mumbled, "I was thinking..." He paused, biting his lip. "I was wondering..."

"Yes?" I gently prodded.

"Would you... you know..." Embarrassed, he hid his head in my chest.

"You want to have sex?" I murmured calmly into his hair.

He looked back up. "...Sort of. Untangling himself from me, he sat up. "I don't know... if I'm ready."

"Mentally or physically?" I joked.

"Both," he replied seriously.

Pondering what he had just said, I beamed. "You want to, but you're scared?" He nodded. "I don't want to rush you into sex. But... we could just... touch." Demonstrating by sliding my hand down the front of his pants, I said," Like this." His eyes widened in shock, and perhaps fear. "We don't have to, of course," I quickly said, withdrawing my hand.

"No!" He grabbed my hand. "I like it," he admitted shyly, blushing.

"Did you? Then maybe you'll like this..." Sitting up, I flicked my tongue against his belly-button and drew a saliva trail up to his throat.

Shivering, he moaned. "Are you sure it's okay if we do this?" he whispered as I put my hand on the front of his bulging pants.

"Who cares?" I resumed my petting and licking and I felt him harden under my touch. "I love you..."