So, I decided to humor some you and upload some stories that I wrote during my childhood. These two stories are from my second grade draft book, and have not been revised. So. . . Please don't think that my writing skills are equvilent to those of an eight-year old. =P

Puppy Tails

Long ago, in an abandoned town, there was a small pet shelter owned by a wise, old man who loved animals. He had two cats, two birds, and two mice. He had only one puppy dog that had a very long tail.

The other pets laughed at its long tail. The wise, old man told them, "You will get your turn to be made fun of."

The next day, a family of orphans came to the town. The wise, old man was right— The orphans only liked the puppy. They thought that his tail was cool and cute.

Puppy Tails Two

One morning, Willsome the puppy was just waking up, when, suddenly, he realized that Matilda wasn't in the room. Of course, Matilda the orphan found a nice home, some parents, and a nice name for her new puppy, which was Willsome. Willsome was really worried. He checked every room in the house. There was no sign sign of Matilda.

So Willsome went to the old man's pet shop where he was raised.

"Welcome back Willsome!" the other animals shouted.

"One of the cats was adopted and named Curtis," said one bird.

"Have you seen Matilda?" asked Willsome. "I can't find her anywhere."

"I had the same complaint ten minutes ago," said the old man. "Why don't you help the other puppy?"

Willsome said, "Okay." The other puppy was brown with a black splatter on her back, had a pink bow on her head, and was just a little bit smaller than Willsome.

"Hi, my name is Charlotte. I need help finding Jason, my owner," said Charlotte.

"Well then, let's go, Charlotte," Willsome said, eager to find their owners.

They searched everywhere.

"Oh well," said Charlotte. "Thanks for helping me, anyways. Bye-bye." Just as soon as they were starting to leave. . .

"Suprise!!!" It was a surprise party for Willsome and Charlotte. They loved it so much, that they stayed up until midnight.

The End.

Why there is an animal shelter in an abandoned town, I don't know. I'm also not quite sure what a group of homeless children are doing in said abandoned town. . .

Since I feel like uploading a bunch-a stuff to Fictionpress, this is going to be a collection of childhood stories, eventually, hence the name of this "story".

I'm not looking for critique, though reviews are always welcome and appreciated. :)