A Porsche and a Lexus were driving in opposite directions on an otherwise empty road. The Porsche glided smoothly along the street, just under the speed limit. The Lexus flew 10 miles over the speed limit, swerving madly as it did.

The Lexus soon came veering into the Porsche's view. There was no way the Porsche could avoid it. Both cars slammed into one another head-on. Not another movement came from either of them.

Fortunately, there were witnesses, and one called the police.

When the policeman arrived, he first questioned the witnesses. They all had the same story: the Lexus was out of control and was at fault.

The policeman then went to his trunk and returned with a special set of "wheel-cuffs". He put one end on his car and the other end on the Lexus and drove away.

Several months later, the Lexus was tried and convicted of reckless endangerment.

The moral of the story is, putting the blame on inanimate objects, whether they be cars, music, or movies, for a human's bad behavior is, in most cases, ridiculous and rarely solves a problem.