I was looking upon the anchor we have here at Almyropotamo. (old navy submarine base)

When I thought of this

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Did you know my fellows

That the past leaves us behind

Just so we can face it today

Looking upon the ancient anchor

I am re told the story of our fathers

The role they played in history

They price they payed

You see my fellows

Life is told by the relics of time

Of one leaves behind

Reminding us the days of yesterday

True immortality

Of which can never be attained

Can possibly be attained

By another way

By the immortality

Of your own legend

For if you leave behind a relic

People will be taken back

To the days of your day

To live out your legend

In this way you live on

In this way your legend lives on

By dragging the past to the future

Or is it the other way?

Answer the question?


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