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A bright light enveloped in one part of the Internet. When the light vanished, Paulo appeared in its place. Paulo went to Coastline Square and waited his friends. After 2 minutes, his friends arrived.

"Hey guys!" said Paulo while waving at his friends.

"Hey Paulo!" the group replied.

"So what are we gonna do today?" asked Paulo.

" Well maybe we'll ba-" Said Joseph but then he was cut by screams heard in the other side of the square. Then a girl with blue hair, blue shirt and apparently has a fish tail and has light blue skin approached the group.

"Are you Paulo?" said the girl.

"Well yeah. Who are you?" Paulo said.

"I am Eon! The Water Master of the E-Vals!" said Eon.

" The Who now?" asked Paulo.

"No questions. I want you to battle me." replied Eon.

Everyone used the battle cards and their battle gears said, "BATTLE MODE ACTIVATED". Then everyone was transferred to a battlefield.

"Norm Card Activate!" they shouted in unison.

"I wonder what attack will come out?" Paulo thought. When he used his hand, an aurora-colored ball shot from his hand.

"What attack is this?" he thought but then remembered a flashback.


"The available attributes so far are fire, water, earth, wind, light, dark, and the rarest of them all, the mixed attribute. The mixed attribute has all the existing attributes and you can use them at any time but there are only 2 in existences and 1 is still in the process stage."


"I have a mixed attribute?!"thought Paulo. Eon did not dodge the attack and got hit by the aurora-colored ball. Eon pressed some buttons from her battle gear but none of the group saw her do it.

"Thanks for the battle but I have to get back home." said Eon.

"Wait!" Paulo exclaimed but it was too late. Eon disconnected from the Internet.

"Well that sure was weird." said Idette.

"Yeah! I think something's up around here!" replied Paulo.

"Well we have to go now and sleep or else, we'll oversleep!" said Roselene while looking at Paulo. Everyone sweatdropped.

"Yeah yeah!" replied the group.


You may think that Paulo overslept huh? Think again.

He REALLY OVERSLEPT! He was even late for first period that made the teacher really upset. Actually, he wasn't him only. IT WAS THE WHOLE GROUP! Even Roselene overslept and he was the one who reminded them. Talk about irony. Well, back to the story.

"T-tthat was h-hharsh! I t-thought the principal was the h-hharshest of them all but I guess I was w-wwrong." said Idette.

"I d-ddidn't know that Mr. G-ggronster was THAT s-sstrict!" said Paulo.

" Well n-nnow we know that we should n-nnever oversleep b-bbecause if we d-ddo, we will b-bbe sent into the f-ffreezer again!" said Roselene.

"Yeah! I d-ddon't want t-tthat again. I was so c-ccold that time!" said Joseph.

"I will n-nnever live m-mmyself again if t-tthat happens a-aagain!" said Finessa.

Yep! The teacher WAS SO STRICT that the group was sent to the freezer of the cafeteria to wake them up for the rest of the day! Weird.

"I t-tthought that the teacher would s-ssend us to detention. That is more b-bbetter than being sent to a f-ffreezer! At least detention wasn't t-tthat cool!" said Kean. "Hey g-gguys, let's go to m-mmy house to h-hheat us up!" said Tanya. So everyone went to Tanya's house to... heat? themselves up. That is until,

ACHOO!! was heard in the group. They did know who sneezed.

"Sorry g-gguys!" said Idette.

"Here, let me help you." said Paulo. Without any warning from everyone, Paulo hugged Idette. Idette also returned the hug. Everyone was REALLY SHOCKED! No one would move from their position because they never saw Paulo HUGGED Idette! Even Paulo himself was shocked that he did that. Idette also was shocked at first and was shocked again that she returned the hug. Paulo and Idette hug lasted for 5 minutes. After that, Paulo and Idette coldness was gone because of the crazy blushes that they have been giving off.

"H-hhey guys, L-LLETS GO NOW!!!" said the rest of the group. "Sorry!" said the two. So NOW they head to Tanya's house to heat the others up.


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