I was watching some birds fly around a tree when I thought of this.

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Into the wild blue sky

Today I would love to roam


The bright sun shines

Painfully pointing out

My lack of wings


Oh how I want

To be like Icarus

Flying in sky

Resisting the pull of earth

Never to come down again

To fly in peace

With the wind at my back


Was it centuries ago?

That man first wanted to fly?

Ever since then

We wondered how to try


Then came along a few people

Who showed us a wooden thing

The little thing took into the sky

Amazing you and I


From then forward

History calls it a plane

It served for war

While also serving for peace


What we realize now

Is our goal has been not yet reached

We touched the limits of the sky

Going farther than every bird's reach


Above the clouds we soared

Having no end to our reach

Realization dawned

When we saw the birds

Once again in the sky

We may reached the sky

But we shall never fly