So, you guys enjoying the story?

Thislia here, by the way.

Well, are you? Enjoying it? Or you as bored as me and co?

I used to really like it, and really enjoy writing it. But now, I'm bored and just forcing everything out.

See, I have this brilliant idea for a no.2, and, in my opinion anyway, it's pretty awsome, better, bit more exciting. So, guys, this is it. I am going to stop writing Me, the Supernatural.

I just want to thank people who left me reviews, added this to their favourites, or encouraged me in anyway with this story. It's a shame I have to finish, but it doesn't seem right to continue.

As for no.2, which will now be no.1 (if that makes sense), I don't know when I will start. I have loads of ideas I want to write. One in particular which I want to REALLY write. So watch this space - but not too closely, as it will be a while.

Thanks again

Thislia x