Well my friends, these are just little things I had to write for my creative writing class. Most of them are on the sad track, but don't blame me for the tragedies! It was what my professor wanted us to write. Each chapter will be a different assignment. I hope you enjoy the relatively short stories and random poems. Please comment. I really do enjoy hearing from you. Now, this story was supposed to be a horror. He wanted us to write a horror short story but I suck at horror and so I ended up turning it into a thriller of sorts by accident. Yay for failed attempts lol. Enjoy ~


It was all happening so fast. I hadn't even realized I drew my sword on him. The next thing I knew I was attacked on all sides by my fellow riders and the sword pulled free from my grasp. They wrestled me to the ground and wrenched my hands behind my back to breaking point. The lord stared down at me in an angry haze and bellowing orders and they dragged me kicking and screaming down the hall towards the dungeon. They bound me hand and foot and covered my face in a black cloth and locked the door behind them with mild shouts.

There was nothing but darkness all around me. I could not move no matter how I tossed and turned nor could I see the ghastly cell I now resided in. The cold and wet slab of stone was the only inclination of where I lay. I wonder where the wetness came from but didn't dare dwindle on the thought. For all I know it could have been the blood or waste of the man before me. With my face pressed against the stone, I could smell the musky hue of human decay and mold growing from the dampness within the cracks somewhere.

I forced my heart to slow and tried to listen to the world around me. Then I felt it; the crawling, scratching, and nibbling of the thing that ran up my back and scurried around my legs. I yelped at the suddenness of movement and tried to kick off whatever was there or squish it as I moved but it was faster. Up and between my legs it ran and onto my torso. I turned again in a panic but it raced along by body with one fluid motion and bit my arm. I cried out and tried to shake it off instead. The thing only bit down harder to keep its nasty little fangs in my flesh. Then I heard the squeaking and the scratch of padded feet coming my way.

They were all over the place! I couldn't see them and didn't know which direction they were coming from or how many there were. Something furry brushed my cheek and another ran by my throat. My mouth dried and my heart started jumping like jack rabbit running from a fox. I tried backing into a wall but I didn't know where I was going or if I was going in the right direction. More of those biting creatures ran around me. They ran through my clothes and I could feel their needle like nails dig into my skin as they ran and I couldn't help but scream. It is one thing to face your fate by the sword and stare a man in the eye to see your death, quite another to suffer it blind and unable to lift a finger to fight it off.

I rolled and floundered on the floor but only made the heathens bite and scratch. I was sure I was bleeding from every part of my body by now but I couldn't stop moving. Just to surrender and lay on the floor while they nibbled their way through me wasn't an option. If I lay still they might think me dead and nibble the more out of me and there would be nothing left for the executioner to do but throw my riddled corpse back into the street for the other animals to pick at at their leisure.

"By the Goddess of the Moon, I beg you to get them off me!" I screamed to no one and anyone. There had to be someone out there watching. An echoed laugh sounded somewhere behind me but no door unlocked, no welcome footsteps came to chase away the ail of these fleas. I haven't cried since I was a lad still holding onto my mother's skirts but the agony of these things eating at me was more than I could bare even for a hardened warrior. "Brother! Please help me!" I begged again but the laughter rang in the echoed cell. The creatures scurried dangerously close to my face and ran their games on my chest. A few bit at my ear and another up against my throat. I screamed again and did what must have looked like a spasm to rid them from me.

I don't know how long I fought with the invisible bitters but it must have been a long time. There was no way for me to keep up my screaming and fighting. I did indeed end up going limp and letting them crawl on me the way they pleased and only whimpers escaped me lips. I was drenched in something; probably my own waste, blood, and sweat. My hair was plastered to my face and something was running down it. My throat was dry and all I could taste was that metallic flavor of blood. My body was sore and I was sure I had holes in my body like the rags on a man-servant. My tears had long gone and faded away but the dry streaks were licked by the creatures. I flinched and wondered if they would attack my eyes anytime soon. Some had already started to nibble at the black cloth on them.

Then I heard the lock come undone and the door open wide with a loud screech. The things squeaked in protest and ran from me. I gave a silent thanks to the Gods but I had been too quick to count my blessings. Rough hands grabbed my shoulders and hauled me up from the floor. They snickered and dragged me free of the cell. We must have walked out into the yard because I could smell the horses and the waste that had been dumped out of the dun. They brought me up steps and made sure I hurt myself as they dragged me up. They tore away the black cloths and I blinked away the pain of the sun's rays on my eyes.

Before I had a chance to check my surroundings, a rope was tied around my throat and pulled tight. I winced and blinked a few more times. I was about to be hanged. My heart thumped hard once more. I was going to be hanged and left in an unmarked grave; my soul trapped in my cursed body for the priests wouldn't say a word over a damned man. In terror I pulled at the rope but I was too weak to fight it after my ordeal with the dungeon creatures. People were watching me with mild interest. Most of them were glad I was about to be hanged. Said I deserved it. If only they knew. Then I heard a screech and a weeping. I turned to see my mother in the crowd crying over her dishonored son.

My own eyes began to swell with tears. This wasn't the way I had wanted to die. Maybe eaten by those things would have been better. I didn't want my own mother to see me this way. My father stood beside her, his eyes boring into mine with hatred. He was the ever loyal knight in shining armor for the damned lord. He had never accepted me as a son and now he never would. Seeing the hatred in his eyes stung worse than the God forsaken creatures. At least they had no reason to hate. I wanted to say at least one word to my broken family but the executioner didn't give me that right. He stuffed the cloth into my mouth and almost down my throat. I chocked on the rag and tears streamed openly now. My mother screamed again for mercy but my father pulled her back and slapped her hard. I cried out but only a muffle if that could have been heard. Then the string was pulled and the rope constricted my throat. I didn't die instantly and I wish I had. I struggled for each breath and kicked out into the air in a frantic attempt to live. With each stroke I was fading. With each step I was closer to the dreaded mist lands. Darkness was surrounding me again and gore rose in my throat. The last thing I heard was my mother's ear piercing keen. My last fears; I'd be trapped in my body for eternity and my poor lady mother rested at the mercy of my father's hand.