The final day,
the final stage,
a classroom I see,
all ready at last.

Though for the orphans,
though for the kids,
yet looking back now,
only anguish do I taste.

Only short-lived happiness,
only short-lived joy,
have I brought over,
to these hopeful souls.

After our farewell,
after our depart,
their emotions back to square one,
or maybe worse, I should say.

But rest assure,
my distant friends,
this will not,
be a lifetime's part.

It's only temporary,
it's only a break,
just don't forget,
I'll be back one day.

A/N: I went to Cambodia for CIP (for those who don't know, it's some kind of helping hand project whereby you go overseas to help the less fortunate) last year. People in Cambodia don't like others to show sympathy for them, they have a lot of pride. If you're only there to sympathize them, they won't accept you. They would rather you don't turn up than to turn up with a sympathatic heart.

This was my reflection on the last day of the trip... I still feel like I was a great lier, a betrayal... Just someone who's there to trample on their hope, their trust, and their pride. I know I won't be going back again... I wish I can this year, but they changed the destination...

I decided not to edit it at all because this was written when I knew all the emotions there and then. (somewhat impromptu poetry)

Apologies for dry vocabulary and poor poetry form.