Mysti and Akane where out shopping. Thus leaving four very bored male teens in the living room of a very huge house that can be compared to a mansion.

"The heck? There's nothing to do and our only entertainment just ran away!" the youngest looking boy whined as he rolled, side to side on the floor.

The eldest looking one just huffed and crossed his arms while the one with crimson red hair snoring away on a black leather love seat.

"Oi wake up." the one with bleached hair snapped at the snoring teen.

"Mmmgh . . . nnnn . . ." the sleeping teen made whimpering noises.

"Oi!" the bleached haired male snapped again and this time slammed his right hand on the sleeping teen's face.

"Ommmphggh!!!" he grunted in surprised and rolled off the couch.

Meanwhile at a near by shop, Mysti yawned as Akane looked through the many shelves and found nothing she could bake cake with.

"Damn!" she cursed. "All sold out!" she whined to Mysti who sighed.

"Then lets go, it's cold in here, I don't have a sweater, since it's summer." Mysti said and Akane whined some more. " Shut it. " Mysti snapped and the other female just huffed and playfully hit her friend's head.

"Alright, I wonder how the boys are holding up. They always seem to get into trouble whenever we're not around." Akane said as she skipped out of the shop's exit. Mysti who was only a few foot steps behind shivered and shrugged.

In just fifteen minutes later they arrived back home. The house that they shared with the four other males. Which makes them wonder why do others think so bad of it?

Was it because they were females? Mysti shrugged and took out the keys to the house, unlocked the door and was jumped on by a boy that looked like he was only thirteen but was really fifteen.

The fifteen year old also had bright blond hair and little horns spouting at side of his head. His eyes where silvery blue with no pupils. He was a demon of some kind. The boy simply wouldn't tell them what kind he was.

"Mysti!" the boy squealed with joy and rubbed his head against her chest. Mysti twitched a little and the boy was thrown off by the boy who looked as if he was twenty but really eighteen.

The twenty year old looking man had messy midnight black hair with some white highlights on his bangs and on the right side of his hair – do. The man also had silvery white eyes, and similar to the fifteen year old's, he had no pupils.

Mysti suddenly jumped the man and clinged onto him for dear life.

"Sohjo!" she squealed happily and the man now dubbed Sohjo hugged her back, squeezing her tightly and carried her off to god knows where.

"Damn Sohjo always taking Mysti away!" the fifteen year old whined.

"Shut up brat." the crimson haired teen said as he ruffled the kid's head.

"Hey! Ouch, I have a name you know! It's Leo! L – E – O! LEO!" Leo screeched out angrily. And seeing as Leo hadn't gone through puberty his voice sounded way too feminine.

"Calm down Leo!" Akane said as she elbowed the crimson haired teen in the stomach and grabbed Leo's hand, dragging him back to the living room.

And once they got to the living room, they found a teen with bleached hair slumped against the bottom of the couch and tons of paperwork in front of him. He groaned.

"Ahh? Terri! I thought you finished these already!" Akane exclaimed as she jumped on his back.

"Wait, what? Where the fuck did you come from?" he said as his head collided with the table's surface top.

"Uhm, the store?" Akane said, "Well, you better hurry up, these are due tomorrow."

"I know that . . ." Terri said as he turned his head to kiss Akane' cheek. She giggled and hung her arms tighter around Terri's neck.

Terri had bleached blond hair, and bright green eyes. His skin was tan, making his looks, look perfectly hot. He also had at least three piercing on his right ear.

The crimson haired teen that was at the door way, rubbed his injured stomach and yawned.

"A' right, I'm going to beeaaaaad. . ." he said as he yawned. He stretched and hooked a finger in Leo's collar.

"Brat, you're coming with me." he said and dragged Leo to his bedroom.

"Haaaa! No!" Leo blushed and screamed, " Kane! Lemme go! KANE! Huh? Hey- d-d-dont touch- ahh . . ." was the last thing to be heard from Leo's mouth as it was occupied by a certain teen's fingers.

"Ah, I wonder what it's like to be gay-" Terri wondered out loud then was hit on the head by Akane.

She huffed and ran to her bedroom. Now Terri was the only one in the living room.

He sighed and continued the endless piles of paperwork that he had to submit tomorrow morning.

'Damn, they knew this was going to happen so they made me head of the household.' Terri cursed and continued signing and reading through the articles.

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