Kevin overheard two of his restaurant employees talking about their salaries. They agreed that they were not getting paid as much as they would like. This topic was common among those who worked for him.

Wanting to make his workers happy, Kevin raised the price of everything by one dollar, and increased the employee wages.

By the end of the month, Kevin noticed that his restaurant earned slightly less than average. Also, some of his usual customers stopped coming. Obviously, the customers were not too happy about the new prices. The employees did not seem too bothered about their raises.

So Kevin came up with another plan. Not only did he reset everything to their original prices, but he cut those prices in half.

Despite attracting more customers, this decision caused him to earn an even smaller profit by the following month. After the restaurant overhead and food, he could barely afford to pay all of his employees. He didn't pay himself at all.

This month, Kevin decided to go back to the original prices. After a while, his business was back to its usual routine.

The moral of the story is, it is impossible to please everyone. No matter what you do, you will always have people on the outside of your profession, hobby, etc. complaining that either you are doing something wrong, or that it is not good enough for them. Before changing your rules for their benefit, keep in mind that you may risk decreasing the satisfaction of yourself and other people.