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The Forest

By J.L Lofthouse

Copyright © 2010 Jessica Lofthouse

I would just like to say that this story is copyrighted, and I wouldn't even try to think about ignoring that fact for YOU WILL BE CAUGHT. This is the result of my hard work and I have evidence to prove that this work is mine and mine alone.

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So you know when its one of those mornings, when your lying in your nice warm, cosy bed on a chilly morning, feeling completely at ease with everything and you can just lie there fro hours on end in utter bliss without anyone bothering yo-"

"-Luna! We have a problem."

Well bye bye utter bliss.

"Luna get up!" said Light pulling my covers right off of me exposing me to the chilly air. Light stood at the bottom of my bed his white blonde hair that reached his ears was all messy, he was tall and well muscled his chest was heaving up and down as if he had just ran for his life, which knowing Light was probably true- his dark brown eyes were wide.

"What's wrong?" I hissed, really pissed of at the fact that I was rudely awoken, one thing you might what to know about me is that I'm hell on earth when woken up. What? I'm not a good morning person, so sue me.

"A human has entered the forest" he gasped.

And with that I was up and dressed before you could even blink. Literally.

"Lets go." And I was out.

We found the human in no time at all, she was a girl a bit smaller than me, about 5'10, she had light brown hair and was wearing nothing more than boots and a thin white cotton night dress. I couldn't really see her face the lantern she carried cast to many shadows that even my eyes couldn't see. The girl walked into an open area, idiot, she could be seen by others, was she trying to get herself killed? Her back was turned to the tree I was in, I had to get her out of here fast if she wanted to live.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you never to come into the forest at night? Because who knows what's lurking around these woods waiting to take a bite of a little girl like you"

The girl turned around sharply, lifting her lantern high up casting light over her, revealing her face. She had soft features which told me that she was a sweet, kind child, she had big hazel eyes full of fear. I stepped into her line of sight and she saw me, "Hi" I smiled "my names Lu-"

She screamed. Then, she ran.

Fuck! Why the hell do they always run?

I called upon the shadows and thought of the girl, one second I'm on a tree branch staring at the back of the running girl, the next I'm on the other side of the clearing and the girl was now running to me.

When she saw me, she made a motion to turn back and run back the way, but I anticipated it and grabbed her arm with my left and covered her mouth with my right. The girl struggled against me but I kept hold of her.

"Now why the hell do you lot always run when I'm trying to save your sorry asses?" I asked the girl.

"Probably because you start with the 'didn't anyone ever tell you?' that would scare the shit out of anyone especially coming from you sis." Sighed Light as he appeared beside me. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, Light happens to be my pain-in-the-ass older brother. I know it sucks right?

"Shut up! And besides I wasn't asking to you"

The girl's struggles were getting weaker, I needed her to calm down or risk attracting unwanted attention.

"Sh, sh it's okay I'm not going to hurt you, I'm here to help, I'm going to get you back home okay? But I need you to calm down or else its going to be very hard to keep you safe okay? My name is Luna and the other guy is Light" The poor girl was shaking, either from the cold or fear, probably both from the limited amount of clothes she has on.

"I'm going to let you go know okay? Promise me you won't run away and you have to keep quiet." The girl nodded and I let her go slowly ready to get her back if she tries to run or scream.

She must have trust me or given up- I'm betting on the latter-because she sank to the ground and looked at me.

"P…please d…don't h…hurt m…me" she sobbed.

"We won't I promise you, what's your name?"


"Okay Elizabeth, what are you doing here?"

She took a deep breath and said "I'm l…looking for m…my l…little brother"

"Your brother? What does he look like?" I thought back a couple of days ago, a little boy around the age of ten was brought to me, he was as tall as my waist, with a mop of brown hair and big hazel eyes, he was a sweet kid, I had to admit I liked him.

She took another deep breath, " he is about this tall" she raised her hand to about the same level as my waist, "brown hair , hazel eyes…" she hiccupped.

"I know who you mean, we have him" she looked up startled, "its okay, he's safe we found him wondering the woods about four days ago"

"THAT'S HIM!" she yelled in joy.

"shut up!" I hissed at her.

She looked at me scared.

"I'm sorry its just that, we" I pointed to Light and myself "we may be good but that doesn't mean that everything in these woods are good"

"what do you mean?" she asked.

"I mean…well its probably better if I take you to a safe place before I told you"

She nodded "but before I do what are you? And how do I know I can trust you?"

She's smarter than she looks, I'll give her that.

"okay, I will explain quickly, but listen carefully" she nodded, I sat down with my legs crossed in front of her, "Light go keep look out will you?"

"Sure" he replied and vanished, Elizabeth gasped as he did so.

"Right here I go, I'm what's known as a Shade,"

"I've never heard of a Shade" she said.

"you wouldn't of, we are very secret, even the Supernaturals think we are nothing more than a myth,"


"you know, the rest of the things in this forest,"

"like Vampires, and Werewolves?" I nodded "but I thought they weren't real"

"trust me Elizabeth" I smiled "they are defiantly real and don't ever forget it. Anyway even they think we don't exist, we keep ourselves hidden within shadows, hence the name Shades. Some Supernaturals know we exist, but don't know what we look like, and some do, but only a handful. We are creatures of Darkness we can do lots of things such as disappear and reappear in another place."

"like you did before? When you were surrounded by black smoke?"

"Yes, nearly all of us can do it, but that 'smoke' as you call it is actually our power in true form, some of us, the ones strong enough to do it, can manipulated it to do what we want it to, like it could act as a whip or rope, if you are really strong, you can make it into solid objects like swords or arrows. Our power depends on its user, its part of us and we are part of it, its almost like part of our blood stream. The stronger you are the more you can do with it." I took a breath, damn that was a lot to explain.

"so what about you?" she asked.


She nodded.

"well, I'm different, I'm actually leader of the Shades, I'm young but I'm the strongest out of everyone, if you ever saw me mad well… well hopefully you will never have to see"

"why what would happen?" I sighed.

"basically my power, if I release it all, is so strong it could bring my people to their knees from the force of it all, and for a human probably knock them unconscious"

"would we die?"

"No, not unless I directed it all at that human, if that then yes they would die."

"okay, so what do you all do?"

The sky was clear letting the half moon shine down onto the forest, which good for us we weren't in the open or we would be seen.

"Basically, my followers guard the forest, to make sure no human ever enters and no Supernatural get out. You see some Supernaturals, not all, but some hate the humans, you humans have got the world, you have the seas, the land, even though this forest is probably one quarter of the world you still have more, and the Supernaturals hate you for that, you are weak compared to us, we could break you all so easily and take the world, but to do that we would have to kill all of you. And most of us don't want to do that."

"and your one of those who doesn't want to kill us right?"

I smiled, "right, though sometimes, just sometimes humans get in and Supernaturals get out, we're not perfect and we do our best that's why some humans die because of wild animal attacks because Supernaturals try to start a war to take the world for us. And that is why I am going to get you and your brother back home. As for the trust thing I told you all of this, and I could have killed you when I saw you, and I could have taken you back to my home by force, but I didn't, other than that if you still don't see why you can trust me then think about this, you may not trust me but do you think you can trust anyone in this forest? After all you don't know which Supernaturals hate humans and which ones don't.

"that makes sense, but just one more question?"

"what?" I asked as I stood up and dusted the dirt off of me and stretched my legs.

"you said before about your followers" I froze "what did you mean by that?"

"You have to understand, I may be leader but that doesn't mean that everyone likes me. You see some hate me for not wanting to take over the humans, and those who do like me and side with me are my followers, my species are split in half, those who hate humans and those who don't. that's all for now we have to be getting on, encase a human hater, or an Erra as we call them find us."

"okay but what do you call the ones who don't hate my kind?"

Light came back, "its okay but I say we get moving you know how fast Weres are and Vamps if they catch our sent"

I nodded,

"Elizabeth, Light you go on ahead" he nodded and left, "Elizabeth I need you to hold on to me okay? Hold on really tight and close your eyes it will only be for a second but you might feel a bit ill afterwards."

"okay" she came up to me and put her arms round me as if it were a hug I did the same getting a good hold on her making her feel safe.

"we call those who do not hate humans, Eyashas"

And with that I called upon my power, black smoke wrapped around us and we disappeared into the darkness.

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