The Forest

Chapter 1

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We arrived back at my house, Elizabeth stumbled away from me look really pale.

"Listen, if your gonna be sick then-"

She threw up. Right in the middle of my living room.

"Oh come on! You could have at least done it in Light's room" I complained.

Thanks sis, nice to know how much you love me" said Light coming out of his room.

"love you" I said innocently and smiled.

I took hold of the heaving girl and lead her to the bathroom, I guided her to the toilet and helped her sit down then I pulled back her brown hair away from her clammy face. I then got up and left her to finish emptying her stomach. I walked back into the living room to find Light cleaning up my floor where Elizabeth threw up. Thank God that I have wood floors instead of carpet.

"See what I do for you, even after you tell a girl to go throw up in my room" I knew he was only joking but I apologized anyway.

"Sorry" he looked up at me and smiled, "could you go get him for me? Might as well give her what she came looking for"

I watched as he stood up from cleaning and smiled at me replying "of course" and walked out of the house. I stood there still staring after him think that it was odd, that even though we are brother and sister we look nothing alike, I mean Light is well built, he is tanned, with brown eyes, white blonde hair and a roundish face that make all the girls drool. Me on the other hand, I'm tall, about 5'11, I have long raven black hair, pale skin, a face that an artist would love, high cheekbones and a strong nose, with big pale blue eyes that look like ice. I have I nicely shaped body, curve in all the right places and a nice chest if I do say so myself.

Another difference is where Light dresses in white I dress in black, even our names are opposites.

But according to history that is natural with siblings, you see Shades have a hard time 'reproducing' some more than others because of their Power, out Power is in sync with our bodies and if a woman falls pregnant then she ends up with two Powers. When two Powers are in the same body the powers conflict with each other and normally the child dies because it has a weaker Power. The children that do make it are because their Power is stronger and it is able to survive the pregnancy, unfortunately though not many do survive. Its because of that, that most Shades only have one child, but if by luck a couple have two or more children then the siblings become opposites, like me and Light.

I went over and finished cleaning up the sick that was all over my floor. I hared the toilet flush and looked up to see Elizabeth coming out of the bathroom. She still looked pale but I figured that she had finished emptying her stomach.

"Hey" I greeted standing up, finished cleaning the floor.

"Hi, I'm really sorry"

"It's fine, every human we have Jumped has ended up being sick"

She looked at me confused "J…Jumped?"

"It's the term we use for when we travel from one place to another in a matter of seconds" I explained.

"Oh right" she looked around "So this is your house?"

I nodded and looked around too. The outside of my house looks really simple, a square on the bottom and a hexagon placed on top. Its two stories, the first floor is bigger than the second. When you enter the house you have the open living room to your right which is joint to the kitchen, covering the entire right side of the first floor. The living room is wood and the walls are painted black. In the living room beside the door you have a large window, which is covered with a think black curtain. On the right wall there is a large built in fire place, which is framed by a beautiful dark wood. On either side of the fire place there are two bookcases filled with books ranging from think to thin and small to large. The kitchen is simple, table and chairs made of dark wood, a cooker, cooler, counter tops with a sink underneath a small window. Beside the kitchen and in the middle of the back wall there was a winding staircase that lead up to my room. Beside the stairs in the far right hand corner was the bathroom and to finish the rest of the room in the front left beside the bathroom there was the spare room which at this moment in time is being used by Light.

Upstairs was my sanctuary which was far form simple. The walls were draped in black soft silky fabrics that covered every inch making it look like the inside of a tent, a really big exotic tent. My bed, once up the stairs, was beside the opposite far wall, it was a double bed with a canopy and black see though material as curtains, the sheets were a black satin with matching pillows. To the right of the staircase there was another bookshelf that covered to walls-what? I like to read- on the opposite wall there was a fire place that was the same as town stairs only much smaller, and beside that there is a window with a seating area underneath, that I would it at, at night and look at the moon. The roof was like the top of pyramid and in the centre a chandelier hung down with lit candles.

Yes, I know, my room is awesome.

"You like clack don't you?" Elizabeth said.

"Yes but its not just like that"

Elizabeth turned to face me she had a little bit of colour back in her face but not much. She looked at me waiting for me to explain.

"A Shade's home reflects them, erm…" how do I put this? Ah got it! "You know my Power or as you put it 'smoke'?"

She nodded.

"Well it's black right?"

Again she nodded.

"Okay, well we decorate our homes to match that of our Power, since mine is black my home is black. Just as Light's Power is white his home is white, get it?"

"Yeah but why?"

"It's like in your world you have numbers to tell which house belongs to whom, where in our world instead of numbers we have colours" simple enough.

"Okay I get it, but why, if Light has his own house, is he staying here?"

"Ah" I sniggered "well my idiot brother left the bath tap going, when he went out for a bit, he forgot all about it until he came home to find his house socked on water, so while his house is being repaired he is staying here"

"Light is your brother?" she asked seeming surprised.

"Yep, I know we look nothing alike right?"

"I'll say"

I took her over to the kitchen, she sat down by the table and I went over and boiled the kettle and made her same tea, well it was kind of tea, with a few extra ingredients to make her feel better. Once I made it I went over and handed it to her.

"Here drink this; this should help make your sickness go away"

She took it gratefully.

"So you are the leader?"

I looked back at her to find that she had placed the cup down on the table and was looking at me.

"Yes" I replied but then thought "listen Elizabeth-"

"Lizzy" she interrupted.


"You can call me Lizzy"

"Ah okay, Lizzy you remember what I told you in the woods? About who even though I am leader not everyone follows me?"

"Yeah you said your race is split in half"

"Yes, well even though we are split in half we all still live together, so I need you to do as I say, without question. If an Erra finds you they won't hesitate to kill you. Understand?"



"Is there another leader?"

I looked at the human in front of me, leaning on the counter I thought even though she is human she is smart to pick up on what I leave out, meaning she has a sharp mind which is good means that she will be extra careful.

"No I'm the only leader, why do you ask?"

"Just thought, if half follow you then who does the other half follow?"

I frowned, she was right there is someone else, but not a leader no. To become leader you must defeat the current leader, it is a rule that all of us Shades know and agree upon, because years ago something like this happened before, our race was split and two individuals were leader of either side, hatred was formed between the two sides and fighting broke out, which lead to a war between the Shades, eventually both leaders came together and fought the one who won would become leader of all Shades Erra and Eyashas. It was the Eyashas leader who won and since then there has never again been two leaders. But even though Lizzy was on the right track, she wasn't spot on. But should I tell her or not, did she even need to know?

Just then there was a knock on the door and Light came in with a little boy on his back.

"Ah, there you are, Lizzy" she looked over to me then at the door at Light, then her gaze lifted and saw what was on Light's back.

"C…Coda?" She whispered not sure if she was really seeing the boy.

The mop of brown hair lifted his head to show a round face with big brown eyes, his face then broke into a wide cheeky smile "Liz!"

"CODA!" Lizzy yelled and practically threw herself to Light who began to take the boy of his shoulders.

Coda ran towards his sister and when they met they gave each other a huge hug, even though to me it looked as if Lizzy was trying to suffocate him by hugs. She pulled back and I could see she had tears in here eyes. I walked over and sat in the armchair while Light took one of the couches, and we both observed the two siblings who unlike us looked really alike.

"Coda" Lizzy sniffled "what were you thinking?" her voice became slightly harder as if when a mother was scolding her son. "You could have gotten killed, why? Why did you come in here when you were told not to?"

Coda looked up at his sister and I could see that he too had tears in his eyes "I…I wanted to see the pretty lady again"

Jeez even when they are kids it always comes down to a girl.

"Lady? What Lady?" asked Lizzy.

"He means the Fae female he saw in the forest." I answered.

Lizzy looked up at me and I explained. "Coda, as he told us, was playing with some friends of his by the lake,"

Lizzy nodded at this "yes he was playing with Jeremy and Kyle"

I continued "he was playing until he saw the Fae female," I could tell she was about to ask what a Fae was o I answered before she asked "A Fae is what you would call a Fairy or the Fair Folks, fortunately for Coda this Fae was an Eyashas, she meant no harm she was simply walking though the forest when Coda spotted her and he wanted to follow, Faes have this annoying gift that makes people want to follow then, so it wasn't really Coda's fault, it was all simply an accident." I ended.

Lizzy looked at Coda and said "well at least your safe now" she smiled.

"do you think daddy will be angry at me?" Coda asked.

"Probably" Lizzy replied "but when is ever not angry?" the two siblings laughed together. While me and Light we sat watching this exchange with the highest of interest.

Then another knock came at the door, only this time it was more urgent. I got up and walked over to the door, when I opened it I saw Genesis, he was tall and well muscled, dressed in a dark shade of red, he had amber eyes that were fierce when angered, he had longish blood red hair that was all over the place as he looked at me frantic.

"Luna, we have a problem" he said in his deep voice.

Here we go again.

"Orion has been spotted near the north of the city"

I froze; only one word came into my mind at that moment in time:


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