If I shall never see you again
I'll still look up in the sky
I'll stare at the stars
And I'll wonder why

It doesn't make sense
How something so strong
Something so deep
Did not last so long

I remember the beginning
The passion that took place
The feeling of love
That I still cannot erase

Maybe for you it was
Only a feeling of love
Not the actual thing
Just a heart to take hold of

But the problem for me
Is that I loved you for real
And I love you now
It's all that I feel

Even through all of this
All that's in my mind
Is being with you
Your heart, I wish to find

Yet I know that can't happen
You're coming back never
It was your choice
I would have loved you forever

People always say
Things happen for a reason
But I'm in a cold winter now
I don't foresee a change of season

It must be so easy for you
to forget all that we had
Enjoying your freedom?
I hope you're glad

But here I am
My heart full of love
Yet I'm standing here alone
Staring up above

I won't ever see you again
So I'm looking up at the sky
I'm staring at the stars
I'm wondering why