Chapter 1

I gaped at the two teens. They were both so good-looking, and judging by the way Alice was clinging onto Blake, they were in a relationship. I pursed my lips.

The boy was brunet; his hair was long, touching his shoulders, barely. I couldn't see his eyes, because his ridiculously long hair hid them. I dragged my gaze to the girl. She was definitely prettier then everyone that went to Bloom High School. I couldn't believe how good she looked, her hair was black and her eyes were blue. Not just blue, but that aquamarine blue, transparent blue, that, well gorgeous blue.

The scariest thing was that I recognized them. Very creepy.

Colin and Scott were staring at them dumbfounded. (Okay, their eyes were all, Alice! Alice! Look at me!) And Sam and Lillian were gaga over Blake. And, you won't believe me, but I suddenly gained the power of speech!

"Hi, Alice, hi, Blake," I mumbled. My dad shot me a proud look. "I'm Laila."

My dads grin grew wider, if possible. Samantha took a step forward. She was well known for being outgoing and was able to snag a boy quickly, she was in collage, but was still in serious trouble of a stable relationship. She had told me all this, over some delicious Reese's.

"Hi," she shot Blake, the flirtiest smile she could manage. "I'm Samantha Keyes." She bat her eyelashes. Alice shot her a wicked smile when Blake didn't even look at her twice. He was all eyes on Lillian. That made Alice's smile falter, and a scowl took over her face, making it look very ghoulish. Her face now looked as if it had never been beautiful. My smile was as big as Dad's.

"Hi." Lillian stuck her hands in her overall pockets. "I'm Lillian Holder."

Colin and Scott introduced themselves, making grins that they thought looked- you won't believe it- cute. Eww.

"So," my dad rubbed his hands together. "Now, that we know each other, we'll get down to business.

"One of you mentioned in your application that you knew how to cook?"

Alice puckered her lips and began to flip her hair, but Blake stopped her.

"Oh, yeah," he mumbled. "I wrote that." He was obviously embarrassed, but who could be embarrassed when you've got a God-like bod?

I ran a hand through my dirty blond hair, which was nearly a deep brown, kind of in-between. My eyes were a mix of brown and green, courtesy of Mom (green) and Dad (brown). I was not overweight or underweight, just in between. In fact everything about me was in-between. My hair, my eyes, my weight, my tastes. Everything.

"Good, good," muttered Dad, stroking his unshaven chin. My dad looked like a mad-scientist at first glance. But then you realize all he's mad about is Rosalie's. "You'll work with Colin and Laila tomorrow!"

I felt myself glare at my father. People like Blake and Alice don't work here. They work at fashion industries, where the model the latest underwear. Seriously.

A sudden thought hit me. How was Dad going to pay them? Unlike some people, we don't have money in our pockets at all times.

"Here's your schedule," Dad handed them two files. "Laila will show you were you can put your stuff in the locker room."

From my position I could see their schedules, which were the exact same.

Mine looked like this:

Sunday: Rosalie's closed.

Monday: Off.

Tuesday: 3:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Wednesday: Off.

Thursday: 3:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Friday: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Saturday: 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Blake and Alice's looked like this:

Sunday: Rosalie's closed

Monday: 3:30 PM to 7:00 PM

Tuesday: 3:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Off

Friday: Off

Saturday: 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM

They had more day offs. It was only fair, since I've been working longer, but they worked with me only on Tuesdays. I couldn't wait to tell Jen, Miriam, Kat and Nancy about this at school. I suddenly remembered my homework, which was still untouched in the apartment. Being a sophomore was definitely harder then being freshman. I pushed the piles of paper and textbooks out of my mind and focused on the conversation going around me.

Sam was asking where Alice got her earrings. After hearing that one question I tuned out, letting my gaze wander.

Rosalie's was small but comfortable; it had two levels, though the lower level was miniature. We had the counter, which I rarely used since I was known not to be excellent in math with, and the Tube, which was this really cool place where you can chill, it's a circular mini room that we got while my mother was still alive. It held two futons and a loveseat. We got all that when we had, well, more money.

Laughter burst my thinking bubble and l glanced up. Sam, Lillian, Colin, Alice and Blake were staring at me. But Blake was the one who had been laughing. I glanced down and found a Reese in my hand. Oops…

"Whoa, Reese! Craving chocolate much?" Sam cried out. "Fork over."

I pulled out a crumpled dollar bill and handed it over. Lillian rang up the cash register and handed me my change, which I gratefully took. Then I dug in.

Blake and Alice were giving me strange looks. Alice had a perfect smile plastered across her face, as if what I did was cute and childish.

"Does she do this all the time?" Blake asked, smiling at me.

"Oh, yes," Lillian said in her sweet voice. "This is part of the process. That's why she always had money on her when she's down here."

I blushed. Not because it wasn't true, it was because it was habit I had to quit. Eating Reese's while thinking. It's a wonder I'm still the weight I am.

"But there so good," I protested meekly. "Try them some day."

Sam patted my head. "I'm this weight for a reason, Reese." Smiling her dimpled smile at Blake. "So what grade are you in?"

"Tenth," Alice said rudely. Sam's smile faltered. This guy was too young for her. She had graduated from BHS not long ago, but hadn't managed to get into the collages she applied for. For now she was staying at WaterMarks, our building and going Arthur Einstein Collage. I was sort of surprised Blake hadn't fell in love with Sam already. She was pretty, daring and funny. I'm not jealous. "Does this place have anywhere exciting to go to?"

My father suddenly wandered over, he had been talking with someone on his cell phone. He answered Alice's question. "Oh! I have an idea! Why don't you go sailing tomorrow with Laila and her friends?"

I scowled at my father. Only limited people knew I enjoyed swimming and sailing, and I nearly had my license. Jen, Nancy and I had been planning to go.

"There isn't enough room," I cried a bit too loudly, pleased with my excuse-the boat fit up to four people, but I didn't think Alice wanted to go alone. Suddenly my cell phone rang, a piano played. Sam looked repulsive. She was always trying to get me to change my ring tone. But, hey, Mozart was one awesome dude.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Laila?" Nancy's voice asked. "I've got a family dinner planned tomorrow. I can't come sailing with you and Jenny." I groaned inwardly.

"What is it?" Scott asked behind me. Another idea sprang into my mind.

"Oh, Nancy called to cancel," I said breezily. "Scott, I've planned to go sailing with you for a long time. And I haven't gotten up to my promise. Why not tomorrow?" I glanced at Alice and Blake out of the corner of my eye. Neither looked offended. Good.

"I'm sorry, Laila," my brother looked uncomfortable. "I'm actually studying with Stacy tomorrow." Of course my brother is part of the Hottest Seniors club. I don't blame him, with his blond hair and blue eyes. He also happened to work out at the Y. I was growing desperate.

"Colin?" he shook his head. "Sam?" she shook her head. "Lillian?!?" I asked desperately. Lillian gave me a sad smile.

I found myself turning to Alice and Blake.

"Well then I guess we're going sailing tomorrow."

How will Jen react to Blake's hotness? Who will be thrown overboard?

Stay tuned!

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