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Chapter 13

"Tabby?" I whispered softly, staring at the ground. We were walking to that dreadful class again, and my legs felt like they were being held behind by a pile of bricks. Tabby paused right beside the door and glanced at me.


I shrugged my shoulders, looking behind Tabby into the room. I noticed Jack in the distance, playing with some blonde girl's hair, twirling it seductively. My shoulders slumped; my heart began to ache, and I quickly looked away to where Jake should have been. He wasn't there.

"Do you think all that stuff Elizabeth said yesterday about Jake was true?" I asked her. Tabby stared at me with a blank expression.

"Of course I do... why else would I have wanted her on the team?" Tabby replied. I bit my lower lip and shrugged again. Boy, I was giving my shoulders a work-out today. Tabby gently grasped my arm.

"Oh, no... don't tell me you like him now," she said. I shook my head, pulling my arm away from her.

"No! No, of course not. I mean, I know nothing about him. There's nothing I could like about him," I replied. It was true, though. I knew very little about Jake, next to none. Sure, I hung out with him that one time, but that was only for Jack and Sydney... Sydney! Maybe she'd like to join the team too.

"I'm sure there is. He's pretty cute, isn't he?" she suggested. I cautiously eyed her.

"Tabby, that's so shallow," I told her. She began to laugh and shrugged as well.

"Hey, Louie is cute, right?" she told me. Immediately, my smile dimmed. I cleared my throat, trying to force a smile back on. I looked down at my hands, playing and fiddling with my fingers and that one small ring I carried on my pinky.

She said is, not was. She still thought he was cute, after what that jerk did to her. And that little jerk still happened to like me. Now that he was in the game, he had every right to touch my butt. I had to be extra cautious; I didn't want Tabby to get too upset with me.

"Well, Louie is in the game," I tried to say cheerily, "You get every right to touch his butt now, right?" Tabby smiled even further, but tried to hide it.

"Yeah, whatever," she said, pretending not to be interested. I gently pushed her, walking into the room. She laughed at my gesture, still unable to suppress her smile.

"You better get to him before Stevie does. Because once he does, there's no getting him back," I told her. Tabby covered her mouth with her hand, clearly recalling the day before. Suddenly, I felt a gentle pat on my behind. I turned around to have it be, guess who, Jake, smirking.

I felt awkward right away, remembering what Elizabeth had said. I was just the next little whore he was going to lure in. Well, I wasn't a whore, and it was time he realized that.

"Two to zero, babe. Better step up your game," he proclaimed in a breathy voice. It suited his messy hair, which made it appear he was running. The bell rang. I smacked him upside the head, walking past him.

"Ouch! That doesn't count!" he said, rubbing his head. I sat down in my seat, grabbing several materials out of my bag.

"I know," I replied. He took the seat next to mine as I opened my workbook, pretending to be interested of what the contents were. I felt his breath on my neck, him peering over what I was doing.

I turned to him, his face only a few inches away from mine. He turned to face me as well. I stared into his eyes again; they were so... alluring. I could feel the charm Elizabeth told me about wrap around me from his aura. Still, I was leaning closer to him, I was able to send him a dirty look.

"What?" he said, and my trance was broken. I pushed him away with one hand, back into his chair.

"Nothing. Ever heard of personal space?" I asked rhetorically. His face was flabbergasted at my notion. His hands went up in confusion. His mouth opened up, but no words came out, as if he was still trying to find the right words to say. I looked back down at my workbook.

"I thought we were on good terms now," he said.

"We were never on any terms to begin with," I told him. I turned the page of the book to make myself appear really interested in it. I didn't even recognize any of the material in it. He was silent for a moment before he spoke again.

"God, you're bipolar," I heard him mutter as he settled back into his desk.

"And you're a jerk," I muttered right back. As much as I didn't enjoy being so rude to him, I had to. I did enjoy his presence to an extent. It was excitement, of what was going to happen next. But that excitement had been cut off by the fact that I had to remember of what he was really in it for. I was not going to allow myself to be that whore.

The teachers decided to finally show up, again in a rush, with papers slipping out of his arms. He threw his briefcase on his desk and clapped his hands.

"Alright, everyone! We must get started right away, if we want to finish this lab by the end of tomorrow," he exclaimed, gaining the attention of most of the people in the room.

"We're using the partner system. Everyone claim your partners," he said, grabbing a clipboard from his desk.

"John!" Kyle screamed. My teacher scribbled down on his clipboard. Soon, the whole class was shouting out names.

"Kelly!" one guy shouted.

"Melissa!" I heard another girl say.

"Jack," I heard my Jack's name called. I turned to face the blonde from earlier, who was twirling her hair at Jack seductively. Jack's eyes sparkled as he waved his fingers at her. My teacher took it down. I looked at Tabby, who was talking to another girl. I opened my mouth, about to call out her name.

"I call dibs on Kat," a voice next to me said. I could feel my face heating up. I turned to look at Jake, who was smirking that same smile all over again.

"Asshole!" I muttered at him, gripping my desk tightly. He smiled large enough to reveal his shiny pearls.

"Sorry, babe. But my partner got called," he said. Tabby was staring at me, her mouth slightly agape. She quickly shut it when I turned to glare at her and dodged my stare by looking at her lap. Her name was called. I groaned, setting my face down on my hand.

"Besides," Jake said, putting his arm around me, "we'll get to know each other a little better." He nuzzled his nose close to my ear. I shuddered under in his touch.

"I hate you," I growled at him. He chuckled into my ear.

"I like it when you talk like that. It's sexy," he whispered. I gritted my teeth together, ready to spit at him. My teacher finished writing everyone's names down; he glanced at us with a curious look.

"Well, well. Look who decided to partner up. Ms. Rivers and Mr. Marks, are you sure you'll be able to handle each other's presence?" he asked. I lifted up my hand, pulling away from Jake's embrace.

"Of course. She can't get enough of me," he said. I glared at him again. My teacher eyed us wearily before going back to his desk to grab a large pile of mysterious sheets. I slapped Jake's hand away.

"Why won't you leave me alone?" I asked him.

"How can I? You're so much fun," he replied. I sighed.

"Isn't there some other pathetic little whore you want to mess with?" I mumbled, glancing back at my book. He didn't hear me clearly.


"Nothing," I quickly interjected as papers were being shuffled around. Great. I was stuck in a lab with Jake for two days. Just as I wanted to get as far away from him as possible. I lifted myself off the desk just to feel a soft slap on my butt.

"Three to zero, babe," I heard a soft whisper say.

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